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2006-07-28 13:46


  Our products are sold in Britain, America, Japan, Italy and South East Asia and well appreciated by their purchasers.

  畅销全球 selling well all over the world

  典雅大方 elegant and graceful

  定型耐久 durable modeling

  方便顾客 making things convenient for customers

  方便群众 making things convenient for the people; to suit the people's convenience

  方便商品 convenience goods


  bringing more convenience to the people in their daily life; providing amenities for the people; making life easier for the population

  各式俱全 wide selection; large assortment

  顾客第一 Customers first

  顾客是我们的皇帝 We take customers as our Gods.

  规格齐全 a complete range of specifications; complete in specifications

  花样繁多 a wide selection of colours and designs

  货色齐全 goods of every description are available.

  客商第一,信誉第一 clients first, reputation first

  款式多样 a great variety of models

  款式活泼端庄 vivid and great in style

  款式齐全 various styles

  款式新颖 attractive designs; fashionable(in) style; novel (in) design; up-to-date styling

  款式新颖众多 diversified latest designs

  美观大方 elegant appearance

  美观耐用 attractive and durable

  品质优良,疗效显著,誉满全球,欢迎选购 excellent quality, evident effect, good reputation over the world, orders are welcome.

  品种多样 numerous in variety

  品种繁多 great varieties

  品种齐全 complete range of articles; a great variety of goods

  让我们的商品走向世界 Let our commodities go to the world.

  色彩鲜艳 bright in colour

  色泽光润 bright luster

  色泽艳丽 beautiful in colour

  深受顾客欢迎 We have won praise from customers; to win warm praise from customers.

  深受国内外客户的信赖和称誉 to win a high admiration and is widely trusted at home and abroad.

  深受消费者的欢迎和好评 to be highly praised and appreciated by the consuming public

  式样美观 aesthetic appearance; attractive fashion

  式样新颖大方  modern and elegant in fashion

  式样雅致 elegant in style

  式样众多 in many styles

  适合男女老幼四季穿着 suitable for men and women of all ages in all seasons

  外型大方 elegant shape

  享有声誉 to win a high admiration

  新品迭出 new varieties are introduced one after another

  行销世界 to be distributed all over the world


  to be renowned both at home and abroad for exquisite workmanship, skillful knitting and elegant design


  famous for selected materials, novel designs, delightful colors and exquisite workmanship


  famous for high quality raw materials, full range of specifications and sizes, and great variety of designs and colours

  誉满中外 to enjoy high reputation at home and abroad

  在国际市场上享有盛誉 to enjoy high reputation in the international market

  造型美观 attractive appearance; handsome apprearance

  质量第一,用户至上 quality first, consumers first

  种类繁多 wide varieties

  安心益气 to make one feel at ease and energetic

  包君健康 keep you fit all the time

  保健治病 promoting health and curing diseases

  保暖防风 warm and windproof


  an enricher and nutrient for the liver and kidney, for improving blood circulation, beneficial to essential medulla, strengthening sinews and bones, preventing hairs from greying and helpful to retain complexion


  good for energy and the spleen, beneficial to the sperm, nourishing the kidneys relieving rheumatism, activating blood circulation and strengthening sinews and bones

  补血和气,壮腰强筋 norishing blood and adjusting spirit, strenthening waist and sinews

  除湿散寒,祛风定痛 relieving rheumatism, chills and pains

  穿着舒适轻便 comfortable and easy to wear

  促进体质 to invigorate health effectively

  涤烦疗渴 to clear out annoyance and quench thirst

  冬暖夏凉 cool in summer and warm in winter

  芳香开窍,理气止痛 removing obstruction, smoothing circulation and stopping pains.

  防病治病,延年益寿 to prevent and cure diseases, and to have a long life.

  富有浓厚诗情两画意 rich in poetic and pictorial splendor

  瑰丽多彩 pretty and colourful

  花色入时 fashionable patterns

  华丽臻美 beautiful and charming

  戒烟 making people refrain from smoking

  经久耐用 durable in use; durable service

  久享盛名 with a long standing reputation

  居家旅行,工矿必备之良药 an indispensable sovereign remedy for home, travelling, factories and mines.

  老少良伴 good companions for children as well as adults

  历史悠久 to have a long historical standing

  男女老少皆宜 sutable for men, women, and children

  其功若神 as effectively as a fairy does.

  轻身延寿 to reduce body weight and prolong life.

  清火明目,怡神醒脑,帮助消化 to produce an effect toward clear vision, refreshment, and digestion helping

  清洁口腔 cleaning the oral cavity.


  good for antipyretic and throat soother, curing cough and facilitating expectoration and relieving hoarseness

  清晰突出 clear and distinctive

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