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  In ancient times the most important examinations were spoken, not written. In the schools of ancient Greece and Rome , testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches.

  In the European universities of the Middle Ages, students who were working for advanced degrees had to discuss questions in their field of study with people who had made a special study of the subject. This custom exists today as part of the process of testing candidates for the doctor's degree.

  Generally, however, modern examinations are written. The written examination, where all students are tested on the same question, was probably not known until the nineteenth century. Perhaps it came into existence with the great increase in population and the development of modern industry. A room full of candidates for a state examination, timed exactly by electric clocks and carefully watched over by managers ,resembles a group of workers at an automobile factory. Generally, during examinations teachers and students are expected to act like machines.

  One type of test is sometimes called an "objective" test. It is intended to deal with facts, not personal opinions. To make up an objective test the teacher writes a series of questions, each of which has only one correct answer. Along with each question the teacher writes the correct answer and also three statements that look like correct answers to students who have not learned the material properly.

  1. In the Middle Ages students_________.

  A. took objective tests                  B. specialized in one subject

  C. were timed by electric clocks      D. never wrote exams


  2. The main idea of paragraph 3 is that_________.

  A. workers now take examination            B. the population has grown

  C. there are only written exams            D. examinations are now written and timed

  答案:D.第三段一开始就谈到"一般来讲, 现在的考试都是笔试;"随后又谈到"所有的考生在一个房间,规定时间,有监考老师。"所以D是正确答案。

  3. The kind of exams where students must select answers are_________.

  A. personal  B. spoken  C. objective  D. written


  4. Modern industry must have developed_________.

  A. before the Middle Ages  B. around the 19th century

  C. in Greece or Rome        D. machines to take tests

  答案:B.答案在文章的第三段可以找到。"The written examination was not known until the nineteenth century. Perhaps it came into existence with the great increase in population and the development of modern industry."因此,笔试是19世纪才为大家所知,可能是由于人口的增加和现代工业的发展。

  5. It may be concluded that testing_________.

  A. should test only opinions                    B. should always be written

  C. has changed since the Middle Ages            D. is given only in factories


  The market investigation is indispensable to sales promotion. They are closely related as the lips and teeth, so to speak. What you produce is for sale on the market. It would be impossible to succeed in selling a product without first investigating the market.

  In the international market, goods on sale coming from different countries and suppliers are always facing keen competition. Under such circumstances, they will try everything possible to familiarize themselves with the market conditions. In making investigations, we ought to get information about what similar items the competitors are offering on the market, what prices they are quoting (报价), what features their products have, who are their regular customers, etc. Then, how can we obtain such information? There are many channels that we can make use of in doing this sort of work. The commercial counselor's offices of our embassies stationed abroad can help us in making market investigations. Nowadays, our import and export corporations send their trade groups abroad every now and then. One of their purposes is to make market surveys on the spot.

  Certainly, face-to-face talks with foreign businessmen are also important channels to get market information. The Chinese Export Commodities Fairs and some other fairs of similar nature as well as visits of foreign businessmen provide us with such opportunities. Of course , there are some other ways of making market investigations.

  6. In making market investigation , one should_________.

  A. get enough information concerned            B. advertise his products

  C. produce high quality goods                  D. none of the above


  7. The word "indispensable" in the first line means_________.

  A. impossible  B. essential  C. advisable  D. available

  答案:B.indispensable:必不可少的,必须的。通常和介词to 连接。又如:Oxygen is indispensable to life.氧气对生命是不可缺的。所以只有B 的意思最接近。

  8. Which of the following statements is not true?

  A. The relationship between market investigation and sales promotion is just as that of the lips and teeth.

  B. It is impossible to succeed in selling a product without market investigation.

  C. There are various ways of making market investigation.

  D. Production goes before market investigation.


  9. Making market investigation is very important because_________.

  A. in market, goods on sale are numerous      B. every producer is facing keen competition

  C. it can greatly promote sales                  D. all of the above


  10. All the following are channels to get market information except _________.

  A. to have commercial counselor's office of our embassies stationed abroad

  B. to promote the quality of our own products

  C. to send trade groups abroad every now and then

  D. to have face-to-face talks with foreign businessmen


  On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln went to Gettysburg in Pennsylvania to speak at the National Soldiers Cemetery. The Civil War was still going on. There was much criticism of President Lincoln at the time. He was not at all popular. He had been invited to speak at Gettysburg only out of politeness. The principal speaker was to be Edward Everett, a famous statesman and speaker of the day. Everett was a handsome man and very popular everywhere.

