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2006-07-02 11:33


  NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

  纳米 nanometer

  南水北调 South-to-North water diversion

  南水北调工程 the project of diverting water from the south to the north

  耐用消费品 durable consumer items (goods)

  内环路 inner ring road

  内联企业 enterprises with internal connections

  能官能民 be ready to both serve as an official and be one of the common people

  能进能出,能上能下competent to work both at the top and at the grass roots

  能进能出,能上能下,方谓好汉 He who knows how to fight and how to retreat deserves to be called a brave man.

  能上网的手机 WAP phone

  内耗 in-fighting

  年度国家预算annual State budget

  年同比 year-on-year; on an annual basis

  农村/城市信用合作社 rural/urban credit cooperatives

  农村剩余劳动力 surplus rural labour (labourers)

  农副业产品 agricultural (farm) and sideline products

  牛市/熊市 a bull/bear market


  派出所 local police station

  泡沫经济 bubble economy

  培养跨世纪人才 bring up (foster) cross-century (trans-century) specialists

  配股 allotment of shares

  配套政策 supporting policies

  棚户 shacks; family that live in shacks

  碰钉子 get snubbed

  碰头会 brief meeting ( A brief, small-scale, informal meeting with no fixed agenda, the main purpose of which is to exchange information.)

  疲软股票 soft stock

  皮包公司 bogus company

  票贩子 scalper, ticket tout

  票房 box office

  骗汇、逃汇、套汇 obtain foreign currency by false pretenses, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage

  贫富悬殊 polarization of rich and poor

  平均主义 equalitarianism

  瓶颈制约 bottleneck restrictions

  普选制 general election system


  期房 forward delivery housing

  企业孵化器 enterprise incubator

  企业文化 corporate culture

  敲竹杠fleece, overcharge, make somebody pay through the nose; put the lug on; rob by a trick

  切入点 point of penetration; breakthrough point

  轻轨火车 light rail train

  情感消费 emotional consumption

  区位商业 location-based commerce

  取消"大锅饭" give up the practice of "eating from the same big pot"; abolish egalitarianism

  取消福利分房 abolish the welfare-oriented distribution (allocation) of public housing

  全国人大代表deputy to the National People's Congress

  全国人民代表大会 (简称 全国人大) National People's Congress (NPC)

  全国人民代表大会主席团 the NPC Presidium

  全国人民代表大会常务委员会 the NPC Standing Committee

  全国人民代表大会常务委员会办公厅the general offices of the NPC Standing Committee

  全面投产开工 go into (enter ) full operation; be full operation; be fully operational

  全民健身计划纲要 outline of the nationwide body-building plan

  全球定位系统 global positioning system (GPS)

  全球通 global system for mobile communications

  全体会议plenary meeting

  全天候飞机 all-weather aircraft

  全优工程 all-round excellent project

  拳头产品 competitive products; knock-out products; blockbuster

  裙带风 nepotism; petticoat influence

  裙带关系 networking through petticoat influence

  群言堂 allow everybody to air his view; let everyone have his say; speak one's mind freely

  权贵资本主义(又译裙带资本主义或亲朋好友资本主义) crony capitalism


  燃油附加税 bunker surcharge

  热岛效应 tropical island effect

  人才 competent people; trained personnel; experts; specialists

  人才流失brain drain

  人才市场 the personnel market

  人浮于事 overstaffing

  人工智能 artificial intelligence(AI)

  人海战术 huge-crowd strategy

  人口负增长 negative population growth (NPG)

  人均国民生产总值达到中等发达国家水平 The average per-capita GNP will reach the standard of moderately developed countries.

  人均住房 per-capita housing

  人民币对美圆汇率稳定 the stability of RMB exchange rate against USD

  人民币贬值的压力 the devaluation pressure on RMB

  人情债 debt of gratitude

  融资渠道 financing channels

  弱势群体 disadvantaged groups (对弱势群体给予特殊的就业援助。——Special employment assistance should be given to members of disadvantaged groups.)

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