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Dating (约会)

2006-07-29 13:37



  Dear students,

  I am happy that you did much better in your second English Quiz. Christina has got full marks. Yes, she gave correct answers to all the questions. It is terrific, marvellous , excellent, wonderful, incredible, …just great ! What's more , Caroline, Eva and Sugus answered 90% of the questions correctly. Seven other girls, but only one boy, took 70%. Let me remind you that this is to help you learn English little by little. SO, please don't copy your neighbours' answers. Okay! And boys, come on; you can do it better.

  One of you asked me about dating - whether or not students of your age should have boyfriends or girlfriends. What should I say? Well, you know the answer. Parents, teachers, principal, social worker, …all are telling you that students of your age should not date . But will you stop thinking about it because of that? Can you then make yourself as cool as ice when a pretty girl or a handsome boy is seated next to you and is very much concerned about you ? To be honest , I could not control myself if I were you. To tell you the truth, when I was at your age, I spent quite a lot of time thinking about my girl classmates (not only one, of course )。 I didn't dare to ask them out for a date but I always imagined I did that. However, I passed my secondary school life quite happily with mere imagination of such.

  The story was different when I was a university student. A girl approached me though I didn't show any interest in her . But my feelings about her changed as she got closer and closer to me. Somehow I started to think that I liked her. Now I know that I made a mistake but at that time I did not realize that . We dated each other for about a year. During that period, I must say, unhappy times were far more than happy times. Many of my friends told me to stop but they did not understand-I wanted to but I could not . One of my friends said to me (His words have stayed in my mind even up till now),“I know you won't stop no matter what I say . But when you can stop, stop!”He was the only one who really understood me . He stood by me and supported me though I was going the wrong way. He also gave me hope that one day I could “come home”

  My first love story did not have a happy ending but your love story might be different from mine . But I do think that you are too young to date. May I wish you all the best! Take good care of yourselves.



  …help you learn及…help you to learn同样是正确用法。

  little by little =bit by bit或a little at a time



  ●stop thinking…解作“不再想”。

  ●stop to think…解作“停止(某活动),好好思索”。


  ●…and concerns you×

  ●…and is concerned about you√

  ●…and shows concern for you√

  用were在语法上没有错,因为If I were…是虚拟语气。


  ●I spent a lot of time to think…×

  ●I spent a lot of time thinking…√

  with mere imagination of such意思相等于just with this kind of imagination.



  ●…get older and older

  ●…get poorer and poorer



  较文雅的说法是:going astray(迷路/步入歧途)。

  come home在这里并非解作“回家”,而是“幡然醒悟”的意思。




  假如学生们能多学不同的“形容词”(adjective),并在写作时加以应用,文章的感染力定会大增 .在本单元的STS中便有一个相当典型的例子。


  Yes, she gave correct answers to all the questions. It is terrific, marvellous, excellent, wonderful, incredible, …just great!



  1.Seven other girls, but only one boy, took 70%.

  2.A girl approached me though I didn't show any interest in her.

  3.Now I know I made a mistake but at that time I did not realize that.



  1.Seven other smart girls, but only one talented boy, took 70%.

  2.A nice and attractive girl approached me though I didn't show interest in her.

  3.Now I know I made a major mistake but at that time I did not realize that.


  Test Your Understanding

  1.Some of my n______ classmates gave you a lot of trouble. I hope they will become lo______  students soon. I have no complaints about you. I think 4C will become an e______  class later.

  2.Last time you gave us a very s______  story of your first love . I feel sorry for you. But how did you meet your b______  wife (I saw her photo)? Can you tell me that?

  3.There are so many things I want to talk to you about but among them, I think only one is really important. Yesterday during the“b______ ”assembly, I saw that some of our p______  classmates did not take their own seats. Mr. Ting then ordered them to go back to their own seats. I remember that he said,“This class is the most t______  class!”

  4.Tomorrow we have to take two d______  quizzes, i.e., Chinese and Geography. It is very difficult for me to memorize those l______  and b______  words in Geography. I am interested in your a______ love story with your wife. I am really looking for ward to hearing it.

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