  It is said that Lincoln prepared his speech on the train while going to Gettysburg. Late that night, alone in his hotel room and tired out, he again worked briefly on the speech. The next day Everett spoke first. He spoke for an hour and 57 minutes. His speech was a perfect example of the rich oratory of the day. Then Lincoln rose. The crowd of 15,000 people at first paid little attention to him. He spoke for only nine minutes. At the end there was little applause. Lincoln turned to a friend and remarked , "I have failed again." On the train back to Washington, he said sadly, "That speech was a flat failure, and the people are disappointed."

  Some newspapers at first criticized the speech. But little by little as people read the speech they began to understand better. They began to appreciate its simplicity and its deep meaning. It was a speech which only Abraham Lincoln could have made.

  Today, every American school child learns Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by heart. Now everyone thinks of it as one of the greatest speeches ever given in American history.

  11. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln was_________.

  A. very critical  B. unpopular  C. very popular  D. very courteous

  答案:A.答案可以在第一段的第三句话找到:"There was much criticism of President Lincoln at the time."

  12. Lincoln was invited to speak at the National Soldiers Cemetery because he was_________.

  A. a famous speaker  B. a very handsome man  C. President of the country

  D. a popular statesman

  答案:C.答案可以在第一段找到。"He was not at all popular. He had been invited to speak at Gettysburg only out of politeness." "当时林肯一点也不受欢迎,他被邀请去演讲仅仅是出于礼貌,因为他是总统。"

  13. It can be inferred from the text that_________.

  A. Lincoln prepared his speech very carefully before he went to Gettysburg

  B. Lincoln was very busy at the time and didn't have much time to prepare his speech

  C. Lincoln's speech was full of rich words

  D. Lincoln's speech was very long

  答案:B.答案在文章的第二段的开始可以找到。"It is said that Lincoln prepared his speech on the train while going to Gettysburg. Late that night, alone in his hotel room and tired out, he again worked briefly on the speech.""据说林肯是在去葛底斯堡的火车上准备他的演讲的。那天深夜,在宾馆的房间里,他既孤独又疲倦, 只是简单准备了一下。"所以通过这些句子我们可以判断林肯非常的忙,没有更多的时间准备他的演讲,B是正确答案。A,C,D,均不符合文章的内容。

  14. It was a fact that Lincoln's speech was _________.

  A an immediate success B. warmly applauded  C. a total failure D. not well-received at first

  答案:D.答案可以在文章的第二段找到。"At the end there was little applause."最后几乎没有什么掌声。所以他的演讲开始没有被大家接受,D 为正确答案。A, B, C 均不符合文章的内容。

  15. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

  A. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has deep meaning.

  B. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is simple in style.

  C. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is memorized by every American school child.

  D. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is the greatest speech ever delivered in the United States.



  Animals seem to have the sense to eat when they are hungry and they do not eat more than their bodies need. It has been demonstrated that rats will, when given a choice over a period of time, prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins even though there is no difference in taste or smell between the two water bottles. When a fragrant flavor was added to the vitamin-enriched fluid, the rats did seem to develop a taste for it and kept drinking it ,even after the vitamins were switched to the clear water. In time, however ,they broke the habit and went back to where the necessary vitamins were.

  In a classic experiment, babies of 6 to 12 months old were placed in a cafeteria feeding arrangement, with a wide selection of baby food before them. They were given whatever food they pointed to or appeared interested in. We are told that at first they showed some unusual eating patterns, but that over a period of time they managed to select well-balanced diet.

