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导游翻译 第四讲

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  The Guide must not abandon personal and national dignity when involved in foreign contacts. In dealing with foreigners, the Guide should learn something good from them and at the same time he or she must keep things Chinese, and resist foreign bad influence. The Guide must remember that a slight negligence may lead to a great disaster, a single slip may cause lasting sorrow and the error of a moment becomes the regret of a lifetime.


  The Guide must know the best place to take pictures. He or she must give the tourists some guidance or help to select best places and scenery to pose for picture. And the Guide should also keep the tourists informed of those places where no pictures are allowed.


  The Guide must try his or her best to do the interpreting to perfection,particularly when conducting journalists about an area. The Guide has to be able to answer five questions before the journalists can be satisfied. They are who, where, what, why and when. The most thorough journalist may also ask “how” in order to get the whole picture of every piece of information.

  Ⅱ Three Extras

  Besides the above-mentioned fifteen Ps, the Guide should keep the following three extras in mind, which are a must to a qualified Guide.


  In treating foreign tourists, the Guide must be sincere, dealing with them like real friends. The Guide should avoid doing anything to fool foreigners in matters of price, itenerary and schedule. Once the Guide is found cheating or hypocritical or telling a lie, the Guide would enjoy no prestige as well as trust from foreign friends.


  Timing is important to the Guide as the tour is usually wellplanned and scheduled. Generally speaking, a trip lasts for ten to fifteen days, so the Guide must go out of his or her way to observe the schedule and visit the places and scenic spots as scheduled unless some unexpected situations some up or something urgent forces the Guide to change the itenerary. The Guide should try to arrange every activity within a time limit so as to let the tourists see China and enjoy themselves as much as possible.

  3.Giving Information Ahead

  According to the customs of the western world, everything must be properly arranged and informed beforehand. If you want to visit a foreigner, you have to make an appointment with him or her in advance, otherwise, you would interrupt his or her privacy. That is considered to be rude and impolite. It is the same case with a Guide. The Guide must always remember that whenever he or she wants to do something or change the plan, he or she must give the information ahead so as to prepare tourists for the activity of any sort.

  Ⅲ Four Orientations

  The Guide must cultivate himself or herself to be helpful to tourists,expressive in his or her interpreting, informative about tourism affairs and efficient in the work. These four orientations are extremely important to a qualified interpreter.


  The Guide should always be of some help to the foreign visitors. He or she should always get himself or herself ready to help tourists when they are in difficulties, especially when an old lady or an elderly gentleman is too fat or too old to carry a heavy case or get on a chartered bus,the Guide should give them a helping hand. This little favour done to tourists would earn some reputation to the Travel Service and in the long run would attract more foreign visitors.

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