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2006-07-07 20:54

  Dear Colleagues,

  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  I am so glad to have you with us in Shanghai in this golden autumn for a review of all the agenda items of the APEC Ministerial Meeting. Allow me to extend, on behalf of the Chinese Government, our warm welcome to all of you.

  As you have seen for yourselves, Shanghai is a vigorous and dynamic city and an epitome of the rapid economic and social development in China. It is making momentous progress in its modernization drive thanks to the development efforts. The ancient “Oriental Pearl” is shining more splendidly in the new century.

  The past decade is also one of rapid expansion of regional cooperation and remarkable achievements of APEC. APEC has set up Bogor goals of achieving trade and investment liberalization by 2010 for developed members and by 2020 for developing ones. APEC has created a unique approach featuring a combination of individual and collective actions. It has vigorously promoted the development of a multilateral trading regime and carried out various forms of economic and technical cooperation. There is no doubt that APEC has become one of the most important economic forum in the region and even in the world. It has provided rare opportunities for dialogue and exchange of views by Leaders of member economies in the Asia-Pacific and for discussions on frontier issues related to the global and regional economy. It has played a guiding role in the formulation of policy frameworks on many issues. Therefore, APEC has made positive contribution to maintaining peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific and enhancing its economic prosperity and development.

  The APEC success is attributable not only to the common aspiration of all its members for a sustainable economic growth through cooperation but also to the APEC Approach of voluntarism, consensus-building, flexibility, and gradualism, an approach that suits the region. A more important factor for its success is that it has stood at the forefront and advanced with the times in response to the latest development in the global and regional economy.

  This is the first APEC ministerial meeting in the new century. We are faced with many new opportunities and challenges. The economic growth of the world and the Asia-Pacific has, on the whole, slowed down. The impact of the terrorist attacks on 11 September on the economy has become visible. How to promote growth and restore confidence in the market is an issue on the top of our agenda. Meanwhile, the development of economic globalization and the New Economy has brought about more benefits and business opportunities for the region and people. But, how to enable people from all sectors to benefit from it without widening the development gaps between them is a challenge we must take up. The multilateral trading system is also at a crucial juncture. The WTO Conference to be held in Doha in November has attracted worldwide attention. In addition, how to give full play to the unique role of APEC, deepen cooperation and maintain steady economic growth in the region against the general economic slowdown in the Asia-Pacific and the world? These are the issues we must address.

  In view of this, we have decided on the theme of this year's APEC meetings, that is, “Meeting New Challenges in the New Century: Achieving Common Prosperity through Participation and Cooperation”。 In the coming two days, we will discuss the following issues centering around this theme:

  I. Advancing trade and investment. We will further exchange views within APEC on how to contribute to the 4th WTO Ministerial Conference and make specific recommendations on capacity building. The individual action plans for trade and investment liberalization, trade facilitation principles and other new initiatives will be main topics of our discussion.

  II.Sharing the benefits of globalization and New Economy. We will discuss ways to strengthen the tripartite cooperation among government, business sectors and academic and training institutions on the basis of the outcome of the APEC High-Level Meeting on Human Capacity Building. APEC should establish a more effective participation mechanism in the course of economic and technical cooperation. Meanwhile, we will endorse the e-APEC Strategy, a long-term, action-oriented strategy for APEC to build a digital society in the region.

  III. Promoting a sustainable economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region. We hope that our discussions will help us to expand consensus on ways to respond to the challenges facing the global economic situation. We should take effective fiscal and financial measures to stabilize the market, restore confidence and facilitate growth so as to enable all the APEC economies to come out, as soon as possible, of the economic slowdown and the shadow of the 11 September terrorist attacks and onto the road to a sustained and steady growth. To this end, we will continue to cooperate with finance ministers, increase dialogues on macro-economic policies among the APEC members and make progress in capacity building in the financial sector, with a view to laying a solid foundation for the future economic development in the region.

  At the same time, we will forge closer ties with a wide range of groups and organizations and expand exchanges and cooperation with people from all walks of life so as to enable the business community, young people, women and people from other sectors to benefit from APEC economic cooperation.

  Dear Colleagues,

  Autumn is a season for harvest. Thanks to the hard work by our officials over the past few months, all the preparation work for this year's APEC meetings is by and large completed. I am convinced that this Ministerial Meeting will produce rich deliverables in all the above-mentioned fields to be submitted to this year's Economic Leaders Meeting. I hope that we will not only produce practical results but also inject fresh vigor to APEC development in its second decade and work out a blueprint for its future development.

  I am sure that I can count on you for your support to China in chairing this meeting. I hope that you will demonstrate a practical, flexible and cooperative spirit in the coming two days. I believe that with your close collaboration, this meeting will be a great success.

  Thank you.





  过去的10年,同样是亚太区域合作快速发展的10年,在此期间APEC取得了辉煌的成就。它制定了发达成员2010年、发展中成员于2020年实现贸易投资自由化的茂物目标;创造了单边行动与集体行动相结合的合作方式;有力地推动了全球多边贸易体制的发展;开展了多种形式的经济技术合作活动。毋庸置疑, APEC已经成为亚太地区乃至世界上最重要的经济合作组织之一。它为亚太地区各成员领导人进行对话和交流提供了难得的场所,同时就全球和地区经济的前沿性问题进行讨论,在许多问题的政策框架制定上起到了引导方向的作用。因此,APEC对于保持亚太地区的和和平与稳定,保进地区经济繁荣与发展,做出了积极的贡献。





  第二,使亚太地区从全球化和新经济中受益。我们将在APEC人力资源能力建设高峰会所取得的成果基础上探讨如何加强政府、学术界和工商界的三方合作; APEC在开展经济技术合作过程中应建立更为有效的参与机制;我们将同时就如何在新经济时代实现“数字APEC蓝图”提出设想与实施方案。






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