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2006-07-28 21:05


  [Aside to RODERIGO] Away,I say; go out, and cry a mutiny.

  [Exit RODERIGO.]

  Nay, good lieutenant,——alas, gentlemen;——Help,ho!—Lieutenant,—sir,—Montano,—sir;Help,masters!——Here's a goodly watch indeed!

  [Bell rings.]

  Who's that which rings the bell?——Diablo, ho!The town will rise:God's will, lieutenant, hold!You will be shamed for ever.[Re-enter OTHELLO and Attendants]


  What is the matter here?


  'Zounds,I bleedstill;I am hurt to the death.



  Hold,for your lives!


  Hold,ho! Lieutenant,—sir—Montano,—gentlemen,—Have you forgot all sense of place and duty?Hold! the general speaks to you;hold,hold,for shame!


  Why,how now,ho!from whenceariseth this?Are we turn'd Turks,and to ourselves do that Which heaven hath forbid the Ottomites?For Christian shame,put by this barbarous brawl:He that stirsnext to carve for his own rage Holds his soul light; he dies upon his motion.Silence that dreadful bell:it frightsthe isle From her propriety.What is the matter,masters?Honest Iago,that look'st dead with grieving,Speak,who began this?on thy love,I chargethee.


  I do not know :friends all but now,even now,In quarter ,and in terms like brideand groom Devestingthem for bed;and then, but now—As if some planet had unwitted men——Swords out,and tilting one at other's breast,In opposition bloody.I cannot speak Any beginning to this peevishodds;And would in action glorious I had lost Those legs that brought me to a part of it!


  How comes it,Michael,you are thus forgot?


  I pray you,pardon me ;I cannot speak.


  Worthy Montano,you were wont be civil;The gravity and stillness of your youth The world hath noted,and your name is great In mouths of wisest censure:what's the matter,That you unlaceyour reputation thus And spend your rich opinion for the name Of a night-brawler?give me answer to it.


  Worthy Othello,I am hurt to danger:Your officer,Iago,can informyou,——While I spare speech,which something now offends me,——Of all that I do know:nor know I aught By me that's said or done amiss this night;Unless self-charity be sometimes a vice,And to defend ourselves it be a sin When violence assails us.


  Now,by heaven ,My blood begins my safer guides to rule;And passion, having my best judgment collied,Assays to lead the way:if I once stir,Or do but lift this arm,the best of you Shall sinkin my rebuke.Give me to know How this foul routbegan,who set it on ;And he that is approved in this offence,Though he had twinn'd with me, both at a birth,Shall lose me.What!in a town of war,Yet wild, the people's hearts brimful of fear,To manage private and domestic quarrel,In night, and on the court and guard of safety!'Tis monstrous Iago, who began't?


  If partially affined,or leagued in office,Thou dost deliver more or less than truth,Thou art no soldier.


  Touch me not so near:I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth Than it should do offence to Michael Cassio;Yet,I persuade myself,to speak the truth Shall nothing wrong him.Thus it is,general.Montano and myself being in speech,There comes a fellow crying out for help:And Cassio following him with determinedsword,To execute upon him.Sir, this gentleman Steps in to Cassio,and entreats his pause:Myself the crying fellow did pursue,Lest by his clamour——as it so fell out——The town might fall in fright:he,swift of foot,Outran my purpose; and I return'd the rather For that I heard the clink and fall of swords,And Cassio high in oath;which till to-night I ne'er might say before. When I came back——For this was brief-I found them close together,At blow and thrust;even as again they were When you yourself did part them.More of this matter cannot I report:But men are men; the best sometimes forget:Though Cassio did some little wrong to him,As men in rage strike those that wish them best,Yet surely Cassio,I believe,received From him that fled some strange indignity,Which petience could not pass.


  I know,Iago,Thy honesty and love doth mince this matter,Making it light to Cassio.I love thee But never more be officer of mine.

  [Re-enter DESDEMONA,attended]

  Look,if my gentle love be not raised up!I'll make thee an example.


  What's the matter?


  All's well now,sweeting;come away to bed.Sir,for your hurts,myself will be your surgeon:Lead him off.

  [To MONTANO,who is led off]

  Iago,look with care about the town,And silence those whom this vile brawl distracted.Come,Desdemona:'tis the soldiers'life To have their balmy slumbers waked with strife .

  [Exeunt all but IAGO and CASSIO]

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