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About my daughter (我的女儿)

2006-07-29 13:39



  Dear students,

  Many of you keep telling me that you have no time to write much to me because you are very tired and you have many quizzes and tests. I know and I understand the workload is heavy, especially for those really hard-working students who honestly do all the assignments by themselves and try their best to prepare for all the quizzes and tests. I know you are exhausted (extremely tired)。 I hope that you can have s sound sleep and have a nice dream when you are lying in bed.

  I was also very tired last night and also early this morning. I was so tired that I could not go on to write my STS. That is why I am doing it now. This morning I told you only a small part of a long story and now I want to tell you a little more. When my daughter was born, the nurse told me that there was a red birth-mark on her forehead. Normally, a parent is not happy when he/she hears that. But I felt happy about that. It was strange. I did not know why. The mark was something like a “V”-shaped figure. It did not make much sense. When she was about one or two months old, we took a picture of her. When my wife and I saw the photo, we both saw something

  “different”on her forehead. We saw the same thing. We were shocked (very surprised)。 I made a lot of dreams about that thing before she was born. At that time, I felt the birth-mark on my daughter's forehead was very meaningful. I told you to find out what It is but you could not. I won't tell you what it is. If you are interested, you may come and try again.

  I remember that when my daughter was born, all our family members believed  that it was a miracle. It was because for some reason they thought my wife could not give birth to the baby by herself (without having an operation)。 But my wife did it herself. She had been labouring (much pain during that) for eleven hours before giving birth to my daughter. I stood by her bed from beginning to end, holding her hand and praying. I did not eat or drink anything and I did not even go to the toilet. After eleven hours, I was extremely tired and I said to God, in a weak voice, 'I need a miracle.’Right after that the good news came-she made it. I went back home at about two or three o'clock early in the morning to have a little sleep before going to school for work. As I was travelling on a bus to school later that morning, I recalled everything that took place the night before. I said to myself, “It was too painful for her (my wife) to give birth to this daughter”。 Then tears started to roll down my face. I could not help it (couldn't stop it)。 Love your parents, my dear. Do you hear me?





  ·He works hard. √

  ·He is a hard worker. √

  ·He is a hard student. ×

  ·He is a hard-working student. √


  ·much homework √

  ·many homeworks ×

  ·many assignments √


  ·Teachers prepare quizzes.=老师预备测验(卷)。

  ·Students prepare for quizzes.=学生预备应付测验。

  sound作为形容词的例子:sound argument(合理论点)或sound sleep(熟睡)


  ·He is in bed. √

  ·He is in the bed. ×

  ·He is on the bed. √

  ·He is on his bed. √

  应用 so…that 时有固定的句式:

  ·…so tired that… √

  ·…very tired that… ×


  若用过去完成时 had made,意思会更清楚。


  ·He said, “What is it?” √

  ·I want to know what it is. √

  ·Please tell me what is it? ×

  ·Please tell me what it is. √

  some reason解作“某个原因”但 some reasons 则解作“一些原因”。


  ·She had a child. √

  ·She gave birth to a child. √

  ·The baby was born. √

  ·The woman bore a child. √(旧时的写法)


  ·The doctor had an operation. ×

  ·The doctor did the operation. √

  ·The patient had an operation. √


  ·After, the good news… ×

  ·After that, the good news… √

  留意两者的不同用法:I try to recall(回忆) the happening but find that I do not remember(记得) very clearly.

  这里的 the night before 并不能以lastnight来代替,因为写STS的时候已经事隔数年了。


  Assorted tenses




  1.…you have many quizzes…(一般现在时)

  2.I was also very tired last night.(一般过去时)

  3.…have a nice dream when you are lying in bed.(现在进行时)

  4.We were shocked.(被动语态)

  5.I won't tell you what it is.(一般将来时)

  6.She had been labouring for eleven hours.(过去完成进行时)

  7.As I was travelling on a bus…(过去进行时)

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