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2006-07-07 21:23

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin on Sunday called for efforts to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation so as to create an environment of peace and security for development and prosperity.

  In an address to the second-day session of the 10th annual Economic Leaders' Meeting of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, Jiang emphasized that as a victim of terrorism, China strongly condemns and opposes all forms of terrorism and reaffirms its support for international efforts against terrorism.

  He said that peace is an important prerequisite for global and regional economic growth, whereas terrorism is posing a serious threat to world peace.

  Jiang recalled that it was at the 9th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting held in Shanghai last year that “we took the lead in making a firm and resounding declaration to fight terrorism collectively, which played a constructive role in getting the UN and other mechanisms to work cooperatively against terrorism.”

  What transpired in the past year shows that, as long as the international community cooperates closely and acts concertedly, it will be difficult for terrorism to strike again, he said.

  “In the struggle against terrorism, we should focus on both remedies to cure the symptoms of terrorism and solutions to address its root causes. World peace and security will be safeguarded if the new security concept with the principles of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation at its core is followed,” Jiang said, adding that APEC should continue to play an active role in combating terrorism.

  “Building on the APEC Economic Leaders' Statement on Counter-Terrorism adopted at the Shanghai Meeting, we should give greater expression to our resolve to fight international terrorism by enhancing our security cooperation in such areas as finance, customs, transportation and telecommunication,” he noted.

  “APEC Approach” serves as example for cooperation

  The Chinese President said that the “APEC Approach” adopted by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum remains relevant to today's changing world and can serve as a valuable example for international cooperation.

  “With steadily richer cooperation contents and bigger membership over the past decade and more, APEC has become the region's most influential multilateral economic forum playing an active role in promoting global and regional economic development,” Jiang said.

  Whether in defining the long-term goals for cooperation in Bogor or promoting the perfection of the multilateral trading system, whether in removing the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis or coping with the “9.11” terrorist attacks, APEC has invariably played a crucial role, Jiang added.

  He pointed out that the key to our success lies in our ability to respect diversity in light of the varied interests and concerns of the members, seeking common grounds while shelving differences, he noted.

  “Our world is a diverse and colorful place. Even more so in the Asia-Pacific region. Respecting the historical and cultural diversity in the members and their different paths or models of development is the important foundation for us to achieve common development and prosperity,” the Chinese leader noted.

  The mingling and mutual influencing of different cultures throughout history have provided the engine for the development of human civilization, he said. Countries in the world should follow the law of history, conduct inter-cultural exchanges more vigorously and draw upon each other's strength more consciously soas to ensure common progress of all human societies, he added.

  It is precisely out of such an understanding that countries in the Asia-Pacific region have gradually come to enhance the “APEC Approach,” which features mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, consensus and voluntarity, Jiang said.

  This approach tallies with the Asia-Pacific's basic characteristic of historical and cultural diversity and offers an inevitable choice for intra-regional cooperation, the president said, adding that the approach can serve as a “valuable example” for international cooperation of broader scale.

  Jiang stressed that APEC should stick to a development path suited to its own characteristics, always regard closer economic cooperation and greater common development in the region its bounden duty, advance with the times with enterprise and innovation, and instill still greater vitality into our cooperation.

  Expressing great confidence in the future of Asia-Pacific cooperation, Jiang said he was convinced that through concerted efforts, all APEC members will enjoy much broader prospects of development and their people an even better life.

  APEC should respond trend of times Jiang said that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) community should respond to the trend of the times by giving full play to its advantages and going in for extensive cooperation.

  “With economic globalization surging forward and science and technology making dazzling progress with each passing day, countries have been presented with new opportunities of development in the past year,” he said……

  “At the same time, however, the increased uncertainties in world economic development have posed new challenges to the economies of many countries and regions, APEC members included,” Jiang added.

  According to the Chinese president, trade protectionism is on the rise, making it still harder to achieve free, fair and equitable trade. Non-traditional security threats have increased, as the fight against terrorism remains both arduous and complicated.

  “The world we live in is hardly a tranquil place,” Jiang noted.

  Despite a host of problems facing the international community and more that will still crop up unexpectedly in the future, he said, the tide of history in favor of peace and development cannot be reversed, nor will the people of all lands change their yearning for a better life.

  Wherever they live, people want lasting peace and stability in the world, a world that enjoys universal prosperity and sustainable development, Jiang continued.

  If world peace and common development are to be secured, he said, it is necessary for statesmen of all countries to display vision and courage needed to move history forward in response to the will of the people, and for the family of nations to step up coordination and cooperation.

  “The APEC community should, as always, conform to the trend of the times, give full play to its advantages and go in for extensive cooperation,” the Chinese president stated.

  Under the theme of “Expanding the Benefits of Cooperation for Growth and Economic Development —— Implementing the Vision,” the 2002 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting was intended to discuss growth policies for the new economy; ways to benefit from development, particularly for small, medium and micro enterprises; and ways to promote greater participation in APEC by women and young people.

  But in the wake of the deadly bombing on the Indonesian island of Bali, a series of terrorist attacks in the Philippines and the hostage-taking by Chechen separatists in Moscow, global security issues have dominated the 10th annual APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

  In the first-day session Saturday, APEC leaders focused their discussions on terrorism and its impact on the economy. A declaration is expected from the second-day session Sunday, the final day of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting this year held at this seaside resort in northern Mexico.

  APEC, set up in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence among Asia-Pacific economies and to the need to advance Asia-Pacific economic dynamism and sense of community, now groups Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Chinese Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.









  第二,要坚定地支持建设开放的全球多边贸易体制,积极推进世界贸易组织新一轮谈判。健全的多边贸易体制和公平的贸易条件,是世界贸易持续稳定发展的重要保障,也是保证各国从经济全球化中获益的重要前提。新一轮多边贸易谈判已经启动,但进展缓慢。各方应进一步采取务实的态度,着眼共同利益,推动多边贸易体制的健康发展。要优先考虑发展中国家的需求,使新一轮谈判成为真正的 “发展回合”。















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