  So, in selecting food, rats and babies do seem to know and act on what's best for them. Apparently, there is a kind of "body wisdom," which humans soon lose. Most of us do not eat as wisely as we could. Many of our food preferences are culturally determined and influenced by long-established habits. Some people eat fox, dog and blackbirds ,while we eat cows and pigs. So what people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on around them.

  16. In the experiment on rats, a fragrant flavor was added to the rat's drinking water to______.

  A. encourage rats to drink vitamin-enriched water    B. find out rats preference in flavor

  C. test whether rats know which drink is good for them D. demonstrate that vitamins are tasteless

  答案:C.答案在文章第一段:"It has been demonstrated that rats will ,when given a choice over a period of time, prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins even though there is no difference in taste or smell between the two water bottles."

  17. The expression "the habit" (para.1, sentence 4) refers to drinking water which_________.

  A. has no smell   B. is tasteless  C. has vitamins  D. is flavored

  答案:D.因为第一段的最后谈到:"老鼠不停的喝有香味的含有维生素的液体,即使是维生素被换到了清水里面。然而,很快,他就改变了这个习惯,重新开始喝有维生素的水了。"所以句子中的habit 实际上指前面的喝有香味的水。所以D是正确答案。

  18. According to the passage ,adults eating habits differ from those of babies because_________.

  A. adults know better than babies what kind of food are good for their health

  B. adults usually cannot resist the temptation of various delicious foods

  C. adults' eating habits are closely related to the social and cultural customs

  D. adults have more choices of food than babies in eating patterns

  答案:C.文章第二段的最后一句:"Babies managed to select well-balanced diet."文章的第三段:"Many of our food preferences are culturally determined and influenced by long-established habits."因此成年人和婴儿的饮食习惯的不同点在于:"成年人的饮食习惯和他们的社会和文化习俗有关。"

  19. The author implied in the passage that most of us_________.

  A. eat a balanced diet                    C. have the habits influenced by the surroundings

  B. choose the food that is of nutrition D. like to eat the food with a fragrant flavor

  答案:C.根据上下文,我们可以知道, 文章中并没有提到:"大多数人都有合理的饮食;选择有营养的食物以及喜欢吃有香味的食品。"因此A,B,D都是错误的。但是文章的最后一句话说:"What people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on around them."因此可以断定:"我们的饮食习惯受周围环境的影响。C是正确答案。

  20. As far as their eating habits are concerned, babies and rats are similar in that______.

  A. both have the wisdom to choose a balanced diet  B. both prefer flavored food and drink

  C. both have the same eating patterns                  D. both develop a taste for the same kinds of flavors

  答案:A.文章第二段的最后一句话说:"Babies managed to select well-balanced diet."第三段的第一句话说:"in selecting food, rats and babies do seem to know and act on what's best for them. Apparently, there is a kind of "body wisdom."" 因此可以推断:"婴儿和老鼠饮食习惯的相同点在于他们都会选择合理的饮食。"因此只有A 最符合题意。

  21. You should be able to_________ right from wrong.

  A. perceive  B. distinguish  C. sight  D. observe

  答案:B.distinguish right from wrong 的意思是"分清是非",是固定搭配。所以B是正确答案。A 的意思是"感觉、觉察",C 的意思是"看到、发现",D的意思是"观察"均不符合题意。

  22. Any student who _________ his homework is unlikely to pass the examination.

  A. reduces  B. offends  C. practices  D. neglects

  答案:D.本句话的意思是"任何作业不认真的同学都不可能通过考试".A的意思"减少、缩小",B的意思是"冒犯、得罪",C的意思是"练习",D的意思是"疏忽、玩忽", 所以只有D和题的意思最接近。

  23. I promised to look_________ the matter as soon as I got there.

  A. for  B. in  C. into  D after

  答案:C."look into "的意思是"调查",本句的意思是"我保证一到那就调查这件事情"."look for":寻找。Will you help me look for my gloves? 你能帮我寻找我的手套吗?look in:朝里面看。I looked in my purse and discovered I'd only got a five-pound note.我朝钱包里一看,发现只有一张五英镑的钞票。 look after: 照顾、照看。He has looked after his elderly parents for many years. 他照料年迈的父母已经多年了。

