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导游翻译 第六讲

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  4.Hands Active

  The Guide has to learn to keep his or her hands active in order to do things quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily. The Guide has to remember that the pen is mightier than the sword and a short pen is better than a long memory. When instructed by leaders, the Guide has go keep record of the important points in his or her memo; when doing interpreting, the Guide has to write down those important information and figures before he of she would forget; when a foreign tourist asks the Guide to do something,the latter has to jot down in his or her notebook immediately; when climbing the Great Wall, the Guide had better help the older people up the Wall with has or her hands if necessary. So the energetic Guide should learn how to use his or her hands diligently.

  5.Mouth Explaining

  Apart from doing interpreting, a Guide has countless things to be explained with his or her mouth. The Guide must be able to explain any routine and trifling things patiently. Foreign visitors are usually against the Guide who sits beside the bus-driver, resting idle, chatting with the driver occasionally but explaining nothing to tourists. A qualified Guide must try his or her best to explain all the interesting and important places and buildings in sight on the way to the destination.

  Ⅴ Six Important Characteristics

  An outstanding Guide is characterized by the possession of the following six characteristics, which cover every aspect of the tour Guide requirements for a top Guide.

  1.A High Sense of Ideological Responsibility

  This is actually a prerequisite for a competent Guide. Without a sense of responsibility, a Guide can achieve nothing. If the Guide doesn't know how to be responsible, he had better quit the job or he or she would be fired by the Travel Agency. With a high sense of ideological responsibility,the Guide would take his or her job not as a chance to do sightseeing with foreign visitors but as an opportunity to perform people-to-people diplomatic affairs, accompanying them to visit historical and cultural sites of China and to enjoy beautiful scenery of many places, and at the same time publicizing our Party's policies and helping to strengthen the friendship between China and other English-speaking foreign countries.

  2.Conscientious and Detailed Style of Work

  A conscientious and detailed working style is imperative to a qualified Guide. In foreign affairs, there is nothing trivial. Every detail in the management of tourism and the procedures during the trip have something to do with the service of foreign tourists, therefore, the Guide has to take everything seriously and conscientiously in order to serve foreign tourists well. The Guide must be very careful about all the details and be on guard against making important decisions on his or her own. The Guide has to seek the advice and help from his or her superiors in matters of importance. Then the Guide has to deal with each individual detail with care and sees to it that everything is done properly. This careful and detailed style of work will surely guarantee the top quality of service for foreign tourists and will be appreciated both by the tourists and the leadership.

  3.Unselfish Attitude Towards Work

  Accompanying foreign tourists is an enjoyable but tiring work. The Guide must have a devoted and unselfish attitude towards work, because, by accompanying a tour group of about thirty people, the Guide has to take care of their life, meals and travel. All the details and procedures keep the Guide can not go to sleep until midnight during the trip. The Guide must cultivate himself or herself to be devoted to the work and determined to serve foreign tourists heart and soul so as to earn foreign currency for our economic construction.

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