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2006-07-28 13:45


  祛风散寒,活血止痛 relieving rheumatism and cold, invigorating blood circulation and stopping pains

  染制精良 meticulous dyeing processes

  柔软轻盈 soft and light

  色彩夺目,迥然不俗 colours are striking, yet not vulgar

  色彩奇异大方 in pain, fancy colours

  色彩协调 matching in colour

  色泽鲜艳可爱 lovely luster

  设计华丽 luxuriant in design

  手感舒适 comfortable feel

  提神,生津 refreshing and enriching the saliva

  条纹清晰 clear-cut texture

  消热止渴 relieving heat and thirst.

  消暑解热,明目怡神 relieving heat and sunstroke, refreshing and beneficial to the eyes

  颜色调和 harmonious colours

  益气强壮,延缓衰老 bracing up the whole system and strengthening it, delaying senility

  益气养阴,生津增液,补肺健脾 supplement the vital energy and nourish yin, promote the production of body fluid and saliva

  雍容华丽 rich and magnificent

  永不褪色 fast colour

  优点出众 outstanding features

  质地考究 superior (in) quality

  质地优良 fine quality

  助消化,除油腻 to help digest greasy food

  按质论价 fixing prices according to quality of products

  包装多样 diversified in packaging

  包装牢固 strong packing

  包装美观牢固 elegant and sturdy package

  包装新颖美观 fashionable and attractive packages

  保温性强 extremely efficient in preserving heat; good heat preservation

  保险性强 high safety

  保质保量 quality and quantity assured

  备用详细目录,惠索即寄 catalogues will be sent upon request

  备有各种款式的现货,任君挑选 available in various designs and specifications for your selection

  备有塑料盒,便于安全保存 a plastic case is compartmentalized for safe storage.

  表面光泽 lustrous surface

  薄利多销 volume large, profit small

  不可退货 without return

  不惜工本 spare no cost at any cost;at all costs; at any cost

  采用先进技术和工艺 to adopt advanced technology

  采用最新设备和工艺 with the most up-to-date equipment and techniques

  操作简便 easy and simple to handle

  产品按质分等 grade products according to quality

  常饮绿茶,增进健康 regular tea drinking improves your health

  敞开供应 sufficent supply; products are sold without limitations; commodities are available without restriction

  传送灵活 to ensure smooth transmission

  传统绣工精湛 exquisite traditional embroidery art

  大贱卖 sale price; crazy price; terrific value; special buy

  定牌包装 packing of nominated brand

  独特的民族风味 to have a unique national style

  多年使用,不出故障 to assure years of trouble-free service.

  防水、防震、防磁 waterproof, shock-resistant and antimagnetic

  防缩 shrink-proof

  防皱 crease-resistance

  富有弹性 high resilience

  工艺精良 sophisticated technologies

  供不应求 in short supply; demand exceeding supply

  光洁度高 highly polished

  回味隽永 pleasant in after-taste

  货源充足 ample supply and prompt delivery

  技术先进 modern techniques

  技艺精湛 exquisite craftsmanship; fine craftsmanship

  价格公道 reasonable price; street price; moderate price

  价格适中 moderrat cost

  价谦物美 high quality and inexpensive; less expensive, high quality goods; high quality and low overhead

  节日送礼之佳品 ideal gift for all occasions

  洁白纯正 pure whiteness

  洁白如玉 jade white

  洁白透明 pure white and translucent

  结构坚固 sturdy construction; firm in structure

  经久耐用 structural durabilities

  精打细算 be shrewd in money matters; careful calculation and strict budgeting

  居同类产品之魁首 to rank first among similar products

  具有传统风味特色 distinctive for its traditional properties

  具有中国风味 possessing Chinese flavours

  抗冲击强度高 excellent in cushion effect

  抗热耐磨 strong resistance to heat and hard wearign

  科学精制 by scientific process

  口味鲜美 delicious in taste

  快干 drip-dry

  买一送一 buy one give one; buy one get one free

  免烫 non-ironing

  能多次翻新 can be repeatedly remoulded.

  您想购买中国土特产品吗? Do you want to buy some Chinese native produce?

  烹制简便 convenient to cook

  品质优良 excellent (in) quality

  清仓大拍卖 clearance price

  清货大减价 big clearance sale

  清香爽口 pleasant to the palate

  请君常购中国绿茶 always buy Chinese green teas.

  韧硬兼顾 to have both the quality of tenacity and hardness

  入口和醇 mild and mellow

  软硬适中 neither too hard nor too soft

  散热迅速 rapid heat dissipation

  色泽光洁,柔软防滑 lustrous, soft and antislippery

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