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70天攻克考研英语词汇 DAY 49

2006-7-28 01:02  

  leisure n.

  He is so busy in preparing for the final examination that he has no leisure for sport.

  猜一猜 A. 心情  B.空闲  C. 决心  D.  毅力

  翻译 他正忙着准备期末考试,没空做户外运动。

  词义扩展 n. 悠闲Veiled women move at leisure from one shop to another.蒙着面纱的妇女悠闲地从一个商店走到另一个。

  词组 at leisure 从容地,有空Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.草率结婚,后悔终生。

  近义词 time 时间

  servant n.

  "I am your faithful servant, master."the little black man said to Aladdin.

  猜一猜 A.朋友    B. 仆人        C. 亲信        D. 亲戚

  大头巧记 词根serv本义为"服务",引申为"保持";ant 为名词后缀。

  serve v.

  The waiters here always serve the customers absentmindedly.

  猜一猜 A. 服务    B. 对待     C. 看着   D. 担任

  词义扩展 v. ①  招待,伺候The local government has served all the VIPs ceremoniously.② 符合,适用The playground is too small to serve for a football match.这个操场太小了,不符合球赛要求。

  词组 serve as 用作,作为This room can serve as a study. 这个房间可用作书房。

  Serve sb right  活该,给某人应得的待遇I got a traffic fine yesterday evening. ——It served you right. I told you not to drink too much. ——我昨晚被交警罚款了 ——活该,我叫你不要喝太多。

  service n.

  As a lawyer, she did the poor a great service by fighting for the right.

  猜一猜 A. 帮助       B. 案子       C. 进步       D. 资金

  词义扩展 n. ①  公共设施,公用事业With the development of the economy, the essential services in the country have been maintained. 随着经济的发展,农村的基本公共设施得到了保障。②  维修,保养The Haier aircondition is famous for its excellent aftersales service.海尔空调以其完善的售后维修服务而著称。 ③  行政部门,服务机构 The Diplomatic serve is a kind of government organization. 外交部门是一个政府部门。

  v. 维修,保养The transportation company services the trucks regularly.运输公司定期维修卡车。

  近义词 help, benefit

  settle v.

  The early European immigrants settled in small villages, when they first entered the new world.

  猜一猜 A. 搬迁  B. 建立C. 安顿D. 涌向

  大头巧记 le为动词后缀,原意为"把……放下来",也有"停顿,安置"之意

  词义扩展 v. ①  停息The birds settled on the branches.鸟儿停息在树枝上。② 定居Most oversea students settled in America after they have finished their education there.大多数留学生在完成学业后都留在美国定居。③ 解决,调停 To settle disputes between countries is one of the UN purposes.解决国际争端是联合国的目标之一。

  词组 set down 定居,过安定的生活 When are you going to marry and settle down? You are not young any more.你什么时候结婚过安定的生活?你也不小了。

  settlement n.

  The settlement of the dispute between Israel and Palestine was cumbered because of the suicide bombing on Sunday.

  猜一猜 A. 安顿        B. 调停       C. 迁移       D. 居留

  大头巧记 ment为名词后缀,settle作动词有"调停,停息"之意

  词义扩展 n. 居留区,住宅区The temporary settlement for the refugees is quite humble.难民的临时居留区非常简陋。

  shed v.

  She sheds to tears in the thick smoke.

  猜一猜 A. 流出B. 看见C. 闻到D. 脱落

  翻译 她被浓烟熏的流出了眼泪。

  大头巧记 shed音:谢的头发脱落

  词义扩 v. ① 脱落,脱去 The cat sheds their hair in the summer.猫的毛在夏天会脱落。 ② 发散,散发 The lamp sheds a soft light in the room.台灯柔和的光线照射在房间里。

  n. 棚子,小屋a bicycleshed 自行车棚子

  shelter n.

  Almost all the people over the country have moved into the air-raid shelter after the president's war announcement.

  猜一猜  A. 飞机B. 汽车C. 庇护所D. 降落伞

  翻译 在总统宣布战争开始之后,几乎所有的人都进了防空洞。

  词义扩展 n. 掩护,保护 They found a shelter from the storm in the poor small cottage.他们在一个又小又破的茅房里躲避暴风雨。

  v. 掩护,躲避,庇护an apple tree that shelter the house from the wind 给房子挡风的树

  近义词 protection

  shiver v.

  He shivered at the thought of meeting the old wicked man alone.

