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2006-07-01 09:48

  The Mona Lisa's smile may always remain a mystery (1), but it is now possible to hear what her voice would have sounded like, thanks to a Japanese acoustics (2) expert.

  Dr Matsumi Suzuki, who generally uses his skills to help with criminal (3) investigations (4), measured the face and hands of Leonardo da Vinci's famous 16th century portrait (5) to estimate her height and create a model of her skull (6).

  "Once we have that, we can create a voice very similar to that of the person concerned," Suzuki told Reuters in an interview at his Tokyo office last week. "We have recreated the voices of a lot of famous people that were very close to the real thing and have been used in film dubbing (7). "

  The chart (8) of any individual's voice, known as a voice print, is unique (9) to that person and Suzuki says he believes he has achieved 90 percent accuracy in recreating the quality of the enigmatic (10) woman's speaking tone.

  "I am the Mona Lisa. My true identity is shrouded (11) in mystery," the portrait proclaims (12) on a Web site.

  "In Mona Lisa's case, the lower part of her face is quite wide and her chin is pointed, " Suzuki explained. "The extra volume (13) means a relatively low voice, while the pointed chin adds mid-pitch tones (14)" he added. The scientists brought in an Italian woman to add the necessary intonation (15) to the voice.

  "We then had to think about what to have her say," Suzuki said. "We tried having her speak Japanese, but it didn't suit her image."

  Experts disagree over who was represented in the portrait, with some saying the smiling woman is Leonardo himself, or his mother.

  The team also attempted to recreate Leonardo's own voice in a project timed to coincide with (16) the release of the film " The Da Vinci Code (17). " Suzuki said he was less confident about its accuracy because he had to work from self-portraits where the artist wore a beard, concealing (18) the shape of his face.

  Suzuki's work has contributions to criminal investigations —— in one case after he successfully aged (19) a person's voice by a decade (20). A recording (21) of the voice was broadcast on television, leading to the apprehension (22) of a suspect (23).



  上周铃木在东京办公室里接受路透社采访时说道:“一旦我们做出头骨模型,就能模拟出头骨主人的声音”。 我们已经重现许多名人的声音,而且这些声音与真人的声音相差无几,这项技术已经运用到电影配音中。




  铃木说:“然后我们要考虑让她说点什么。 我们让她讲了几句日语,但太不符合她的形象了。”




  1. mystery: 神秘

  2. acoustics: 声学

  3. criminal: 犯罪

  4. investigation: 调查, 研究

  5. portrait: 肖像, 人像

  6. skull: 头骨

  7. dubbing: 配音

  8. chart: 图表

  9. unique: 唯一的, 独特的

  10. enigmatic: 谜一般的

  11. shroud: (v.) 遮蔽, 隐藏

  12. proclaim: 宣布, 声明

  13. volume: 音量

  14. tone:  音调, 语调

  15. intonation: 语调, 声调

  16. coincide with: 与……相符

  17. Da Vinci Code: 《达芬奇密码》

  18. conceal: (v.) 隐藏

  19. age: (v.) 变老

  20. decade: 十年

  21. recording: 录音; 录制

  22. apprehension: 拘捕

  23. suspect: (n.) 嫌疑犯

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