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2006-07-05 19:57


  1、Topic:  The information age and the promotion of China's modernization

  2、Question for Reference:

  1. What do you know about the information age?

  2. Discuss the importance of information technology to China's modernization.

  3. How could we prepare ourselves for the coming information revolution?


  1、Part A (英译中)

  Passage 1:

  The 20th century has seen the rise and decline of a succession of industries in the United States. The automobile industry has had to struggle to meet the challenge of foreign competition. Many new industries have appeared. Many of the currently rising industries are among what are known as high-tech industries, because of their dependence on the latest developments in technology.∥

  High-tech industries tend to be highly automated and thus need fewer workers than traditional industries such as steel-making. As high-tech industries have grown and older industries have declined in recent years, the proportion of American workers employed in manufacturing has declined. Service industries—industries that sell a service rather than make a product—now dominate the economy.

  Passage 2:

  Like other degenerative diseases, heart disease is ordinarily present for a very long time in the body before obvious and drastic symptoms appear. In fact, for most young people in our country, heart often begins in their early twenties. It grows worse over the years until finally the inevitable heart attack strikes.∥

  For most people the first heart attack does not come until a certain age, say their fifties or sixties. But for thousands of people every year, the first heart attack comes in the twenties and occasionally even a person in his teens may experience a serious heart attack. In this way we can say that heart disease is more dangerous to the younger generation, since they are not at all prepared for it.

  2、Part B(中译英)




  Passage 2:






  Part A (英译中)

  Passage 1:



  Passage 2:




  Part B (汉译中)

  Passage 1:

  Welcome to the Donghai World Park. The Donghai World Pak, which is the largest theme park of its kind unparalleled in the Far East, features a complete collection of the well-known world scenic spots. Surrounded by 100 sights of historical interest and natural attraction including the seven wonders of the world, you will easily fulfill you dream of touring around the world in a day.∥

  The miniature replicas of the selected scenic sights were constructed out of top grade stones of white jade, marble and granite, all boasting exquisite workmanship and ingenious design. The tourists will find themselves engrossed in an involuntary admiration of the dazzling arrays of the exact scenic reproductions that are unbelievably true to the original.

  Passage 2:

  The National Bureau of Statistics has conducted a survey among one hundred Chinese economists. Most of them think that the economic trends during the first half of the year were favorable and the economic situation is quite ideal. With regards to the macroeconomic trends for the second half, over 80% of those polled predicted that the second half would be better than the first half.∥

  With regards to China's economic growth this year, all experts predict a higher figure than that of last year, the average forecast being about 8%. However, at the same time, many experts argue that without a new round of infusion of funds, the economic growth rate of the second half could be lower than that of the first half.

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