  猜一猜 A. 惊讶B. 高兴C. 发抖D. 生气

  翻译 他一想到要单独去见那个老坏蛋就发抖。

  词义扩展 n. 战抖,发抖He lay in bed with a bout of shiver as a result of fever.他因为发高烧而躺在床上发抖。

  shoot v.

  The person shot at Mr. President has been sentenced to death.

  猜一猜 A. 选举B. 支持C. 反对D. 射击

  翻译 向总统先生射击的人已经被判了死刑。

  词义扩展 v. ①  掠过,疾驰而过 Young girls always like to pray to the meteors shooting across the sky.年轻的女子总喜欢向着划过天际的流星许愿。② 发芽The grass seeds shoot after the drizzle of spring.草子在春雨过后就发芽了。 n.① 嫩枝,苗Those new shoots of the vines must be trimmed.这些才长出来的嫩枝必须马上修剪。②  n. 射击,发射The PLA man gave the criminal a shoot.解放军对着罪犯开枪了。

  shop n.

  Women always like to buy some useless things on sale in the shop.

  猜一猜 A. 医院B. 商店C. 药店D.食品店

  翻译 女人们总是喜欢在商店里买一些无用的促销商品。

  词义扩展 ① 工厂,车间an engineering shop 机械加工车间② 买东西,购物Mum is shopping for the New Years presents.妈妈在买过年的礼物。

  shopkeeper n.

  The man in the dark coat is the shopkeeper.

  猜一猜 A. 售货员B. 看店人C. 店主D. 保安

  翻译 那个穿深色大衣的人就是店主。

  分析 shop+keeper shop 是商店,keeper 是经营者。合起来就是商店的主人。

  近义词 storekeeper老板

  shopping n.

  Mum will go shopping this afternoon.

  猜一猜 A. 洗衣服B. 游泳C. 买东西D. 滑冰

  翻译 妈妈今天下午要去买东西。

  分析 shop是动词,双写p加ing 变成名词为"买东西"

  partial a.

  The power is partially transferred to the workers.

  猜一猜 A. 部分的   B. 完全的    C. 被迫的    D.应该的

  翻译 权利部分转移到职工手中了。

  词义扩展 a. 偏袒的,不公平的I am put out for he is always partial to one while neglecting the other. 我被他厚此薄彼激怒了。

  particle n.

  This kind of particle moves more quickly when it is heated.

  猜一猜 A. 粒子   B. 物体   C. 动物    D.庄稼

  翻译 加热后,这种粒子的运动速度加快。

  大头巧记 part+cle → 部分+表示小的名词词尾 → 细小的部分:微粒,粒子

  词义扩展 n. 小品词,虚词Verbs are often followed by adverbial particles. 动词后常常接副词。

  particular a.

  The theory is concluded from the universal to the particular.

  猜一猜 A. 普遍的    B. 大众的    C. 一般的    D.特殊的

  翻译 这个理论是从普遍到特殊总结出的。

  词义扩展 a. 特定的,个别的It happened on that particular day. 事情就发生在那一天。

  n.〔 常pl.〕详情,细目He is a perfectionist,so he doesnt allow any mistakes in his writing, even trifle particulars. 他是一个完美主义者,不允许书写中有任何错误,哪怕是极无关紧要的一项。

  词组 in particular 特别地,尤其, 详细地He stressed that point in particular. 他特别强调了那一点。

  近义词 unusual;special;peculiar

  past prep.

  Our bus droves past the Great Hall of the People.

  猜一猜 A. 停靠  B. 发动   C. 经过  D.慢速

  翻译 我们乘的公共汽车开过人民大会堂。

  词义扩展 n. 过去,昔日As in the past, so also in the future, we will maintain peace. 我们将一如既往地维护和平。

  a. 过去的Never forget the past sufferings.决不要忘记过去的苦难。

  词组 in the past 在过去In the past, I was so crude that I hurted my parents hearts.过去,由于我太过鲁莽,我伤了我父母的心。

  pattern n.

  This pattern of skirt will be prevailing in summer vocation.

  猜一猜 A. 拍打B. 花瓣C. 样式D.形状

  翻译 这一款短裙将会在今年夏天流行。

  词义扩展 n. 图样, 图案She wore a skirt with a pattern of violet on it.她穿着一款带紫罗兰图案的短裙。

  v. 模仿, 仿制She patterns herself upon her mother.她模仿母亲。

  peach n.

  He climbed the peach to get fruits.

  猜一猜 A. 小山坡 B. 桃, 桃树C. 李树D. 苹果树, 苹果

  翻译 他爬上桃树摘果子。

  interrupt v.