  24. Your sister has made an_________for you to see the dentist at 3 this afternoon.

  A. appointment  B. interview  C. opportunity  D. assignment

  答案:A.appointment 约会、约定,make (或fix)an appointment 预约,是固定搭配。interview 面试,opportunity: 机会,assignment:作业。

  25. The committee is expected to_________ a decision this evening.

  A. reach  B. arrive  C. bring  D. take

  答:A.我们习惯上说:come to a decision, arrive at a decision, reach a decision,做出决定

  26. He spoke so quickly that I didn't _________ what he said.

  A. make for  B. make sure  C. make over  D. make out

  答案:D.make out 有"辨认出、听出"的意思。又如:It was difficult to make out what was said over the loudspeaker in the square. 很难听清楚广场上的扩音喇叭里在说什么。make for: 走向,朝…前进。It's late, we'd better make for home. 时间不早了,我们最好赶快回家。Make for the beach!向海滩前进!make sure: 设法保证。He went round making sure that all the windows were closed. 他巡视了一遍,看看所有的窗户是否都已关上。make over: 翻新、改造。The house has been made over into a school. 房屋已经改成一所学校。 Human nature can't be made over so easily.人性并非那么容易改变的

  27. I wrote it down _________I should forget it.

  A. in case  B. in case of  C. in order that  D. for fear of

  答案:A.in case:(连词)免得,以防万一。本句的意思是:"我写了下来,免得忘了".又如:Keep the window closed in case it rains.把窗子关好,以防下雨。in case of (介词短语):假使、如果发生。In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.如遇火警,即按铃。In order that (连词,引导目的状语从句)为了…In order that he should not be late , his mother woke him at 6. 为了不使他迟到,母亲在6点种叫醒他。for fear of:(介词)生怕、以免。She left an hour early for fear of missing her train. 她提早一小时离开以免误了火车。

  28. It is not that I do not like plays. The reason why I did not go to the theater last night was that I could not_________the time.

  A. offer  B. leave  C. afford  D. manage

  答案:C.afford:(常接在can, be able to 后面)买得起,担负得起(损失、费用)He is not rich enough to afford a car. 他并不太富有,不能购置汽车。Can you afford the time?你能抽的出时间吗?

  29. The chemical factory was demolished _________protecting the environment.

  A. in spite of  B. in honor of  C. in favor of  D. in the name of

  答案:D.in the name of :用…的名义,代表…。本句的意思是"以保护环境的名义,这个化学厂被拆除了。"又如:open an account in the name of John Smith 用约翰史密斯的名字开户。in spite of :不顾,不管。In spite of what you say, I still believe he is honest. 不管你说什么,我还是相信他是诚实的。in honor of :为了向…表示敬意,为庆祝…为纪念…They gave a banquet in honor of the delegation .他们设宴招待代表团。in favor of:赞同,支持。He refused a job in government in favor of a university appointment.他拒绝了政府部门的工作而选择了大学的职业。D最符合题意。

  30. After a three-hour heated discussion, all the members in the jury reached the conclusions that the man was_________ of murder.

  A. criminal  B. charged  C. guilty  D. faulty

  答案 C be guilty of :有罪的,有过失的。Be found guilty of murder 被判犯有谋杀罪。charge:(动词)控告,指责charge sb with murder指控某人犯谋杀罪。criminal (名词)罪犯。 faulty:有错误的,有缺点的。C 最符合题意。

  31. Having finished the letter, he_________ it carefully and sealed the envelop with a kiss.

  A. folded  B. bent  C. turned  D. curved

  答案:A.fold:折叠,对折。fold a blanket (letter) 折毯子(信)。本句的意思是"他写完信,小心地把它叠起来,用舌头舔了一下,封上口。"因此A 最符合题意。bent:弯曲的。curve:使弯曲。

