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2006-07-02 11:37


  三八红旗手 woman pace-setter

  三八线 38th Parallel

  三步走战略 the three-step development strategy

  三大作风 the Party's three important styles of work (integrating theory with practice, forging close links with the masses and practicing self-criticism)

  "三个代表" "three represents" theory (The Party should always represent the development needs of China's advanced social productive forces, always represent the onward direction of China's advanced culture, and always represent the fundamental interests of the largest member of the Chinese people.)

  三个有利于 "three favorables" (whether it promotes the growth of the productive forces in a socialist society, increases the overall strength of the socialist state and raises the people's living standards

  三好学生 merit student; three good student(good in study, attitude and health)

  "三讲"教育(讲学习、讲政治、讲正气) "three emphases" education (to stress theoretical study, political awareness and good conduct)

  三角债 chain debt

  三来一补企业 the enterprises that process raw materials on clients' demands, assemble parts for the clients and process according to the clients' samples; or engage in compensation trade.

  三民主义 the Three People's Principles (Nationalism, Democracy and the People's Livelihood) put forward by Dr. Sun Yat-sen

  三通 three direct links of trade, mail, and air and shipping services across the Taiwan Straits

  三通一平 "three supplies and one leveling"; supply of water, electricity and road and leveled ground (conditions ready for further economic development)

  三无企业 three-no-enterprises (It refers to enterprises with no capital, no plant, and no administrative structure.)

  三下乡 a program under which officials, doctors, scientist and college students go to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to farmers

  三资企业 three kinds of foreign-invested enterprises or ventures: Sino-foreign joint ventures (中外合资企业), cooperative businesses (中外合作企业) and exclusively foreign-owned enterprises in China(外商独资企业)

  "扫黄"、"打非" eliminate pornography and illegal publications

  沙尘暴sand storm; dust storm

  商检局 Commodity Inspection Bureau

  商品房空置的现象 the vacancy problem in commercial housing

  商品粮基地 a commodity grain production base

  商品条码 bar code

  商业银行 commercial banks

  上海证券交易所 the Shanghai Securities Exchange

  上山下乡 (of educated urban youth) go and work in the countryside or mountain areas

  上市 to be listed

  上网 to get on the Internet

  少数服从多数、下级服从上级、局部服从全体、全党服从中央 the minority is subordinate to the majority, the lower level to the higher level, the part to the whole and the entire membership of the Party to the Central Committee

  社会热点问题 hot spots of society

  社会治安情况 public security situation

  涉外经济 foreign-related business

  神州行电话卡 Shenzhou pre-paid card

  审时度势 size up the situation

  渗透、颠覆和分裂活动 infiltrative, subversive and splittist activities

  生活物价指数 the cost of living index/the price index

  生计问题 bread-and butter issue

  生态农业 environmental-friendly agriculture

  失学儿童 dropout

  实话实说 speak the plain truth; call a spade a spade

  实践是检验真理的唯一标准 Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

  实体经济 the real economy

  实现中华民伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

  实行计划生育、控制人口数量、提高人口素质 promotion of family planning to control the population size and improve the health of the people

  实现小康目标 to achieve the goal of ensuring our people a relatively comfortable life

  使经济进一步市场化 make the economy more market-oriented

  使大中型企业摆脱困境 extricate (free) the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises from predicament

  市场疲软 sluggish market

  市场准入 market access

  试点项目 pilot project

  试用期 probationary period

  适度从紧的财政政策 moderately tight financial policy

  适销对路的产品  readily marketable products

  适者生存survival of the fittest

  手机入网费 mobile access fee

  首创精神 pioneering spirit

  授信额度(信用贷款之最高限额)line of credit

  受灾地区 disaster-affected area

  售后服务 after-sale services

  树立企业良好形象 foster a good and healthy company image

  刷卡, 划卡 to punch the card; to stamp the card

  甩卖 clearance sale; be on sale

  涮羊肉 instant-boiled mutton

  双刃剑 double-edged sword

  双向选择 two-way selection, referring to employer and employee choosing each other in a job market

  水货 smuggled goods

  硕博联读 a continuous academic project that involves postgraduate and doctoral study

  私人企业 private enterprises (foreign-funded, foreign financed foreign-owned) enterprises

  思想僵铁 fossilized concept

  四个如何认识 (江泽民总书记在今年6月28日中央思想政治工作会议上发表的重要讲话中,




  In his important address to the Central Ideological and Political Work Conference on June 28 this year, Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin expounds on how to understand the historical process of socialist development; how to understand the historical process of capitalist development; how to understand the impact of China's socialist reform over the people's thinking; how to understand the impact of the current international environment and political struggle.

  四十不惑 Life begins at forty.

  四项基本原则 the Four Cardinal Principles of adherence to the socialist road, the people's democratic dictatorship, the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought

  (企业集团的)松散层 loose level (of an enterprise group)

  素质教育 education for all-around development


  弹性工资 flexible pay

  弹性外交 elastic diplomacy

  逃票 to sneak through without a ticket

  逃票者 ticket evader

  套利 arbitrage

  特困行业和企业industries and enterprises in dire straits

  特许税franchise tax

  提高军队在高科技条件下的作战能力 improve the army combat capabilities under high-tech conditions

  提高农产品收购价格 the government's increase in its procurement prices (for farm products)

  提高综合国力 improve the overall national strength (the overall strength of the country)

  跳蚤市场 flea market

  铁饭碗 iron rice bowl

  铁哥们 faithful pal;buddies;sworn friend

  通存通兑 the banking procedure where deposits and withdrawals are processed at any branch bank

  通货紧缩 deflation (of currency)

  统筹安排 comprehensive arrangement

  统一市场 single market

  统一税 flat tax, consolidated tax

  同等学力 have the same educational level (as the regular graduate or student of certain academic qualification)

  同乡会 an association of fellow provincials or townsmen

  筒子楼:tube-shaped apartment

  偷税漏税 tax evasion

  偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 tax evasion, tax fraud, and refusal to pay taxes

  投诉 lodge a complaint, register a beef

  投诉热线 dial-a-cheat confidential hotline

  投资热点 a region attractive to investors, a much-sought piece of land, popular investment spot

  透过现象看本质 see through the appearance to perceive the essence

  土地沙化 desertification of land; desert encroachment

  推广科研成果 turning laboratory achievements into commercial/mass production; commercialization of laboratory achievements

  推进国民经济信息化 try to informationize the national economy

  推进政府机构改革 restructure government institutions

  退耕还林还草 grain for green

  脱贫致富 cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity

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