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Adversity Often Leads to Prosperity

2006-07-29 15:20

  Adversity Often Leads to Prosperity

  Everybody wants to lead a successful life. But a number of people failed to realize their ambitions or their personal goals though they had dreamed of it throughout their whole lives. In order to succeed, one is required to have such personal qualities as diligence, persistence, intelligence, patience and so on. Besides them, I hold adversity is also one of the key factors and that it often leads to prosperity.

  The seemingly mistaken conclusion reveals the common phcnomenon, People in adversity tend to express their full range of potential and actualize their own personal worth  the very aim of a human life. And it is also supported by lots of successful people's experiences both in old days and nowadays, both at home and abroad.

  During the Period of Chunqiu, the Emperor of the Yue,Gou Jian, was defeated by the Wu and trapped in prison. Adversity stimulated him to revenge instead of discouraged him. Gou Jian hanged a gall and tasted it before sleep every day so as to keep the humiliation and revenge always in mind. Owing to his undefeated qualities and persistent struggle, he defeated the Wu and drew himself from adversity to prosperity in the end.

  David Beckham, the captain of the English Soccer Team,was famous for his fascinating technique as well as his handsome appearance. He led England to defeat Argentina as a national revenge in the latest Korea Japan World Cup and he was regarded to be one of the five greatest football players in the world by Brazilian football star Robert Carlos.  However, ten years ago, he was only an ordinary young player and was put in the second team of Man Utd.  Once he was even lent to another team in English A by Ferguson and it seemed that he would be abandoned as burden of his club someday. Beckham was not defeated by all the difficulties and he was sensible enough to make full use of adversity as an agent to push himself forward. He studied the combat, increased his stamina and strength, improved the technique and dribbling and trained the skill of passing and free kicking. As a result of his persistent and painstaking training, beginning with the famous wonderful goal from the centre circle in 1996, he brought himself a hot prospect.

  The important role that adversity plays in one's success can also be demonstrated by another example of a Chinese student An Jinpeng. An Jinpeng was born in a poverty stricken family,and his father was seriously ill, so his mother had to do all the farm work. Though poor, his parents were sensible enough to keep him in school and they had to borrow money from relatives and friends. In school, though helped by his classmates and teachers, An Jinpeng was too poor to live normally compared to most students.  Instead of delicious meals,  he had his rice with salt every day; whenever there were any trips organized by his class, he had to stay in his dormitory. In winter, having little money to buy new clothes to keep himself warm, he had to stay in bed to study.  He did not give up and persist in studying hard in order to actualize his goal; win the gold medal in the coming international maths contest.  But his persistence did not bring him success at once. Before long, his father died and the condition of his family became worse. His mother even sold out their farm cattle and did their work herself instead.  Bitter in heart and moved by his mother, An Jinpeng learned to face the adversity in a more mature way.  He accepted adversity, valued it, utilized it and defeated it. After countless days of painstaking studying and training, he got an amazing full mark! When asked what was the key factor that brought him the enormous success,he referred to his mother's word, Adversity is a "school" and it is more valuable than any other university. As Gou Jian, David Beckham and An Jinpeng, a number of successful people do owe their success to adversity.  But such qualities as diligence, persistence and so forth should also be valued in one's success.With these qualities, accept adversity, value it, utilize it and defeat it, and you are sure to bring yourself hot prosperity.

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