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Sapporo (Japan)

In June 2001, Sapporo Dome, nicknamed “HIROBA” - a venue of the 2002 FIFA World Cup - was completed in Hitsujigaoka on the outskirts of Sapporo.

  Sapporo is not your typical Japanese big city. Located at the north of the Japanese Archipelago(群岛,列岛), it has a pleasant climate from June to July. One of Sapporo's features lies in its distinctively clear-cut four seasons. In spring, awaking from a long sleep, numerous flowers burst into bloom. In summer, sunny days follow each other. In fall, trees are clad in golden yellow and crimson red(深红色的,绯红的)。 In winter, everything is veiled in silky white snow. Sapporo has four distinct seasons, each of which exhibits impressively elegant charms. Especially in June, when the FIFA World Cup takes place, Sapporo enjoys a fresh, green season with sunshine, while the rainy season starts in the rest of Japan.

  With a current population of approximately 1.83 million, Sapporo is Japan's fifth largest city, where the pioneer spirit coexists with its well-balanced, highly advanced urban functions. Historical structures stand amidst high-rise buildings. A park full of greenery embraces relaxing people. There are hot springs in the city. Sapporo's attraction lies in the unique harmony of urban convenience and oases of relaxation. Sapporo is a gourmet (美食家)city where delicacies can be savored during every season. There is also an entertainment district, Susukino, which accommodates over 5,000 shops, restaurants and pubs.

Sapporo Concert Hall “Kitara” furnished with world-class acoustic equipment

  Odori Park stretches from Sapporo TV Tower, the reference point of north, south, east and west, to the west, and is an oasis where citizens can relax. From spring to fall, colorful flowers are blooming in the gardens around vivid green lawns and fountains. Snow statues at the Sapporo Snow Festival and White Illumination appear in winter. All these attractions entertain citizens and tourists.

  Sapporo, a core city of Hokkaido's politics and economy, has hosted various international events. Among the Japanese venues for the FIFA World Cup, only Sapporo has hosted the Olympics. Other international sporting events hosted include the Winter Universiade. It has also been successful in holding cultural events such as the Pacific Music Festival (PMF), the brainchild (某人的创作)of the world-known conductor, the late Leonard Bernstein.

  Sapporo is also a core city where cultural, educational and technological facilities of world standard converge: Sapporo Concert Hall, “Kitara,” features performances by leading world-famous musicians; Moerenuma Park is designed by a sculptor, the late Isamu Noguchi; Techno Park houses companies that specialize in advanced technological development and Hokkaido University accommodates exchange students from various countries.


  HIROBA has “dual arenas” comprising one open and one closed and its most prominent feature is the “hovering soccer stage,” which is the world's first air hovering mobile system. The natural turf soccer field prepared in the open arena can be moved into the all-weather closed arena.

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