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导游翻译 第三讲

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  The Guide can never dispense with patience, because he or she is dealing with foreign people who have different ideas and various tastes. No matter how trying things may get, the Guide should never lose his or hers. The Guide should always bear in mind that“The customer is always right”,so he or she should keep calm, never get cross with visitors, learning to reason with them rather than lose temper. The Guide has done one hundred things good for the visitors but if he or she loses temper once, they would possibly hold a grudge against the Guide and the Travel Agency. So the success of life lies not only in energy but also in patience.


  “Modesty helps one progress, while conceit makes one lag”。 This is universally true. No matter what achievements one has made, what compliments one has received, one has no reason to be conceited, as they only serve as a sort of encouragement to further progress. The Guide should make the most advantage of these achievements and compliments to place a higher demand on himself or herself so as to gain more and greater success in the service of interpreting. Many facts have shown that a perfect Guide is very modest and sincere to the colleagues and visitors and he or she never puts on airs, always doing his or her job conscientiously without being noticed. Therefore,the Guide must pay some attention to self-cultivation, always telling himself or herself that he or she is nothing but an English-speaking Guide-interpreter serving foreign visitors wholeheartedly and publicizing Party's policies so as to strengthen the relationship between China and other foreign countries.


  The Guide must have a strong sense of national self-respect as mentioned above, but in the meantime, he or she should be very friendly and polite to visitors. His or her behaviour should neither be haughty nor humble;neither overbearing nor servile; neither supercilious nor obsequious. To some extent, politeness shows one's level of education. A well0educated person must know how to deal with people in a polite way; if the Guide's attitude is rude, he or she would betray himself or herself to be ill-educated. If he or she doesn't know how to be polite, he or she is not fit for the job and had better leave for other positions.


  A Guide's interpretation and ability to follow schedule must be precise. It is hard to ask the Guide to do perfect interpreting every time. Nevertheness,the Guide should be able to use proper words in proper places, that would make the true definition of a style. The Guide should be able to get the meaning and ideas precisely across to both sides. A fully qualified interpreter can help bring about a meeting of minds like milk mingling with water.


  Time means money for passengers. The Guide must be punctual for all the activities, never keeping visitors waiting. Procrastination is the thief of time. The Guide's lateness would effect the image of the Chinese people as he or she is the representative of the Chinese people. So the Guide must strengthen self cultivation and train himself of herself to have a high sense of responsibility, which, in turn, would push him or her to secure punctuality.


  To practise thrift is a virtue. The Guide should remember that he or she is operating on a budget and every effort must be made to minimize the Travel Service's costs and the tourists' costs as well. The Guide must be thrifty whenever possible, as a penny saved is a penny gained. The Guide must be on guard against extravagance and waste, which is one of the most important requirements for a Guide.

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