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2006-07-28 14:06

  错综复杂 扑朔迷离 anfractuosity

  错综复杂的anfractuous daedal reticular sinuous

  打草惊蛇act rashly and alert the enemy

  大材小用waste one's talent on a petty job


  大海捞针look for a needle in a bottle of hay

  大惑不解be extremely puzzled

  大惊小怪a storm in a teacup; Foofaraw; fuss like a hen with one chicken


  大快人心affording general satisfaction

  大名鼎鼎famous well known

  大器晚成great minds mature slowly

  大千世界the boundless universe

  大失所望greatly disappointed

  大同小异largely identical but with minor differences

  大显身手 大显神通strut one's stuff

  大言不惭 夸夸其谈fanfaronade rodomontade

  大义凛然inspiring awe by upholding justice

  大义灭亲place righteousness above family loyalty

  大智若愚Still waters run deep. An empty vessel makes the most sound Still water runs deep

  呆若木鸡dumbstruck transfixed

  待人接物the ways one gets along with others

  殚思极虑rack one's brains

  胆小如鼠cannot say boh to a goose


  淡泊明志not seek fame and wealth

  道貌岸然be sanctimonious

  得过且过drift along muddle along


  得心应手handy with facility

  得意忘形 得意洋洋 bloat get dizzy with success

  得意洋洋elated elation exaltation jauntiness

  得意扬扬ride high

  得意洋洋的cock-a-hoop high-blown perky


  德才兼备have both ability and moral integrity

  德高望重sainted saintlike

  登峰造极reach the limit reach the peak of perfection

  地大物博vast territory and abundant resources

  颠倒黑白 颠倒是非 混淆是非call white black swear black is white

  颠三倒四confused disorderly

  雕虫小技insignificant skill

  调兵遣将move forces

  调虎离山lure the enemy away from his base

  掉以轻心treat sth. Lightly

  喋喋不休blat cackle chackle harp harp on jaw-jaw rattle twitter wag

  顶天立地of indomitable spirit

  东施效颦blind imitation with ludicrous effect

  东山再起bob up like a cork

  独具匠心show originality

  独树一帜develop a school of one's own

  独一无二in a class by oneself

  独一无二的unique unmatched unparalleled

  度日如年one day seems like a year

  断章取义garble quote out of context

  对牛弹琴whistle jigs to a milestone Cast pearls before swine

  对症下药suit the remedy to the case


  多才多艺的accomplished all-round;Miscellaneous;versatile

  多愁善感sensitivity sentimentality

  多愁善感的moonstruck spoony

  多此一举bring owls to Athens hold a candle to the sun

  多多益善the more the better


  脱胎换骨thoroughly remold oneself

  阿谀奉承 趋炎附势greasiness

  恩将仇报 以怨报德 忘恩负义 bite the hand that feeds one

  尔虞我诈each trying to cheat the other


  发人深省set people thinking

  发扬光大carry forward翻山越岭tramp over hill and dale



  飞黄腾达 青云直上come into one's kingdom rise in the world strike oil


  飞禽走兽birds and beasts

  废寝忘食forget food and sleep

  分道扬镳part company, each going his own way

  分化瓦解disintegrate divide and demoralize


  纷至沓来come in a continuous stream

  纷至沓来的thick as hail

  奋不顾身dash ahead regardless of one's safety

  愤愤不平be indignant


  丰富多彩rich and colorful

  丰功伟绩great achievement

  丰衣足食have ample food and clothing

  风花雪月sentimental writings of the exploiting classes

  风马牛不相及be totally unrelated

  风靡一时be the rage


  风起云涌like a rising wind and scudding clouds

  风雨同舟stand together regardless of situation

  风雨无阻in all weathers

  锋芒毕露make a showy display of one's abilities


  逢场作戏join in the fun on occasion

  逢凶化吉trun ill luck into good


  敷衍了事make short shrift of palter scuffle

  釜底抽薪take a drastic measure to deal with a situation

  赴汤蹈火 出生入死go through fire and water


  覆水难收spilt water cannot be gathered up again It is no use crying over spilt milk

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