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2006-07-05 08:41

  “863”计划《高技术研究发展计划纲要》 863 Program; High-Tech R & D Program Outline

  《国家科学技术奖励条例》Regulation on National Science and Technology Awards

  《世界版权公约》 Universal Copyright Convention

  α干扰素 recombinant human interferon α

  版权(著作权) copyright

  版权税 royalties

  办好国家高新技术产业开发区 ensure successful operation of national innovative and high technology industrial development zones

  不甘落后 be not reconciled of being lagged behind

  猖獗的盗版行为 rampant piracy

  创新 innovation

  达到配套程度 make complete and systematic

  蛋白质工程 protein engineering

  多肽药物 polypeptide drugs

  多学科交叉攻关 tackle the hard-nut topics in science through interdisciplinary efforts

  发展多种形式的产学研结合 promote the integration of production, teaching and research in a variety of approaches

  风险投资基金 venture capital investment fund

  风险资本 venture capital

  改革试点 pilot reform

  改造传统产业 renovate conventional industries

  高新技术 innovative and high technology

  高新技术产业开发区 high-tech industrial zones

  工程中心 engineering centers

  公益型科研机构 public service based research institutions

  国家创新体系建设 develop a national innovation system

  改变研究机构与企业相分离, 研究、设计、教育与生产相脱节的状况 reverse the divorce between research institutes and industrial enterprises, between research, designing, education and commercial production

  国家技术发明奖 National Award for Technological Invention

  国家科学技术进步奖 National Award for Science and Technology Progress

  国家重点科研项目 research projects of national priority

  国家自然科学奖 National Award for Natural Sciences

  国家最高科学技术奖 National Top Science and Technology Award

  海洋工程技术 ocean engineering technology

  航天技术 space technology

  核甘酸 nucleic acid; nucleotide

  基因工程和细胞工程 genetic and cell engineering

  基因芯片 genetic chip; biochip  (an important component in human gene studies covering gene sequencing, genetic function defining and genetic diagnosing)

  激光技术 laser technology

  技贸结合 integrate technology acquisition with trade

  技术复兴 technological renaissance

  技术转让 technology transfer

  加快高新技术产业化进程 step up commercialization of high and innovative technologies

  加强知识产权的保护和管理 tighten up management and protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs)

  尖端技术 state-of-the-art technology; cutting-edge technology

  具有科技攻坚能力 be capable of tackling key research topics

  开发和推广起关键作用、有共性的高新技术  develop and disseminate high and innovative technologies that can play a crucial role and can be widely applied

  抗病转基因小麦 transgenic wheat of disease resistance

  科技人员 scientists and engineers

  科技中介服务机构 science and technology service agents

  科学技术是第一生产力 Science and technology is the primary productive force.

  科学技术体制改革 the reform of science and technology management system

  科研成果商品化 effect commercialization of research findings

  克隆动植物 cloning animals and plants

  利用国际风险资金开办企业 invest in a start-up business with international venture capital

  两系法杂交水稻 bilinear hybrid rice

  量力而行,有选择地发展高技术develop high technologies on a selective basis with limited goals in accordance with our own capabilities

  论证 feasibility demonstration; peer review

  纳米材料 nano materials

  纳米技术 nano technology

  纳米芯片 nano chips

  配合《211工程》 support the 211 Project

  企业研发中心 corporate centers

  侵权产品 infringing products

  侵权行为 infringing act

  倾斜政策 preferential policy / policy in favor of

  染色体 chromosome

  人类基因组计划 The Human Genome Project

  人类基因组序列“工作框架图” working frame map of the human genome

  擅自使用 unauthorized use of ……

  商标专用权 right to exclusive use of trademark(s)

  社会力量设立的科学技术奖 Non-State Funds for Science and Technology Awards

  生命科学 life science

  生物工程 bioengineering

  生物技术 biotechnology

  生物遥感器 bio-sensor

  省、部级科学技术奖励 Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards

  实施科教兴国战略 implement the strategy of rejuvenating China through science and technology

  经济建设必须依靠科学技术,科学技术工作必须面向经济建设 Economic development must rely on science and technology, which in turn should be oriented to economic development.

  适用技术 appropriate technology

  水稻基因组图谱 physical map of the rice genome

  提高经济效益 improve economic performance (宏观)increase economic returns(微观)

  传统产业升级 traditional industry upgrading

  提高科技含量 increase technology content

  推广科研成果 promote the application of research findings

  推进科技管理体制改革 promote reform of the management system for science and technology

  脱氧核糖核酸双螺旋结构 DNA double helix structure

  消化吸收与创新工作 application and modification of imported equipment and technology

  新材料技术 new material technology

  星火计划(把先进、适用的技术引向农村的指导性科技计划,1986年经国务院批准) Spark Program

  火炬计划(发展中国高新技术产业的指导性计划,于1988年8月经国务院批准)Torch Program

  学习、消化、吸收外国科学技术成就 learning, adaptation and assimilation of foreign scientific and technological achievements

  研究与开发(应用型科研) R & D; research and development

  样机 prototypes;mock-up 中间试验(中试) pilot project

  一支高水平的科研队伍 a contingent of top-notch researchers

  依法严惩 be strictly punished according to law

  乙肝疫苗 hepatitis B vaccine

  应用型科研机构 application-based research institutions

  营造人才辈出,人尽其才的良好环境 foster a favorable climate for talented people to come to the for in large numbers

  优势科技力量 outstanding scientists, engineers and technicians

  优先发展专业孵化器,如软件园、大学技术园、归国留学生创业园,以及大中型企业科技园 Priority is given to specialized incubators, such as software parks,  university technology parks, innovation (venture) parks for students returned from abroad and science and technology parks for large and medium-sized businesses.

  在消化、吸收的基础上发展创新 improve and innovate on the basis of assimilating and absorbing the imported technologies

  知识创新工程 Knowledge Innovation Project (KIP)

  中国科学院 Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  中华人民共和国国际科学技术合作奖 The People's Republic of China International Scientific and Technological Co-operation Award

  重大侵权者的刑事判决 criminal convictions for major copyright infringers

  专利产品 patented products

  专利使用费 patent royalties

  专有技术 know-hows

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