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2006-07-04 12:14


  My View on Advertisements on TV

  Nowadays advertisements are very common. Whenever yo u turn on TV, you are likely to see ads. The advertisers are trying to inform you of the many differen t sorts of uptodate products on the market. Besides, it often occurs while y ou are absorbed in watching a wonderful film on TV, endless commercials interrupt you from time to time, and make you quite annoyed.

  There are two reasons, I think, for the growing number of ads on TV. First, in a competitive economy, the consumer usually has the choice of several diffe rent brands of the same product. Thus, manufacturers are confronted with a probl em-how to keep their sales high enough to stay competent in the business. Th ey solve this problem by advertising. By advertising, each producer tries to con vince the consumers that its product is preferable. Second, most consumers are i nter ested in ads. They want to get from TV ads the firsthand information about new products, which enables them to choose the one they like best. Consequently, ads increase a lot on the TV screen.

  As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of TV ads because most of them are inter esting and informative. But there is no denying that some TV ads are tedious and boring. So I feel TV stations are faced with an arduous task to strengthen the control of ads, to improve their quality and to make them attractive.


  My View on Bicycles in China

  China is called the kingdom of bicycles because it has the largest number of bic ycles in the world. The bicycle is the most popular transportation tool in China. Wherever you go, you can see many people riding on bikes to go to work, school, do shopping, or visit friends. During the rush hour, you may see a boiling sea of bikes in all directions.

  Compared with cars, bikes have many advantages. First, they are very handy and c onvenient. With a bike, you can go anywhere you like, and you needn't look for a large parking place in a crowded town. By riding bikes, you can avoid traffic j ams and thus save the time. Second, they are not very expensive, and almost ever y family can afford them. Third, they do not cause air or sound pollution. Besid es, riding bikes regularly does good to your health. In modern times, people are usually too busy to have any time for physical exercise. Riding bikes serves as a good way to keep yourself strong and healthy.

  However, bicycles also have some disadvantages. For example, they make streets c rowded and are likely to cause traffic accidents. In rainy or snowy weather, rid ing bikes may be difficult, and fall from them may result in injury. But despite the disadvantages, the bicycle is still very useful, convenient and necessary m eans of transportation in China. And I do believe it will still be so in future.「模拟训练参考作文3」

  Fiction Can Teach Us More

  Fiction, such as novels and short stories, is always considered as a way of ente rtainment, but as far as I am concerned, I think it is far more than a pure rela xation. It can be instructive, and it can even teach us more about life than tex tbooks.

  Authors of famous works are usually wellexperienced. They put all their k nowledge and social experience into their literary works. They create a colorful world in which we can find great quantity of treasure. Since fiction is primarily based on everyday life, the knowledge it includ es is always close to life. It is easy to master and ready to practice. On the c ontrary, textbooks focus on specialized subjects and they intend to be obtuse, t heoretical or abstract and therefore dull. To most ordinary people, fiction is m ore acceptable.

  There is no royal road to learning.


  Another reason why fiction is superior to textbooks lies in their imaginat ion. Authors always create attractive characters so as to give his opinion about nature and the society as well as life. It not only provides knowledge, but als o teaches us what is the right attitude toward life. For instance, we can learn from Gone With the Wind how to be a strongwilled person; from Jack London,how to love life. We can be stimulated to overcome all obstacles to realize our ambi tions.

  So, fiction enables people to form their positive view of life, optimism of spir it and invincible courage. In this aspect, fiction provides us with an opportuni ty to learn and to practice, while textbooks barely can.「模拟训练参考作文4」

  Capital Punishment: For and AgainstThose who are in favor of capital punishment generally claim that it deters crim inals from committing crimes for fear of execution and, furthermore, that some c rimes are so terrible that the only appropriate punishment for them is death. Ot hers also point out that alternative punishments, such as extremely long prison terms, are a great expense to society and rarely result in rehabilitation, so th at the criminal would be a danger to the community if he was ever freed.

  Forbearance is no acquittance.


  While there is some truth in these arguments, opponents say that statistical evi dence, for example from many cities, clearly shows that capital punishment does not affect murder rates, but only arouses morbid interest in executions. They ad d that civilized society should not descend to the barbarous level of the crimin als themselves, and that many of the most horrible crimes are committed by deran ged persons whom nothing would deter. Finally, they argue that if a mistake is m ade and the wrong person is executed, nothing can be done to right that wrong.

  The arguments on both sides are persuasive but certain other factors incline me to vote against capital punishment. It is illegal to murder, but are we justifie d in taking away the life of the murderer? No. Capital punishment helps create a bloody world. He who never errs does not exist. The death penalty leaves no cha nce for first offenders to reform. Some criminals can be reformed if handled pro perly. The death sentence leaves criminals no hope at all.


  My Ideal Job

  Those who make the best use of their time have none to spare.  -Fuller


  Different people choose different jobs according to their interests and ab ility. My ideal job is to be a teacher. There are some reasons for my choice.

  First of all, a teacher's job is very important because a teacher can provide st udents with knowledge. And meanwhile I can also learn a lot from students. Secon dly, to be a teacher may enable me to feel always young to be with young people all the time. That will be a great pleasure. The job will allow me a lot of freedom to choose my way of teaching. I like to make students both learned and creative. I will be satisfied with the progress my students make every day, and I'll be proud of them. In addition, I can develop my hobbies in my spare time. And I really enjoy the summer vacation and winter vacation during which I will go sigh tseeing.

  However, it is not easy to be a qualified teacher. A good teacher needs k nowledge, enthusiasm and patience. So, first of all, I must study hard to learn as much as possible. Second, I must acquire a habit of being patient. Third, I m ust learn some good methods. It doesn't follow that a teacher with rich knowledg e can make himself understood. Perhaps students may still be puzzled when they d on't understand what he says at all.

  In a word, teaching is a demanding job. I will live up to the qualificatio ns for a teacher.

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