  The continuous rain interrupts my plan of going out traveling.

  猜一猜 A. 助长   B. 坚信   C. 证实   D.阻碍

  翻译 连绵不断的雨阻碍了我外出旅游的计划。

  大头巧记 inter +rupt → between+to break → 决裂了会阻碍事物正常发展

  词义扩展 v. 打断(话),打扰Dont interrupt me when I am busy.我忙着呢,别打扰我。

  近义词 disturb

  intermittent adj.

  The intermittent noise made me cant hear what she says to me clearly.

  猜一猜 A. 烦人的   B. 响个不停的   C. 断断续续的   D.使人发疯的

  翻译 这断断续续的噪音使我不能听清她对我说了些什么。

  insulate v.

  In the country, we are insulated from the worries of life in a big town.

  猜一猜 A. 影响   B. 鄙视   C. 隔离   D.评论

  翻译 在乡村,我们抛开了大城镇生活中的种种烦恼。

  词义扩展 v. 使绝缘,使绝热Rubber is used to insulate electric wires. 橡胶用以使电线外表绝缘。

  近义词 isolate

  insulator n.

  If you want to examine the wire, first you must wear insulator gloves.

  猜一猜 A. 厚的   B. 绒的    C. 绝缘体    D.皮的

  翻译 想检查电线,先要戴上绝缘手套。

  大头巧记 insu +tor →  island +名词词尾 → 岛屿是与大陆隔离的地方

  insect n.

  Flies, bees and ants are all insects.

  猜一猜 A. 动物   B. 昆虫   C.  害虫   D.益虫

  翻译 苍蝇、蜜蜂和蚂蚁都是昆虫。

  ink n.

  She is fond of writing in blue-black ink.

  猜一猜 A. 水彩   B. 墨水   C. 铅笔    D.笔芯

  翻译 她喜欢用蓝黑墨水写字。

  hammer n.

  Carpenters worked with hammers and made many beautiful works.

  猜一猜 A. 工具     B. 手   C. 灵巧      D. 榔头

  翻译 木匠们用榔头工作,造出很多精美的作品。

  词义扩展 v. 捶击,敲打She tried her best to hammer the nail,but she failed.她尽力钉钉子,但是还是没有成功。

  近义词 bang,drill

  cordial a.

  A cordial police helped the mother to find her child.

  猜一猜 A. 负责任的   B. 年长的   C. 热诚的   D. 平凡的

  翻译 一位热诚的警察帮助母亲找到了她的孩子。

  分析 cord+ial(拉丁文)cor=heart+ial形容词词尾→热心的,诚恳的,亲

  convict v.

  He was convicted and put in prison.

  猜一猜 A. 嫌疑犯  B. 宣判有罪  C. 被捕  D. 传唤

  翻译 他被宣判有罪并关进了监狱。

  分析 con+vict together+to conquer→使其深知有罪

  词义扩展 n. 囚犯The convict fled away with a hostage. 囚犯带着一个人质跑了。

  conviction n.

  He has strong conviction that truth can never be defeated.

  猜一猜 A. 科学   B. 深信   C. 信心   D. 宗旨

  翻译 他坚信真理是不会被打倒的。

  分析 convict+ion 被证明,被宣判+名词词尾→确信的事物,即深信,坚信

  convince v.

  Don't try to convince me with such foolish ideas; I will not be cheated again.

  猜一猜 A. 说服  B. 诱惑   C. 打扰  D. 使确信

  翻译 别用这些愚蠢的话来骗我,我不会上第二次当。

  分析 con+vince thoroughly+to conquer→完全征服,使之完全相信

  deaf a.

  The man is getting deafer in his old age.

  猜一猜 A. 聋的B. 衰退的C. 安详的D. 平静的

  翻译 那人年纪大了,耳朵越来越聋。

  词义扩展 不愿听的 He turns a deaf ear to my advice and loses the competition.他对我的建议充耳不闻,结果输掉了比赛。

  deafen v.

  We are being deafened by the quarrels outside.

  翻译 我们快被外面的吵架声震聋了。

  猜一猜 A. 烦恼B. 震聋C. 充斥D. 打破

  分析 deaf+ en 聋的+ 动词词尾→震聋

  词义扩展 震耳欲聋deafening cheers  震耳欲聋的呼声

  cut v.

  John cut his finger on a piece of broken glass.

