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  第八讲: 词汇练习 一


  1. The child was seriously _________ in the accident.

  A. damaged B injured C ill D bad

  2. The cyclist was ________ his bicycle.

  A hit off B knocked off C knocked down D hit down

  3. Road accidents are a ________ cause of deaths.

  A major B great C large D important

  4. There was a _______ accident at his junction last week.

  A lethal B deadly C fatal D deathly

  5. More than 400 children ________ on the roads in 1988.

  A were dead B dead C killed D were killed

  6. I was on the motorway when my car ________ petrol.

  A ran down B ran off C killed D were killed

  7. The car ________ on the motorway.

  A broke B broke down C broke up D broke in

  8. He drove across the junction, although the ________were red.

  A lamps B indicatiors C signs D lights

  9. My motorcycle was very badly ________ in the accident.

  A broken B injured C damaged D hurt

  10. This is not a busy road - the traffic is very ________.

  A small B light C little D few

  11. The ________ of the train were full. there was nowhere to sit.

  A waggons B carts C carriages D platform

  12. The 8.15 for London will leave from________ nine.

  A pavement B place C gate D platform

  13. I was ________him for losing the key.

  A annoyed B annoying C annoyed with D annoying with

  14. I bumped into John in the ______ of the train.

  A way B passage C corridor D path

  15. It's better to catch the ________. It only stops once.

  A fast B speedy C rapid D express

  16. Did you manage to get a ________ on the train this morning?

  A seat B sit C chair D bench

  17. The train broke down and the _______ had to get off.

  A passengers B pedestrians C travellers D riders

  18. I prefer flying to going ________.

  A on ship B by sea C on sea D sailing

  19. My travelling ________ objected to my smoking.

  A colleagues B associates C companions D friends

  20. The train was slowly ________ up the long hill.

  A driving B riding C travelling D journeying

  21. This model ________ more than that one.

  A prices B values C costs D worth

  22. I'll have the same ________ you.

  A as B from C of D to

  23. He knows all about these things. He's a ________.

  A special B especial C specialist D specialiser.

  24. I got ________ from a faulty electric iron.

  A a surprise B a shock C a charge D an electricity

  25. The men took two days to load the _______on to the ship.

  A cargo B packages C luggage D passengers

  26. What ________ does your company sell?

  A produce B production C producing D product

  27. I'd like a 60 W ________, please.

  A bulb B shade C light D torch

  28. I can't change this plug. I haven't got an_________ screwdriver.

  A electrify B electrical C electric D electricity

  29. People often buy thins because of the ______ name.

  A brand B make C model D trade

  30. I couldn't see much because the lighting was too ________.

  A dark B shady C dim D dull

> 31. I had to _______ my baby brother when I was young.

  A look to B look for C look after D look at

  32. He ________ the main role when the actor became ill.

  A took on B took to C took off D took up

  33. The problems we discussed last week still ________.

  A are B be C exit D b***me

  34. ________ the bad weather, we decided to go to the beach.

  A Despite B In spite C Although D Though

  35. There are lots of birds in the square, __________ pigeons.

  A as B example C such like D such as

  36. I ________ this brooch from my grandmother when she died.

  A inherited B received C willed D gained

  37. My mother always _______ the laundry on Mondays.

  A did B made C washed D cleaned

  38. The biggest problem in the world _____ over population.

  A consists B comprises C contains B concerns

  39. The child was naughty at school and had to see the ______

  A top B leader C chief D head

  40. Each _______ at my school lasts 12 weeks.

  A period B term C class D study

  41. I asked the bank manager for a _________.

  A lend B loan C borrow D owe

  42. You must pay a 20% _________ first.

  A deposit B installment C payment D interest

  43. It's time we _______.

  A gone B go C had gone D went

  44. I can't ______ that new car. I haven't got enough money.

  A afford B acquire C obtain D offer

  45. It's not his house. He's _______.

  A an owner B an occupier C a tenant D a resident

  46. There is ________ of this bank in most town

  A a shop B a place C an office D a branch

  47. This book is extremely expensive. In fact, it's ______.

  A worthless B valuable C pricey D priceless

  48. If I have time I will come. ______ I may be late.

  A But B Though C Although D However

  49. What is your annual ______?

  A earnings B incoming C fees D income

  50. I insured my car ________ accident.

  A in case B in case if C in case of D in the case of


  1 B 2 B 3 A 4 C 5 D 6 C 7 B 8 D 9 C 10 B

  11 C 12 D 13 C 14 C 15 D 16 A 17 A 18 B 19 C 20 C

  21 C 22 A 23 C 24 B 25 A 26 D 27 A 28 B 29 A 30 C

  31 C 32 A 33 C 34 A 35 D 36 A 37 A 38 D 39 D 40 B

  41 B 42 A 43 D 44 A 45 C 46 D 47 D 48 D 49 D 50 C

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