  32. Last year_________ of new books were published on environmental protection.

  A. the hundred  B. hundreds  C. a hundred  D. one hundred

  答案:B.hundreds of new books :成百上千的新书 hundred, thousand, million前面若有具体的数字要用单数形式。如:five hundred, (500)。six thousand,(6000)。但如果它们后面有of,则要用复数形式,而且后面的名词也要用复数形式。同时,前面不能加具体的数目。又如:thousands of students:成千上万的学生millions of people:上百万的人。

  33. Literature and art have a great influence _________people's ideology.

  A. to  B. on  C. for  D. onto

  答案:B.have an influence on … 影响,对…起作用。He had a great influence on my career.他对我的生涯有过巨大的影响。the influence of religion on society 宗教对社会的影响。

  34. Just as a married man cannot leave his work ,a poor man cannot _________to get sick.

  A. have  B. go  C. expect  D. afford


  35. , we keep records on all the experiments so that we may have enough data.

  A. As a whole  B. As a rule  C. On the average   D. By all means

  答案:B.as a (general ) rule :通常,一般来说。B最符合题意。又如:As a rule, he doesn't go to the office on Saturdays.星期六他通常不去办公室。as a whole:作为一个整体,整体来看:The temperature for the country as a whole is relatively high.这个国家的气温总的来说是较高的。on (an 或the) average: 按平均值,通常 On (the 或an ) average I work ten hours a day.我平均每天工作10小时。 by all means:尽一切办法,务必。By all means, I must visit my sick friend.我一定得去探望我那生病的朋友。

  36. Nobody but a young woman _________the airplane crash.

  A. endure  B. rejected  C. survived  D. lived

  答案:C.survive: 从…中逃生,经历…后继续存在,是及物动词。Only two people survived the fire.这场大火中只有两个人幸免于死。The crops survived the drought.经过这次旱灾,庄稼还是活了下来。本句的意思是:"此飞机失事中,只有一个年轻妇女幸免遇难。"只有C的意思是正确的。endure: 忍耐,容忍。reject:拒绝。live :居住,生活。

  37. Professor Smith is always very _________ to the reaction of the audience when he gives lectures.

  A. sentimental  B. sensitive  C. sensible  D. positive

  答案:B.sensitive :敏感的 (to),神经过敏的。We need to be more sensitive to the needs of the young students. 我们对青年学生的需求应更敏感。She is sensitive to criticism. 她对别人的批评很敏感。本句的意思是"史密斯教授演讲时对观众的反应非常的敏感。"因此,B最符合题意。sentimental: 多情的,情深的。sentimental poetry: 言情诗。sentimental love stories: 充满柔情的爱情小说。sensible: 明智的。a sensible choice:明智的抉择。a sensible suggestion: 合理的建议。positive: 肯定的,赞同的。

  38. William has cut his smoking _________to five cigarettes a day.

  A. down  B. in  C. off  D. out

  答案 A cut down :削减, 减少。We must cut our expenses down somehow. 我们得设法减少开支。A最符合题意。cut in:插嘴,打断。Don't cut in when other people are talking.别人讲话时不要插嘴。cut off:使分离,使隔离。He was cut off from all his friends when he studied abroad. 他在出国留学期间跟所有的朋友中断了联系。 cut out:切去,割去。The doctor cut out his tonsils.医生割除了他的扁桃体。

  39. He has lived here for years,_________ nobody knows what he is.

  A. and but  B. though  C. and yet  D. for all that


  40. I am very disappointed _________the results of the experiment.

  A. from  B. for  C. to  D. with

  答案:D.be disappointed with sth (sb) 对某人某事感到失望。

  41. His few personal belongings made it possible for him to move from place to place_________.

  A. in ease  B. at ease  C. with ease  D. with easiness

  答案:C.with ease: 容易,不费力。These tiny bananas could be consumed six at a time with ease.这些小小的香蕉一次能吃下六只容易得很。C为正确答案。at ease:自在,不拘束。The examiner soon put the candidates at ease.考官很快就使考生们的情绪放松了。

