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2006-07-04 15:08

  Section A: Translate the following underlined part of the Chinese text into English

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  Like students from other Asian countries and regions, most Chinese students who come to pursue further education in the United States work on their studies most diligently and assiduously. Even on weekends, they would frequently spend one day, or even two days, to work overtime in their laboratories. Therefore, compared with their American counterparts, they are more academically fruitful.

  My supervisor (advisor / tutor) is of Asian origin who is addicted to alcohols and cigarettes, with a sharp (an irritable) temper. Nevertheless, he highly appreciates the industry and the solid foundational knowledge of Asian students and has a particularly keen insight into the psychology of Asian students. Hence, of all the students recruited by his laboratory, except for one German, the rest five were all from Asia. He even put a striking notice on the door of his lab, which read, “All the research assistants of this laboratory are required to work 7 days a week, from 10 AM to 12 PM. Nothing but work during the working hours.” This supervisor is reputed on the entire campus for his severity and harshness. In the course of the 3 and half years that I stayed there, a total of 14 students were recruited into his laboratory and only 5 of them stayed on until they graduated with their Ph. D. degrees.

  In the summer of 1990, ignoring the remonstrations (admonishments / dissuasions) from others, I accepted my supervisor''s sponsorship and embarked on the difficult journey of academic pursuit (undertaking further studies in the United States)。

  Section B: Translate the following underlined part of the English text into Chinese

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  Opera is expensive: that much is inevitable. But expensive things are not inevitably the province of the rich unless we abdicate society''s power of choice. We can choose to make opera, and other expensive forms of culture, accessible to those who cannot individually pay for it. The question is: why should we? Nobody denies the imperatives of food, shelter, defense, health and education. But even in a prehistoric cave, mankind stretched out a hand not just to eat, drink or fight, but also to draw. The impulse towards culture, the desire to express and explore the world through imagination and representation is fundamental. In Europe, this desire has found fulfillment in the masterpieces of our music, art, literature and theatre. These masterpieces are the touchstones for all our efforts; they are the touchstones for the possibilities to which human thought and imagination may aspire; they carry the most profound messages that can be sent from one human to another.



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