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  L9 Only Three More Days P139 The author got a solution finally. What was the solution? Was it risky?

  He laid out the diaries in two big steel suitcases. Over them he palced a number of his broadcast scripts, each page of which had been stamped by the military and civilian censors as passed for broadcast. On top he put a few General Staff maps he had picked up from friends. Then he phoned the Gestapo Headquarters to say he had a couple of suicases full of his dispatches, broadcasts and notes that he wanted to take out of the country. As he was flying off early the next day, there would be no time for Gestapo official at the airfield to go over the contents. Could they take a look now,if he brought them over;and if they approved, put a Gestapo seal on the suitcases so he wouldnt be held up at the airport?

  Yes,it was risky. He thought life in the Third Reich had always been risky. It was worth a try.

  L10 The Washwoman P155 Describe the situation that“I”saw the old washwoman for last time. One evening, while Mother was sitting near the oil lamp mending a shirt, the door opened and a small puff of steam, followed by a gigantic bag, entered the room. I ran toward the old woman and helped her unload her bag. She was even thinner now, more bent. Her head shook from side to side as though she were saying no. She could not utter a clear word, but mumbled something with her sunken mouth and pale lips. After the old woman had recovered somewhat, she told us that she had been ill badly. But as soon as she was able to stand on her feet once more, she began her washing. She said “I could not rest easy in my bed because of the wash. The wash would not let me die.……I dont want to be a burden on anyone!”

  L11 How I Served My Apprenticeship 170 Why was Andrew Carnegie so pround of the one dollor and twenty cents——the first pay he brought home?

  Carnegie was very pround of the one dollar and twenty cents he earned for the first time in his life when he was only twelve. The money, though small in amount, meant a great deal. First, when he got his first pay he felt that he had grown up. He was no longer a boy who had to depend on his parents; he had become a man who was able to help support the family, a contributing member. This was important because at that time life was hard for the family and it was difficult for his parents to manage alone. Also he though the money was the direct reward of honest manual labor. It represented a week of very hard work. This money gave him the greatest satisfaction of being rewarded for what he had done.

  L12 A Friend of the Environment P185 Why did Rachel Carson write the Silent Spring? Whats the content of it?

  Because she felt that the wonders of Nature are precious and permanent, and much of Nature was forever beyond the destruction of man. But then she discovered she was wrong. She learned with sadness that little in Nature is truly beyond the tampering reach of man. Then, She wrote the book Silent Spring to sound a startling warming to mankind and the book showed quite clearly that man was endangering himself and everything else on this planet by his indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides. As her title suggests, Miss Carson was saying that there might come a springtime that would indeed be silent because the birds, as well as other creatures, and plants would have been destroyed by the man-made poisons used to kill crop-threateding insects.

  L13 Who Shall Dwell? P201 In the story Who shall Dwell?, how did the fatners attitude towards the neighbours change? What brought about the change?

  When the bomb alert came, the father was clear that he had built the shelter for his own family, and that he would not let anybody else in. So when his neighbours came and asked to share the shelter he rejected them flatly. When a monther begged him to take her little girl in , he did not know what to do. At that monent his wife dashed outside and pushed the girl in. her act set him thinking hard. Just a moment before the first bomb struck he made a big decision. After giving his elder son a few instructions, he stepped out and shoved two children into the shelter. He stood beside his wife, ready to spend the last minute with her. His change seemed sudden, but was actually quite natural. He loved his children, so he was greatly affected by the monthers plea and gave the chance of surival to the two children. Also his love for his wife led him to follow her example.

  L14 Cipher in the Snow P218 Describe Cliff Evans life before his sudden death. Cliff Evans lived with his mother, stepfather and five younger half brothers and sisters. His stepfather had never legally adopted him, nor did he show any affection for him. At home Cliff didnt talk much and had never told his family about his problems. When he began school, he was timid but eager to learn. And his IQ was pretty good. Then in the third grade a teacher wrote in the school record that he was uncooperative and slow. Since then he had never got any encouragement from his teachers. Gradually, the child had no more confidence left. He never smiled nor talked much. He had no friends; he had never belonged to a club, never played on a team and never held an office. He came to school by himself and left by himself. In class, he would sit back in the last seat. Finally he became silent and lonely. He became nothing.

  L15 Bribery——An Inevitable Evil? P232 What are the major forms of bribery?

  Bribery can be classified into three broad categories. The first category consisits of large amounts of money paid for political purposes or to secre major contracts. For example, a certain American company offered big sums of money to support a U.S. presidential candidate when it was nder investigation. Also in order to get big contracts, such payments are often made to ruling families or their close advisers. The second category covers payments made to obtain quicker official approval of some project. In such cases, the money is often paid to key goverment officials concerned. The third category involves payments made in certain countries to make a business deal easy to get approved. For instance, a foreign company may pay to get permission to import equipment. A common type of this category is the facilitating payment to clear cargoes. These are smaller sums of money paid to customs officials.

  L16 A Social Event P250 What do you know about Randy and Carle in A Social Even? Why are they anxious to get invited to Scottys funeral?

  Randy and Carole are a young Hollywood couple. They have been married only a short time. Both have achieved a certain degree of success in pictures, but their careers in the show business are still in the promising stage. Scotty Woodrow, a world-famous movie star has just died, and Randy and Carole are anxious to go to his funeral, which will be a gathering of celebrities and is regarded as a big social event. It is said that flowers have come from the U.S. President and the British Queen. Randy and Carole think it is extremely important for their career to be seen there with a lot of big shots. But they havet got an invitation while some of their Hollywood friends, also young actors and actresses like themselves, have been invited. Thats why they are worried and are trying hard to find ways of getting themselves invited in the last minute.