  42. I will never forget the ten years _________ we both spent in the little village.

  A. when  B. during which  C. which  D. in which

  答案:C.该题是定语从句。关系代词which在定语从句中做动词spent 的宾语。

  43. They are _________ students that they all performed well in the nationwide examinations.

  A. so diligent  B. such diligent  C. so much diligent  D. such very diligent

  答案:B.so+ 形容词(副词)+that…, such+名词+that….两者都表示结果,如此…以至…。

  44. The manager of the company sent me a fax saying that he would visit us _________next spring.

  A. some time  B. sometime  C. sometimes  D. some times

  答案:B.sometime:某个时候,可指将来,也可指过去,后面一般要有一个时间范围。本句的意思为:公司的经理给我发来一份传真说他明年春天的某个时候来访。又如:We'll take our holiday sometime in May.我们将在五月份的某个时候休假。I saw him sometime in August. 我在八月份的某天见过他。因此B正确答案。sometimes (=occasionally) : 有时候。Sometimes we are busy and sometimes we are not. 有时候我们忙, 有时候我们不忙。some time 表示一段时间,可长可短。He stayed in Beijing for some time and then began to move on. 他在北京住了些日子又继续搬迁。some times:好几次。(=several ) I have been in Hong Kong some times.我去过香港好几次。

  45. No one can be sure if the car on display fits him or her until he or she _________ them.

  A. tries  B. will try  C. are trying  D. have tried

  答案:A.本题是测试考生的时态。在时间和条件状语从句中要用一般时表示将来的动作。因此A 是正确答案。又如:"They will go home for winter vocation as soon as they finish their exams. 他们一考完试就回家过寒假。"

  46. I am too busy these days. I would rather all of you _________next month for a dinner.

  A. come  B. would come  C. came   D. have come

  答案:C.would rather +句子(过去时)(虚拟语气):I'd rather you didn't tell anyone what I said.你最好别告诉任何人我所说的话。I'd rather you came with me. 你还是和我一起来吧。

  47. Something must have happened on their way here. Or they _________by now.

  A. should have arrived  B. should arrive  C. would have arrived  D. would arrive

  答案:C.第一句是must+have +过去分词的结构,表示对过去事实的推测。The road is wet. It must have rained last night.路是湿的,昨晚上肯定下雨了。因此我们可以推断:这是一个和过去的事实相反的虚拟语气。should +have +过去分词的结构,表示对过去动作的责备、批评。如:You should have gone over your lessons.你应当把功课复习好的。但是此句只是一个表示和过去的事实相反的虚拟句子,并没有责备的意思。本句的意思是:"路上肯定出事了。否则,他们现在已经到了。"因此正确答案应该是C.

  48. The general's command was that the soldiers _________their fort and carry out more important tasks.

  A. would leave  B. leave  C. left  D. have left

  答案:B.本句测试虚拟语气在表语从句的用法。在suggestion, proposal, request,order 等名词后面的表语从句和同位语从句中,用"(should )+动词原形,表示虚拟,should常常省略。又如:My suggestion is that we (should) send a few people to help the other groups.我的建议是我们派几个人去帮助其他小组。

  49. How the fire in the dancing hall started _________ a mystery.

  A. to remain  B. remains  C. remain  D. is remaining

  答案:B.本句测试的是主谓一致。当主语是主语从句的时候,谓语动词要用单数。又如:"Who is her father is not known.谁是她的父亲尚不得知。"

  50. We are going to have our office _________ to make room for a new engineer.

  A. to rearrange  B. rearrange  C. rearranged  D. rearranging

  答案:C.过去分词在动词have后面作宾补时, 常常表示这个动作不是由主语完成的, 而是由别人完成的。如:You'd better have the dangerous building pulled down.你最好叫别人把这座危楼推倒了。He had some pictures taken in the park. 他在公园里照了几张像。因此C 是正确答案。

