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全国职称外语等级考试综合类概括大意 3

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  Recreation and Sports

  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular saying in the United States. Other countries have similar sayings. It is true that all of us need recreation. We cannot work all the time if we are going to maintain good health and enjoy life. Good physical and mental health in fact enables us to work more efficiently.

  Everyone has his own way of relaxing .Perhaps the most popular way is to participate in sports. There are team sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football. There are individual sports, also, such as golf and swimming. In addition, hiking, fishing, siding and mountain climbing have a great attraction for people who like to be outdoors. Chess, card-playing , and dancing are forms of indoor recreation enjoyed by many people.

  Not everyone who enjoys sporting events likes to participate in them. Many people prefer to be spectators, either by attending the games in person, watching them on television, or listening to them on the radio. When there is an important baseball game or boxing match, it is almost impossible to get tickets; everyone wants to attend.

  It doesn t matter whether we play a fast game of ping-pong, concentrate over the bridge table, or go walking through the woods on a brisk autumn afternoon. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time and enjoy some form of recreation.


  1. Paragraph 2____________.

  2. Paragraph3____________.

  3. Paragraph4____________.

  A) The important of having recreation

  B) The recreation centers

  C) Type of sports

  D) Fun of being spectators

  4. To keep fit and enjoy life , all of us must have____________.

  5. Participating in door sports or outdoor sports is a good way___________.

  6. Many people prefer watching games to__________.

  7. It is generally believed that those who work all the time and do not know how to relax_______.

  A) must be very boring

  B) some kind of recreation

  C) participating in them

  D) to relax oneself

  E) to choose one s own way of relaxing



  Work and Careers

  Sometimes we say that someone

  we know is a “square peg in a round hole”(1)。 This simply means that the person we are talking about is not suited for the job he is doing. He may be a bookkeeper who really wants to be an actor or a mechanic who likes cooking. Unfortunately, many people in the world are “square pegs”; they are not doing the kind of work they should be doing, for one reason or another. As a result they probably are not doing a very good job and certainly they are not happy.

  Choosing the right career is very important. Most of us spend a great part of our lives at our jobs. For that reason we should try to find out what our talents are and how we can use them. We can do this through aptitude test, interview with specialists, and study of books in our field of interest.

  There are many careers open to each of us. Perhaps we like science. Then we might prepare ourselves to be chemists, physicists, or biologists. Maybe our interests take us into the business world and such work as accounting, personnel management or public relations. Many persons find their place in government service. Teaching, newspaper work, medicine, engineering——these and many other fields offer fascinating careers to persons with talent and training.


  1. Paragraph 1____________.

  2. Paragraph 2____________.

  3. Paragraph 3____________.

  A) Job choices for the talented

  B) Importance of finding the right job

  C) Result of taking the wrong job

  D) Variety of jobs open to all

  4. A person who is not doing the right job cannot expect to _______________.

  5. To find the job most suitable for yourself, you should first of all ____________.

  6. There are actually various kinds of jobs we all can _______________.

  7. There are numerous ways to find out ______________.

  A) spend more time in school

  B) what job suit you best

  C) choose from

  D) do it well and feel comfortable in it

  E) find out what your talents are


  C B D D E C B


  Schools and Education

  Life in the twentieth century demands preparation. Today, all individuals in a country must have adequate schooling to prepare them for

  their work as well as for their responsibilities as citizens. With this in mind, national leaders everywhere are placing more emphasis on the education of the young. In the United States, government officials, parents, and teachers are working hard to give their children - tomorrow s decision makers - the best preparation available.

  There is no national school policy in the United States. Each of the fifty states makes its own rules and regulations for its school, but there are many similarities among the fifty school systems. Public schools in all states are supported by taxes paid by the citizens of the individual state. In most states the children are required to attend school until they reach the age of sixteen

  When they become six years old, children begin elementary school. After six years in elementary school, they go into junior high school and remain there for three years. The last three years of their public school education are spent in senior high school, from which they graduate at the age of eighteen.

  A great number of high school graduates continue their education in one of the many colleges or universities in the country. After four years, they receive a bachelor s degree. Some continue studying for a master s degree and perhaps a doctor s degree.


  A. Family education in the United States

  B. Primary and secondary schooling

  C. The importance of education

  D. The similar school system throughout the US

  1. Paragraph 1 _________

  2. Paragraph 2 _________

  3. Paragraph 3 _________

  A. go on to study in colleges or universities

  B. emphasized today

  C. the taxes paid by the citizens of each state

  D. to go abroad to do further study

  E. attend school

  4. Education is being _________

  5. In most states children, before they are 16, must _________.

  6. Public schools are financed by _________.

  7. After one finishes secondary school, he may or may not _________.


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