  猜一猜 A. 碰B. 切,割C. 指出D. 贴

  翻译 约翰被一块碎玻璃划伤了手指。

  词义扩展 v.削减,删节 cut taxes    减税

  n. ① 切,割,剪,砍,削make a cut 划上一道 ② 削减,删节She had to take a cut in salary.她不得不接受减薪。③  切口,伤口cuts on the face脸上的伤口

  cut across 走捷径,抄近路 I got here earlier than you because I cut across the campus.我比你早到,因为我走过校园,穿的近路。

  cut back 削减,降低 This factory had to cut back the production because of their unsatisfactory sales.因为销售前景不令人满意,这个工厂不得不削减产量。

  cut down 削减,减少You have to cut down on smoking for sake of your health.为了你的健康,你得减少抽烟。

  cut in(汽车)抢挡;插嘴;打断 He always likes to cut in while others are talking.别人讲话时,他总喜欢插嘴。

  cut off 切断,使隔绝;剪去,删去;打断,停止

  My naughty brother cut us off before we had finished our conversation.我们话还没说完,我那调皮的弟弟就把电话线切断了。

  cut out 删除 You cannot cut out the important details.你不能删除重要的细节。

  cut short  突然停止 She cuts short her speech as to achieve an emphasis.她突然停下来,以示强调。

  custom n.

  It is used to be the established custom with the Chinese to settle all accounts at the end the year.

  猜一猜 A. 规则B. 习惯,风俗C. 性格D. 约定

  翻译 年终结清账目是中国人的习俗。

  词义扩展 (pl.)海关,关税It took us only a few minutes to get through the Customs.海关检查只花了我们几分钟时间。

  近义词 convention 常规,惯例; habit 习惯

  customary a.

  It is customary to tip waiters in America.

  猜一猜 A. 有礼貌的B.好心的C. 习惯性的,惯例的D.必需的

  翻译 在美国,人们习惯给服务员小费。

  分析 custom+ ary 习惯+形容词词尾→习惯性的,惯常的

  customer n.

  Customers are regarded as God to this company.

  猜一猜 A. 职员B.顾客,主顾C.投资者D.战士

  翻译 对这个公司而言,顾客就是上帝。

  分析 custom+ er 购物,光顾+ 的人→顾客,主顾

  debate v.

  We are just debating whether the university should keep these ancient architectures or replaced them with modern buildings.

  猜一猜 A. 研究B. 辩论C. 蒙蔽D. 建议

  翻译 我们正在争论学校是应该保留这些古建筑呢,还是应该以现代建筑取而代之。

  分析 de+ bate 加强意义+ 战→争论,辩论

  词义扩展 n. 争论,辩论The question is under debate. 这个问题在争论中。

  近义词 argument  争论,辩论;controversy  论争,论战

  deed n.

  He was rewarded for the good deed ofsaving the child from the river.

  猜一猜 A. 行为,行动B. 英勇C. 无私D. 正义

  翻译 他把那个小孩从河里救了起来,因此受到奖赏。

  大头巧记 deed源自did,做过,→行为,行动

  词义扩展 功绩,事迹 He achieved new deeds of merit during the war against Germany.他在对德战争中立新功。

  deep a.

  The unsatisfactory marriage of his parents has a deep influence on his development.

  猜一猜 A. 深刻的B. 重要的C. 关键的D. 否定的

  翻译 他父母的不幸婚姻对他的成长有深刻影响。

  词义扩展 ad. 深,迟deep night  深夜

  deepen v.

  The water deepens as we go further.

  猜一猜 A. 变清B. 变色C. 变深D. 变冷

  翻译 我们越往前水越深。

  分析 deep+ en 深的+ 动词词尾→(使)变深,(使)变浓

  defend v.

  The soldiers are fearless in the war defending our own country against the invasion.

  猜一猜 A. 防守,保卫B. 建设C. 发展D. 辨别

  翻译 在保卫祖国、抵抗侵略的战争中,战士们都英勇无畏。

  分析 de+ fend 加强意义+ 守→守卫,保卫

  词义扩展 为…辩护,为…答辩 The lawyer helps her to find stronger evidence to defend her claim to the inheritance.那个律师帮助她寻找更强有力的证据,来为她的遗产继承权辩护。

  defense/defence n.

  The best defense is offense.

  猜一猜 A. 防御B. 计谋C. 将领D. 手段

  翻译 最好的防御就是进攻。

  分析 de+ fence 加强意义+ 篱笆,围墙→防御,保卫

  词义扩展 ① 辩护,答辩 This book is a brilliant defense of our idea.这本书出色的辩护了我们的观点。② (pl.)防务工事coastal defenses  沿海防御工事

  近义词 guard  警戒,防护;protection  保护,防卫

  deform v.

