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2006-07-01 10:01

  Some lonely Americans are eschewing(1) Internet dating and instead putting their faith in feng shui in a bid to(2) find their romantic soul mates.

  It is not a common sight yet to see feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of geomancy(3), advertised as a romance enhancer, but it may not be long before it becomes an accepted part of dating in big cities where singles frequently battle to find love, devoted practitioners(4) say.

  People like Los Angeles advertising art director Alicia Schiefer insist that feng shui works to improve one's romantic life.

  "It's worth it to do it," she said. Using the peach blossom technique in feng shui, she entered into what she says was a very satisfying long-term relationship.

  Feng shui is increasingly becoming accepted in the West as a way of increasing business prosperity and maintaining health, harnessing(5) the universal energy of life, or qi, to create a harmonious(6) environment.

  "Not only will you be able to improve your surroundings to attract romance, but you can increase your personal energy that will make you feel more energized(7) and attractive," according to feng shui consultant(8) Sugita's E-book "The Feng Shui Equation."

  But if you ask Pat Linse, co-founder of the Skeptics(9) Society, an organization devoted to the promotion and better understanding of science, she will not be giving up Internet dating anytime soon.

  To her, feng shui romance sounds "charming and poetic(10). It could make a person happier and more receptive(11) to a relationship."

  Linse said it would be interesting to test the technique scientifically by gathering 100 people who do not know the ritual and having 50 of them practice the correct ritual(12) while showing the wrong ritual to the other 50, and then observing whether there is a difference in the groups' outcomes.

  Meanwhile, enthusiasts(13) of the ancient art are finding that they can increase their understanding by doing a feng shui travel tour.

  The 10-day tour, organized by Feng Shui Masters, takes the faithful(14) to a series of ancient sites in China that represent feng shui's early beginnings.

  Locations are beautifully landscaped in accordance with(15) feng shui principles, and special lecturers explain their significance along the way.

  "Each person has a different reaction (to the trip), depending on their cultural background," said Johnathan, executive director of Feng Shui Masters.

  "A visit to the Hangzhou temple has moved people to tears," he said. "They feel so great, so very positive."











  在十天的旅行中, “风水大师”带着善男信女们参观一系列中国古代风水的发源地。




  1. eschew:避开、远离

  2. in a bid to:为了…

  3. geomancy:泥土占卜,抓沙散地,按其所成象以断吉凶

  4. practitioner:从业者、信仰疗法术士

  5. harness:利用

  6. harmonious:和谐的

  7. energize:给…以活力

  8. consultant:顾问

  9. skeptic:无神论者、怀疑论者

  10. poetic:诗情画意的

  11. receptive:善于接受的

  12. ritual:宗教仪式

  13. enthusiast:狂热者

  14. faithful:信徒

  15. in accordance with:与…一致

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