  51. The boy has performed excellently _________ he was bit nervous.

  A. in that  B. except that  C. for that  D. except for

  答案:B.except that :后面接宾语从句。that 在从句中只起连接作用。如:She knew nothing about his journey except that he was likely to be away for three months. 关于他的旅行她不清楚,只知道他大概要离开三个月。(that 在宾语从句中只起连接作用) 因此B为正确答案。except for : (介词短语)除了…,We had a very pleasant time, except for the weather.除了天公不作美,我们过的很愉快。in that:(书)既然,因为。Criticism and self-criticism is necessary in that it helps us to correct our mistakes. 批评与自我批评是必要的,因为能帮助我们改正错误。for that :相当于for,并列连词,表示理由,很少用。

  52. All my neighbors tried to help in some way. But they turned out to be actually _________ the way.

  A. in  B. on  C. with  D. beyond

  答案:A.in the way : 挡路,妨碍。If you are not going to help, at least don't get in the way.如果你不愿帮忙,至少不要妨碍人家。A是正确答案。on the way : 在去…的路上。on the way to the station :在去车站的路上。on the way to school:在上学的路上。C 和D都不和way搭配。

  53. You never told me you have seen the film,_________?

  A. had you  B. didn't you  C. did you  D. weren't you

  答案:C.本句测试反意疑问句的用法。如果陈述部分含有表示否定意思的词,如:never, seldom, hardly, little , 疑问部分须用肯定式。故选择C.He never watches TV, does he ?他从不看电视,是吗?

  54, No one can possibly recall any detail about the meeting. It is at least five years since it_________.

  A. had taken place  B. was taken place  C. took place  D. was taking place

  答案:C.It is …time since +从句(谓语动词用过去时),故选C.It is many years since World War Two was over.自从二次大战结束以来已经很多年了。

  55. Not until most of the people had left the airport _________his sister was there.

  A. that he saw  B. had he seen  C. did he see  D. that he had seen

  答案:C.not until 放在句首,句子倒装。Not until he finished his homework did Li Ming watch TV.李明做完作业后才看电视。

  56. We all feel sorry for __________for so long after your arrival.

  A. keep you waiting  B. having kept you waiting  C. waiting for you

  D. keep you wait

  答案:B.介词后面要跟动名词做宾语,当动名词的动作在谓语动词所表示的动作之前发生时,要用动名词的完成式。Thank you for having helped me so much.感谢你给了我这么多的帮助。

  57. No sooner had they got the goods covered up __________it started raining hard.

  A. when  B. than  C. then  D. after

  答案:B.no sooner………than…一…就…;hardly…when…一…;就…;scarcely…when…一…就…。No sooner had I lain down than the telephone rang.我刚躺下,电话铃就响了。Scarcely had the baby cried when the nurse rushed to carry him. 婴儿一哭保姆就赶快去抱他。本句的意思是:"他们刚把货物盖好,就开始下雨了。"

  58. The manager has his employees __________a business report every week.

  A. to write  B. written  C. writing  D. write

  答案:D.have sb do sth, 让某人做某事。故选D.又如:The teacher has his students write a composition every other week.老师让同学们每隔一周写一篇作文。

  59. Written applications should be sent to us in case __________ some problems with the electric version.

  A. there will be  B. there is  C. there be  D. there was

  答案:C.in case 引导的从句要用虚拟语气,should +原形动词,should 可以省略。

  60. At that time, the poor girl can't but ______all her belongings at a low price.

  A. to sell  B. sell  C. selling   D. sold

  答案:B.cannot but 后接原形动词。思是:不得不,不能不。He cannot but agree.他不得不同意。When your country calls you for help, you cannot but go.当祖国要求你出力的时候,你必然会去的。


  答案 B at no time放在句首,句子要倒装。因此应改为will China.

  答案:A.neither…nor….既不…也不….. 因此A应改为nor.

