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埃德蒙·伯克 控告沃伦·哈斯丁

2006-07-07 17:19

Edmund Burke



  My lords,I do not mean now to go farther than just to remind your lordships of this—that Mr.。Hastings' government was one whole system of oppression,of robbery of individuals,of spoliation of the public,and of super session of the whole sys-tem of the English government,in order to vest in the worst of the natives all the power that could possibly exist in any government;in order to de-feat the ends which all governments ought,in common,to have in view.In the name of the Commons of England,I charge all this villainy upon Warren Hastings,in this last moment of my application to you.

  My lords,what is it that we want here,to a great act of national justice?Do we want a cause,my lords?You have the cause of oppressed princes,of undone women of the first rank,of desolated provinces and of wasted kingdoms.

  Do you want a criminal,my lords?When was there so much iniquity ever laid to the charge of any one?No,my lords,you must not look to punish any other such delinquent from India.Warren Hastings has not left substance enough in India to nourish such another delinquent.

  My lords,is it a prosecutor you want?You have before you the Commons of Great Britain as prosecutors;and I believe,my lords,that the sun,in his beneficent progress round the world,does not behold a more glorious sight than that of men,separated from a remote people by the material bounds and barriers of nature,united by the bond of a social and moral community—all the Commons of England resenting,as their own,the indignities and cruelties that we offered to all the people of India.

  Do we want a tribunal?My lords,no example of antiquity,nothing in the modern world,nothing in the range of human imagination,can supply us with a tribunal like this.We commit safely the interests of India and humanity into your hands.Therefore,it is with confidence that,ordered by the Commons,I impeach Warren Hastings,Esquire,of high crimes and misdemeanors.

  I impeach him in the name of the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament assembled,whose parliamentary trust he has betrayed.

  I impeach him in the name of all the Commons of Great Britain,whose national character he has dishonored.

  I impeach him in the name of the people of India,whose laws,rights and liberties he has subverted;whose properties he has destroyed;whose country he has laid waste and desolate.

  I impeach him in the name and by virtue of those eternal laws of justice, which he has violated.

  I impeach him in the name of human nature it-self,which he has cruelly outraged,injured and oppressed,in both sexes,in every age,rank,situation,and condition of life.

  My lords,at this awful close,in the name of the Commons and surrounded by them,I attest the retiring,I attest the advancing generations,between which,as a link in the great chain of eternal order,we stand.We call this nation,we call the world to witness,that the Commons have shrunk from no labor;that we have been guilty of no prevarication;that we have made no compromise with crime;that we have not feared any odium whatsoever,in the long warfare which we have carried on with the crimes,with the vices,with the exorbitant wealth,with the enormous and overpowering influence of Eastern corruption.

  My lords,it has pleased Providence to places in such a state that we appear every moment to abe upon the verge of some great mutations.There is one thing,and one thing only,which defies all mutation:that which existed before the world,and will survive the fabric of the world itself—I mean justice;that justice which,emanating from the Divinity,has a place in the breast of every one of us,given us for our guide with regard to ourselves and with regard to others,and which will stand,after this globe is burned to ashes,our advocate or our accuser,before the great Judge,when He comes to call upon us for the tenor of a well-spent life.

















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