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2006-07-28 21:29

  Scene One

  [Cyprus.Before the castle.Enter OTHELLO and IAGO]

  IAGO Will you think so?

  OTHELLO Think so,Iago!

  IAGO What,To kiss in private?

  OTHELLO An unauthorizedkiss.


  Or to be nakedwith her friend in bed An hour or more,not meaning any harm?


  Naked in bed,Iago,and not mean harm!It is hypocrisyagainst the devil:They that mean virtuously,and yet do so,The devil their virtue tempts, and they tempt heaven.


  So they do nothing,'tis a venialslip:But if I give my wife a handkerchief,——

  OTHELLO What then?


  Why,then,'tis hers,my lord;and,being hers,She may,I think,bestow'ton any man.

  OTHELLO She is protectressof her honour too:May she give that?


  Her honour is an essencethat's not seen;They have it very oft that have it not:But,for the handkerchief,——


  By heaven,I would most gladly have forgot it.Thou said'st,it comes o'ermy memory,As doth the raveno'er the infectedhouse,Bodingto all——he had my handkerchief.

  IAGO Ay,what of that?

  OTHELLO That's not so good now.

  IAGO What,If I had said I had seen him do you wrong?Or heard him say,——as knaves be such abroad,Who having,by their own importunatesuit,Or voluntarydotageof some mistress,Convincedor supplied them,cannot choose But they must blab——

  OTHELLO Hath he said any thing?


  He hath,my lord;but be you well assured,No more than he'll unswear.

  OTHELLO What hath he said?

  IAGO 'Faith,that he did——I know not what he did

  OTHELLO What?what?

  IAGO Lie——

  OTHELLO With her?

  IAGO With her,on her;what you will.


  Lie with her!lie on her!We say lie on her,when they belieher. Lie with her!that's fulsome.——Handkerchief——confessions——handkerchief!——To confess,and be hanged for his labour;——first,to be hanged,and then to confess.——I trembleat it.Nature would not investherself in such shadowing passion without some instruction.It is words that shake me thus.Pish !Noses,ears,and lips.—Is't possible?—Confess—handkerchief!—O devil!—[Falls in a trance.]


  Work on,My medicine,work!Thus credulousfools are caught;And many worthy and chastedameseven thus,All guiltless,meet reproach.What,ho!my lord!My lord,I say!Othello!

  [Enter CASSIO]How now,Cassio!

  CASSIO What's the matter?


  My lord is fall'n into an epilepsy:This is his second fit;he had one yesterday.

  CASSIO Rubhim about the temples.

  IAGO No,forbear;

  The lethargymust have his quiet course:If not, he foams at mouth and by and by Breaks out to savage madness. Look he stirs:Do you withdraw yourself a little while,He will recover straight:when he is gone,I would on great occasionspeak with you.

  [Exit CASSIO]How is it,general?have you not hurt your head?

  OTHELLO Dost thou mockme?


  I mock you!no,by heaven.Would you would bear your fortune like a man!

  OTHELLO A hornedman's a monster and a best.


  There's many a beast then in a populouscity,And many a civilmonster.

  OTHELLO Did he confess it?


  Good sir,be a man;Think every bearded fellow that's but yoked May draw with you:there's millions now alive that nightly lie in those unproperbeds which they dare swear peculiar:your case is better.O,'tis the spiteof hell,the fiend's arch-mock,To lip a wanton in a securecouch ,And to suppose her chaste!No,let me know;And knowing what I am,I know what she shall be.

  OTHELLO O,thou art wise;'tis certain.


  Stand you awhile apart;Confine yourself but in a patient list.Whilst you were here o'erwhelmedwith your grief——A passion most unsuiting such a man——Cassio came hither:I shifted him away,And laid good'scuseupon your ecstasy,Bade him anonreturn and here speak with me;The which he promised.Do but encaveyourself,And mark the fleers,the gibes ,and notable scorns',That dwell in every region'of his face;For I will make him tell the tale anew⒀,Where,how,how oft,how long ago, and when He hath,and is again to cope your wife:I say,but mark his gesture.Marry,patience;Or I shall say you are all in allin spleen,And nothing of a man.

  OTHELLO Dost thou hear,Iago?

  I will be found most cunningin my patience;But——dost thou hear?——most bloody.


  That's not amiss;But yet keep time in all.Will you withdraw?

  [OTHELLO retires]

  Now will I question Cassio of Bianca,A housewife that by selling her desires Buys herself bread and clothes:it is a creature that doteson Cassio;as 'tis the strumpet'splague to beguilemany and be beguiled by one:He,when he hears of her,cannot refrain from the excessof laughter.Here he comes:

  [Re-enter CASSIO]

  As he shall smile,Othello shall go mad;And his unbookishjealousy must construe poor Cassio's smiles,gestures and light behavior,Quite in the wrong.How do you now,lieutenant?


  The worser that you give me the addition whose want even kills me.

  IAGO Ply' Desdemona well,and you are sure on't.

  [Speaking lower]

  Now,if this suit lay in Bianco's power,How quickly should you speed!

  CASSIO Alas,poor caitiff!

  OTHELLO look,how he laughs already!

  IAGO I never knew woman love man so.

  CASSIO Alas,poor rogue!I think,i'faith,she loves me.

  OTHELLO Now he deniesit faintly,and laughs it out.

  IAGO Do you hear,Cassio?

  OTHELLO Now he importunes him To tell it o'er:go to;well said,well said.

  IAGO She gives it outthat you shall marry hey:Do you intend it?

  CASSIO Ha,ha,ha!

  OTHELLO Do you triumph,Roman?do you triumph?


  I marry her!what?a customer!Prithee,bear some charityto my wit:do not think it so unwholesome.Ha,ha,ha!

  OTHELLO So,so,so,so:they laugh that win.

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