  答案:D.应改为:to be solved,因为solve 和它的逻辑主语之间是动宾关系。如:Everyone likes the hero to be praised.每个人都喜欢这位英雄被表扬。Nothing is allowed to be taken out of the building.任何东西都不能拿出这座大楼。

  答案:D.应改为to give up. be forced to do sth: 被迫做………,要接不定式。

  答案:C.应改为:what.what 引导宾语从句在句中做介词about 的宾语。

  答案:B.应改为sitting.sitting 和前面的swimming 并列,前后结构要一致。

  答案:D.应改为 have. suggest, insist, order, demand, request, command, require等动词引导宾语从句时, 要用虚拟语气,谓语动词要should (可以省略)+原形动词。They requested that the students (should) learn the second language.他们要求学生要学第二外语。

  答案:D.应改为:that of his typist.

  答案:B.应改为;was cancelled , 被动语态,因为cancel 是及物动词,而后面没有跟宾语,所以应考虑是被动语态。

  答案:C.应改为completely.how 要修饰副词。soon 和completely 并列。



  Can you imagine how you would feel if you fell dangerously ill and could not reach or call a doctor? Millions of people 71 the world are in this unfortunate 72 , living in distant places 73 there are no railways, no proper roads and no telephones. Thousands of 74 are lost every year 75 could have been saved if medical attention 76 in time.

  77today help could be brought quickly and easily 78 many of these people 79 full advantage was taken 80 the aero-plane. 81 country has proved this 82 than Australia. The Australians 83 greater use of the aero-plane than any 84 people in the world. In no other country 85 the total number of miles flown by the 86 person so high. In fact, it has been 87 that Australians jump into planes 88 people in other countries jump into trains and buses. It is not surprising, 89 , that Australia should have been the first country 90 a Flying Doctor Service.

  71. A. on  B. through  C. all over  D. within

  答案:C.all over the world:在世界上,固定搭配。

  72. A. society  B. world  C. way  D. position

  答:D.成千上万的人都在这不幸的处境中,position ;处境,状况。That is difficult for a person in my position.那样做对于处在我这种地位的人来说是困难的。We are in a position where we may lose a large sum of money.我们目前的处境使我们可能损失一大笔钱。因此只有C的意思最合适。

  73. A. where  B. because  C. although  D. which


  74. A. people  B. children  C. families  D. lives


  75. A. when  B. in which  C. which  D. they

  答案:C.从语法结构看,这里需要一个定语从句。which 在从句中做主语。

  76. A. had been provided  B. had been paid more  C. was given  D. was provided

  答案:A.attention 此处的意思是"考虑,关心,照料",不是"注意,专心的意思,因此不用短语:pay attention to 或give attention to.而且此句是虚拟语气,表示和过去的事实相反,因此选A.

  77. A. Even  B. But C. Finally  D. So

  答案:B.从上下文的意思来, 是转折的意思,因此用but.

  78. A. from  B. with  C. in  D. to


  79. A. but  B. if only  C. and  D. unless

  答案:B.根据上下文的意思,only if:只有。符合逻辑关系。

  80. A. of  B. from C. about  D. on

  答案:A./take full advantage of:充分利用。

  81. A. One  B. Any  C. Not  D. No


  82. A. better  B. worse   C. more  D. less


  83. A. made  B. did  C. were making  D. make

  答案:D.make use of;充分利用。叙述一般的事实:"澳大利亚人比世界上任何国家的人都能充分利用飞机。"因此用一般现在时。

  84. A. of   B. else  C. other  D. Japanese

  答案:C.than any other people in the world:表示比世界上其余的任何人。比较级+than +any other+单数名词:表示"比其他的任何…都…This watch is more expensive than any other watch in the shop.他在班里,比任何一个别的学生都好。This watch is more expensive than any other watch in the shop.在这个店里, 这只表比其他任何一个别的表都贵。

  85. A. of  B. in  C. are   D. is

  答案:D.主语为表示距离、时间、长度、价值、金额、重量等名词复数时,谓语动词用单数。3 kilometers is not very far. 三公里不算远。Two hours is enough.两个小时足够了。

  86. A. living  B. average  C. brave   D. medical

  答案:B.根据上下表示的意思是average person.本句为倒装句。

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