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汉译英句式举例 (二)

2006-07-05 00:24


  The collision lab, emission lab, endurance lab and other inspection facilities in the Center adequately cater to the 47 items of compulsory inspection for motor vehicles as required by the Chinese government and various other inspections for the purpose of certification of product models, quality supervision, certification of environmental protection and import and export.



  Core sector strategy

  Although the Group had a large number and variety of businesses under its flag, it was weak in competitive strength as the performance of these businesses desired improvement. To put an end to this, a continuous flow of capitals, talents and other resources were directed to the four core sectors, namely power station, power transmission and distribution, mechatronics, transportation and environmental protection equipment manufacturing. With great capability and potential of development, the four sectors were becoming the core of the Group's industrial structure in the next wave of rapid growth.



  Informationization strategy

  With an attempt to fuel industrialization with informationization, the Group targeted and pooled great efforts in industrial automation technology. By continuously upgrading the energy levels of products, the Group attempted to give an ultimate solution to the problem of imbalanced development between its machinery and electricity sector, in which the former was stronger than the latter.



  Whole equipment strategy

  Based on system integration technology, with whole equipment manufacturers as vessels, depending on big projects, supported by key talent, and by offering better services, the Group was actively preparing to play a big role in key projects and programs of the state and gain recognitions from the government, the society and the world.



  Cooperation upgrading strategy

  The Group grasped the opportunities arising from the global trend of relocation of manufacturing activities, upgrading the joint venture of single products to that of serial products, upgrading the development of joint ventures in numbers to in quality and expanding the cooperation with international corporate giants in forming joint ventures to full scale cooperation.


  The Group also decided to focus its efforts on continuously improving the functionality of its overseas operations, consolidating its export base, and enhancing the cooperation between components manufacturers and whole-vehicle manufacturers.

  Pp: 零级化 具体解释不明确,所以无法直接翻译。若有高人知道请email我


  五大企业先后降价能否挽救不断下滑的车市successively或in succession

  主导产品 leading products,mainstream products

  signature products私应为“招牌产品”。

  年度的增加值达到了历史最高水平hit a record high,还是创了新高 set a new record

  Inflation and market interest rates are far ahead of Alan Greenspan's federal funds rate, which he raised yesterday to 1.25 percent. Now the nation will see how well Mr. Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman, plays the game of catch-up.


  Pp: 你跑我追的游戏


  Contracted amount (excluding dividends and shares)

  版权引进国家和地区“ 以及 ”版权输出国家和地区“

  Countries and regions of copyright origin

  Destination of copyright export


  There's an emerging trend for Shanghai-based enterprises to engage in overseas acquisitions and take up shares in overseas-based companies. The newly signed contracts by the city‘s overseas economic cooperation companies of international construction contracting and labor service performed well.

  (专利权)独占许可=Exclusive license

  普通许可=Simple license

  相互许可=cross license

  外经企业overseas operating enterprises; transnational corporations; enterprises operating overseas


  Customs declaration is submitted and completed prior to the arrival of imported cargoes, upon which they can be picked up immediately.



  Speedy customs clearance for transcustoms-boundary transportation of cargoes



  Airfreight cargoes are transported to the Bonded Area upon arrival at the airport, followed by “one-stop” customs services completed within the Bonded Area.



  Network monitoring on processing trade


  Another climatic characteristic is cold winter with large daily temperature difference, favoring thermal inversion especially in clear and windless days. In such time both the strength and thickness of thermal inversion are tremendously increased so that the whole city is like to be covered by a huge blanket keeping the air pollutant form dispersal. The locally trapped air pollutants of high concentration often break the upper limits of Grade II or even III of National Air Quality Standard.

  XXX会议/活动/展览盛况空前 is in unprecedented prosperity

  “清真餐厅”是不是 Muslim Restaurant

  pp: Muslim是指信仰Islam教的信徒。形容饭店或膳食,一般用“Muslim”,而不是“Islamic”。

  排行榜top list

  在高起点上…… 比如,在高起点上求发展,在高起点上攀高峰…… based on high requirement

  整体收购overall acquisition

  拉关系establish underhanded connection

  走后门have underhanded dealings

  组织力量攻关pool human and financial resources to tackle the crucial problems


  With 69 types of retail commerce, the city is a national leader in the varieties of retail commerce.

  商业网点commercial outlets

  买期、卖期保值合计 sum of hedge sold and bought

  按单边计算 in terms of unilateral calculation


  It successfully launched a number of collective trust investment programs.


  By issuing new shares, offering, additional offering and issuing convertible debt, ten Shanghai-based companies raised RMB 7.767 billion in 2003, claiming 11.26% of the total amount raised in Shanghai securities market and 10% in the national market. (Listed companies in Shanghai raised RMB 7.011 billion in 2002, claiming 9.4% in the national market.)


  A number of securities companies were closed or temporary closed for reorganizing because of irregular operations.

  配股 >> allotment of shares; 增發新股 >> issuing additional new common shares

  a government security-clearance card:政府安全合格证(通过安全部门甄别)

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