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2006-07-09 15:07

Vivien Leigh-Scarlet and Beyond

  Vivien Leigh was born Vivian Mary hartley on the evening of wednesday November 5th,1913 in her parents, home in Darjeeling, India. She moved to England With her family at the age of 6 in 1920. In January of l932,Vivien met Leigh Holman.They married. But her destiny would not remain domestic for long however, so on Angust 21st, 1934 she arrived at Lime Grove Studios to begin work on her first film,Things are Looking Up. In September, Vivien went to see a play called Theatre Royal starring a popular new stage actor, Laurence Olivier, and was intrigued by his good looks and stage presence. During this period Vivien found a new favourite novel that she re-read several times -Gone with the wind.5he even asked her agent to submit her name to the widely publicized search to find an actress for Scarlett O\'Hara. After aremarkably well一timed introduction to David O. Selznick by her HoIlvWood agent on December l0th, the first night of location shooting, Vivien did screen tests for her dream role. Both Selznick, and the film\'s director George Cukor, were impressed by her talent and beauty.

  As soon as the filming was finished, Vivien did a screen test for the film, Rebecca. She didn't seem right for the part -qualities which made her ideal for Scarlett now made her unsuited for such a restrained role, Vivien next was given the lead role in MGM\'s Waterloo Bridge as part of her new Hollywood counter, although she would have Preferred working on Pride and Prejudice, Olivier had the option to work with her as the leading man in Woterloo Bridge or take the lead in Pride and Prejudice. Vivien would work on either film, as long as she could work with Olivier.Due to her contract however, she ended up signing om to Waterloo Bridge without him. Meanwhile, she prepared for the grand opening of GWTW in Atlanta. It opened to great reviews and Vivien became the talk of the town. Right after Christmas, she begin work on Waterloo Bridge, talking ballet lessons for a scene early On in the film, and voice lessons to improve her acting technique. At this point in l940, Leigh Holman finally filled for divorce.This meant that after 6 months wait.Vivien would be free to marry Olivier. Their wedding ceremony took place at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara on August 31st, 1940, with Katharine Hepburn as the maid of honour.

  In the summer of l950, Vivien left England to return to Hollywood after nearly a decade absence, and began work on the film version of A StreetCar Named Desire. Shooting started Angust 14th and Warner Brothers paid Vivien $100,000 for her 3 months of work. Vlvien purposely made herself look older and unflattering for the film一using heavy makeup,wige and drastic lighting which would hide her still beautiful features.Audiences in the autumn of l951 were stunned to see such a different person, barely recognizing the actress that played Scarlett so exquisitely a decade earlier The resulting film in l951 was still powerful, perhaps Vivien\'s finest achievement, winning her a second best actress Oscar.

  In l937 she received an unwelcome telegram from Olivier asking for divorce, but in her heart, she always believed tha、 he would come back to her Vivien drank severely during this period and was diagnosed with cyclic manic- depressive psychosis. The divorce settlement between Vivien and Olivie. was finalized on December 2nd,1960. Then Vivien did a reading at Oxford which would become her last public appearance. In May, she became very ill and refused to be admitted to a hospital. She continued to smoke and entertain her many friends and visitors,preferring to live as she always had. On Friday, July 7th 1967 she was found asleep in her room.A private funeral was held on Wednesday the 12th at St.Mary\'s surrounded by hundreds of flower arrangements with tributes from family and peers. All of London\'s theatrestched off their marquees at l0pm for an hour of respect and requiem masses were arranged in New York, A memorial service was held at St Martin\'s in the Fields on August l4th, attended by her many friends and famous stars, Many felt for her to die while she was still performing and beautiful, was how she would have wished it. Her ashes were scatteredad at Lake Tickerage on October 8th.

  一九一三年十一月五日期三的傍晚,印度大吉岭,费雯丽出生于父母家中,取名为斐雯·玛丽·哈特丽。一九二零年,她六岁时,随家迁往英格兰。一九三二年一月,她认识了李·荷尔曼,并结婚。但她的目标并不是长期住家,所以,一九三四年八月二十一日,她来到莱姆格鲁富制片厂开始拍摄她的第一部影片《欣欣向荣》。九月的时候,费雯丽去观看一出名为《皇家剧场》的话剧,主演是声名鹊起的舞台剧演员——劳沦斯·奥利弗。她被他的英俊与表演所打动。就在这期间,费委丽找到一本心爱的小说,并反复阅读,这就是《乱世佳人》。当时正到处寻找饰演郝思佳的演员,她于是要求经纪人把她的名字填表寄出。十二月十日她的好莱坞经纪人看准时机,把她 推荐给大卫·塞尔思尼克,第一晚在外景拍摄点,费雯丽为她梦寐以求的角色试镜。塞尔思尼克和导演乔治·库克都被她的天赋与美貌所打动。



  一九三七年,她接到奥利弗一封不受欢迎的电报,提出离婚。但在她心中,她始终相信他会回到她的身边。这一期间,费雯丽开始酗酒。被诊断为周期性癫狂与抑郁交替发作精神病。一九六零年十二月二日,费雷丽和奥利弗签署离婚协议。随后,费雯丽进入牛津大学求学,这是她最后的公开露面。五月, 她病情恶化,但拒绝前往医院治疗。她继续抽烟,并遍清朋友和宾客,意欲象往常一样地生活。一九六七年七月七日,她被人在卧室内发现一睡不醒。十二日星期三,葬礼在圣玛丽教堂悄悄举行,身边花环簇拥,那是家人和同事对她表达的敬意。十点钟,所有的伦敦剧院垂下遮檐一小时,向她致敬。纽约举行了安灵弥撒奠祭。八月十四日,在菲尔兹的圣马丁举行了追悼仪式,生前众多的朋友和明星前来参加。许多人认为,她在仍然美丽、仍在表演的时候离开人世合乎她生前的愿望。十月八日,她的骨灰播撒在提克雷湖上。

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