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  Part Ⅰ



  Nowadays young people tend to phone more often than write to each other. So, some say that phones will kill letter writing. What is your opinion?

  Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:


  You are to write in three parts.

  In the first part, state specifically what your view is.

  In the second part, support your view with one or two reasons.

  In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or a summary.

  Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.


  Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:

  Your friend, Jane, has failed in the final exam, and is feeling very unhappy about it. Write a note to comfort her and give her some encouragement.

  Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness.

  Part Ⅱ DICTATION [15 MIN.]

  Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times: During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning. For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 seconds. The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work. You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more.

  Please write the whole passage on ANSWER SHEET TWO.


  In Sections A, B and C you will hear everything ONCE ONLY. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct answer to each question on your answer sheet.


  In this section you will hear seven statements. At the end of each statement you will be given

  10 seconds to answer the question.

  1.Where is Lily working now?

  A. In the police department.

  B. In a drama society.

  C. In a university.

  D. In a primary school.

  2.Passengers must check in to board Flight 5125 by ____.

  A. 11:00 B. 11:20 C. 11:30 D.11:50

  3.Which of the following statements is true?

  A. There is a strike across the country.

  B. Many trains have been cancelled.

  C. A few trains have been cancelled.

  D. There is a strike in the North Region.

  4.The death and missing numbers in the floods are respectively ____.

  A. 60/9. B. 16/9. C.9/60. D. 9/16.

  5.What is John supposed to do on Sunday?

  A. Call the office. B. Revise his paper.

  C. Solve the problem. D. Hand in the paper.

  6.What do we know about Mary Jackson?

  A. She is the speaker's friend. B. She likes stories.

  C. She is an author. D. She gave a gift.

  7.What do we know about the speaker?

  A. The speaker can get good tips.

  B. The speaker pays for the meals.

  C. The speaker can get good wages.

  D. The speaker lives comfortably.

  8.What will the speaker probably do next?

  A. To buy some medicine.

  B. To buy a new cupboard.

  C. To ignore the matter.

  D. To investigate the matter.


  In this section, you will hear nine short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.

  9.When will they discuss the agenda?

  A. Before dinner. B. During dinner.

  C. After dinner. D. Tomorrow.

  10.What can be inferred about the woman?

  A. She'll be travelling during the vacation.

  B. She'll be working during the vacation.

  C. She's looking forward to going home.

  D. She will offer her help to Jane.

  11.What is the cause of their complaint?

  A. The place. B. The heat.

  C. The workload. D. The facilities.

  12.What can be concluded about Janet?

  A. She has come to the party. B. She is hosting the party.

  C. She hasn't turned up. D. She is planning a party.

  13.Where does the conversation probably take place?

  A. In a hotel. B. At a bus station.

  C. In a restaurant. D. At an airport.

  14.What does the woman intend to do?

  A. Get a job on campus. B. Get her resume ready.

  C. Visit the company. D. Apply for a job with PICC.

  15.What are the man and woman doing?

  A. Listening to the radio. B. Looking at the photos.

  C. Watching television. D. Reading a newspaper.

  16.What does the man mean?

  A. He hopes the party will be successful.

  B. He will see the woman around five.

  C. He is eager to help the woman.

  D. He is unenthusiastic about the party.

  17.What is NOT a change to the literature class?

  A. Class location. B. Class times.

  C. Class length. D. Class size.


  Questions 18 and 19 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions.

  Now listen to the news.

  18.The journalist was brought to court because ____.

  A. he was working for a British newspaper.

  B. he published an untrue story.

  C. the story was published in Britain.

  D. he was working with other foreign journalists.

  19.How did the lawyer defend for the journalist?

  A. He was an American journalist.

  B. He worked for a British newspaper.

  C. His story was published elsewhere.

  D. Foreigners are not subject to local laws.

  Questions 20 and 21 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions.

  Now listen to the news.

  20.Afghanistan's first match will be against ____.

  A. Mongolia. B. South Korea. C. Iran. D. Qatar.

  21.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

  A. The announcement was made by AFA.

  B. Afghanistan was a founding member of AFC.

  C. Afghanistan had been in chaos for long.

  D. The football player were under 23.

  Question 22 and 23 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the questions.

  Now listen to the news.

  22.The expected life-span of Beijing residents has gone up by ____ compared with that a decade earlier.

  A. 1.5 years B. 1.4 years C. 1.2 years D. 1.1 years

  23.The ____ mortality rate had gone up greatly during the past 10 years.

  A. infant B. maternal C. male D. middle-aged

  Questions 24 and 25 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions.

  Now listen to the news.

  24.According to Pakistan's President, the chances of the two countries going to war were ____.

  A. great B. small C. growing D. greater than before

  25.Recent tensions between the two countries were a direct result of ____.

  A. their border conflicts B. their military build-up

  C. killings in the two countries D. their mutual distrust

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