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  Criminal Laws and Administrative Laws

  帮助当事人毁灭、伪造证据罪 crime of aiding a client to destroy or forge evidence

  绑架妇女儿童罪 crime of kidnapping women and children

  包庇、纵容黑社会性质组织罪 crime of harboring a mafia-style syndicate

  包庇毒品犯罪分子罪 crime of harboring drug criminals

  报复陷害罪case of retaliation and frame-ups

  必要共同犯罪 indispensable joint crime

  并科原则 doctrine of cumulating punishments

  剥夺权利deprival of rights

  不能犯 impossibility; unrealized offense

  参加恐怖活动组织罪 crime of taking part in an organization engaged in terrorist activities

  超越管辖权 excess of jurisdiction

  超越职权范围 overstep one‘s authority

  惩办和宽大相结合combine punishment with leniency

  惩办少数、改造多数的原则 principle of punishing the few and reforming the many

  惩罚措施 punitive measure

  惩罚性制裁 punitive sanction

  惩罚与教育相结合 combination of punishment and education

  处以刑罚 inflict punishment

  处以有期徒刑 sentence to fixed-term imprisonment

  触犯法律 break the law; violate the law

  抽逃出资罪 crime of flight of capital contribution

  抽象行政行为 abstract administrative act

  出口骗税犯罪活动 criminal activities of cheating out of tax rebates in export

  出售伪造发票罪 crime of selling counterfeit currency

  出于对法律的无知 from ignorance of law

  出于恶意 from malevolence

  从轻处罚 gie a lesser punishment

  从重处罚 give a severer punishment

  单位受贿罪 crime of bribe taken by a unit

  单一犯罪构成 single constitution of crime

  盗伐林木罪 crime of illegally chopping down trees; crime of illegally felling trees

  盗窃、抢夺枪支、弹药、爆炸物罪 crime of stealing or seizing guns, ammunition or explosives

  盗窃犯 theft act; larcenist

  渎职犯罪案件case of dereliction of duty

  对象不能犯 object impossibility

  多次作案 repeatedly commit crimes

  罚不当罪 punishment does not fit the crime

  犯意 criminal intent; mens real

  犯罪低龄化 lowering ages of criminal offenders

  犯罪动机 criminal motive

  犯罪构成 constitution of a crime; constitutive elements of a crime

  犯罪构成要件 special constitutive elements of crime

  犯罪故意 criminal intent; guilty intent; meas rea

  犯罪集团 criminal gang; criminal group

  犯罪客观要件 objective circumstances of a crime

  犯罪客体 criminal object; object of a crime

  犯罪实行终了 completion of a criminal act

  犯罪学 criminology

  犯罪预防 crime prevention

  犯罪中止 discontinuance of crime; desistance of crime

  犯罪主观方面要素 subjective elements of crime

  犯罪主体 subject of crime

  犯罪着手 initiate a crime

  犯罪组织 criminal organization

  贩卖毒品罪 drug offense; crime of drug trafficking

  防卫过当 unjustifiable self-defense

  防卫挑拨 instigation of defense; provocation of defense

  防卫限度 limit of defense

  防止类似事件重演 prevent the recurrence of similar incidents

  妨碍公务罪 crime of disrupting public service

  妨害公共安全罪 crime of impairing public security

  放弃权利 withdraw a claim; waive a right

  非法持、私藏枪支、弹药罪 crime of illegally holding or hiding a firearm or ammunition

  非法持有毒品罪 crime of illegally holding drugs

  非法干涉 illegal intervention

  非法干预 unlawful interference

  非法出售增值税专用发票罪 crime of illegal selling invoice for exclusive use of VAT

  非法活动 unlawful activities

  非法利益 unlawful interests

  非法手段 illegal means

  非强制性行政行为 non-coercive form of administrative action

  非正式的 informal; irregular

  非政府机关 non-governmental organization

  非主要条件 non-essential stipulation

  非专业的 non-professional

  诽谤罪 crime of defamation

  隔地犯 offense of segregation by location

  隔时犯 offense of segregation by time

  工具不能犯 impossibility of instruments

  故意犯罪 calculated crime; intentional crime

  故意杀人罪 crime of intentional homicide

  故意伤害罪 crime of willful and malicious injury


  惯犯 habitual criminal

  惯例 custom and usage

  过失犯罪 criminal negligence; involuntary crime; negligent crime

  国家赔偿案件 case of state compensation

  国家赔偿的归责原则 principle of culpability for state compensation

  国家赔偿的双重过错原则 principle of dual faults for state compensation

  国家赔偿法 state compensation law

  国家赔偿主体 subject of state compensation

  国家权力机关 state authority

  国际审判机关 state judicial organs

  国家行政机关 state administrative organs

  国家意志 state‘s will

  国家职能 function of the state

  国民待遇 national treatment

  黑社会性质的犯罪集团 gangland criminal syndicate; mafia-style criminal gang

  缓期二年执行 with a two-year reprieve

  缓刑 probate cessat executio

  集合犯 aggregate offense; collective offense

  既遂犯 accomplished crime

  继承法 inheritance law

  继续犯 continuous crime

  加重处罚 give an aggravated punishment beyond the maximum prescribed

  假冒他人注册商标罪 crime of counterfeiting the registered trademark of another

  假释 parole

  假想防卫 imaginative defense

  假想数罪 imaginatively several crimes

  简单共同犯罪 simple joint crime

  间接故意 indirect intent; indirect iintentino

  教唆未遂 attempt of solicitation

  劫持船只、汽车罪 crime of hijacking a ship or an automobile

  劫持航空器罪 crime of skyjacking

  结果犯 consequential offen

  结果加重犯 aggregated consequential offense

  结合犯 combinative crime; integrated offense se

  拒不执行人民法院判决、裁定罪 crime of refusing o execute judgments or orders of the People‘s Court

  具结悔过 make a statement of repentence

  具体行政行为 specific administrative act

  具体罪名concrete accusation

  绝对不确定法定刑 absolutely indeterminate statutory punishment

  军人违反职责罪 crimes of soldiers violating military dutie

  抗税罪 offense of resisting taxes

  客体不能犯 object impossibility

  空白罪状 blank facts about a crime

  滥伐林木罪 crime of illegal denudation

  累犯 recidivist; repeat offender; cumulative offense

  连续犯罪 continuing crime

  量刑 criterion for sentencing; sentencing criterion

  量刑不当 criterion for sentence

  量刑幅度 extent for discretionary action of sentencing

  虐待罪 crime of abusing member of one‘s family

  挪用公款案 case of misappropriation of public funds

  偶犯 casual offender; casual offense

  情节加重犯 aggravated offense by circumstances

  情节特别严重 when the circumstances are particularly wicked

  情节严重、构成犯罪的 when the circumstances are so serious as to constitute a crime

  取保候审 post a bail and await trial with restricted liberty of moving

  扰乱公共场所秩序罪 crime of disturbing order at public places

  刑法 criminal law

  刑罚 penalty; punishment

  刑事责任能力 criminal capacity

  行政法 administrative law; executive law

  行政法规 administrative laws and regulations

  行政法学 administrative jurisprudence

  行政解释 administrative interpretation

  行政救济 administrative remedy

  预防犯罪 anti-crime

  治安管理 security administration

  治安条例 security regulations

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