  After a car accident, his leg was slightly deformed.

  猜一猜 A. 受伤B. 毁坏C. 麻痹D. 变形

  翻译 一场车祸之后,他的腿有一点变形。

  分析 de+ form 表示否定+形状→变形

  deformation n.

  The old man has got a deformation of the spine.

  猜一猜 A. 变形B. 治疗C. 处理D. 解决

  翻译 那个老人脊柱有点变形。

  分析 deforma + tion 使变形+ 名词词尾→变形

  delegation n.

  She was appointed as the French translator to go to France with the delegation.

  猜一猜 A. 表演队B. 访问C. 代表团D. 交流

  翻译 她被任命为法语翻译,随代表团去法国。

  分析 de+ leg+ ation from+ choose+名词词尾→从中选举出来的人,代表团

  大头巧记 dele(ct)gate→d+选举+gate, 代表团

  delight n.

  To her great delight, her son came back safely from the battlefield.

  猜一猜 A. 高兴B. 惊讶C. 感谢D. 祈祷

  翻译 她儿子从战场上安全归来,这令她十分高兴。

  大头巧记 de+ light 加强语气+光→光明灿烂,快乐,高兴

  词义扩展 v. (使)高兴,(使)欣喜 We are all delighted at her joke about the ghost.她讲的关于鬼的笑话使大家都很开心。

  词组 take delight in 以…为乐 He takes delight in collecting stamps.他以收集邮票为乐。

  近义词 please  取悦,使高兴;joy  高兴,快乐

  depict v.

  The painting depicts a harmonious family enjoying the sunshine on the grassland.

  猜一猜 A. 解释B. 呈现C. 描绘D. 见证

  翻译 这幅画描绘的是和睦的一家子在草地上晒太阳的情景。

  词义扩展 描写,描述Women are constantly depicted as inferior to man.女人常常被描绘得不如男人。

  近义词 portray 描绘,描写

  desk n.

  I have left the file on the office desk.

  猜一猜 A. 书架B. 桌子C. 工具D. 场所

  翻译 我把文件落在了办公桌上。

  deny v.

  She denies telling me anything about it.

  猜一猜 A. 坦白B. 假装C. 否认,否定D. 要求

  翻译 她否认告诉过我此事。

  词义扩展 拒绝He was denied by that company, which frustrated him very much.他被那家公司拒绝了,这使他极为沮丧。

  近义词 reject 拒绝,拒绝接受;refuse 拒绝,回绝;decline 拒绝

  desolate a.

  The former prosperous city now turns to a desolate land, from which we can sense the cruelty of time.

  猜一猜 A. 低产的B. 落后的C. 陈旧的D. 荒凉的

  翻译 时光无情,曾经繁华的城市现在变得一片荒芜。

  词义扩展 a.孤独的It's a miracle that he has lived alone in that desolate island for ten years. 他居然能在那个荒岛上一个人生活十年。

  v. 使荒芜The land is gradually desolated for his laziness.因为他的懒惰,那块地逐渐变得荒芜起来。

  近义词 ruin 毁坏

  destroy v.

  A little error in his thesis destroyed all his efforts.

  猜一猜 A. 花费B. 改变C. 发现D. 破坏

  翻译 他论文里的一个小小错误让他功亏一篑。

  分析 de+ story 否定前缀+构筑,建造→破坏,消灭, 摧毁

  近义词 ruin  毁灭,毁坏;damage  损坏,毁坏

  earn v.

  词义 赚得,挣得,获得

  earnest a.

  It is my earnest wish that you use this money to continue you study of music.

  猜一猜 A. 贪婪的 B. 高兴的C. 诚恳的D. 赚钱的

  翻译 你用这笔钱继续学习音乐是我的诚恳愿望。

  大头例句 You can trust the young man, for he is really earnest.你大可相信那个年轻人,因为他很诚恳。

  近义词 sincere诚挚的,真诚的

  earnings n.


  大头例句 He spent all his earnings in gambling.他把他所有的收入全用于赌博了。

  近义词 income收入,进款;revenue收入,税收

  effort n.

  词义 努力,艰难的尝试

  大头巧记 前缀e (出来)+词干fort(力量),力量出来,即为努力

  大头例句 His great success cannot depart from his persistent effort.他取得这么大的成功,和他坚持不懈的努力分不开。

  immune adj.

  Our immune system can protect us from being easily attacked by diseases.

  猜一猜 A. 体内的 B. 免疫的  C. 疾病的    D. 复杂的

  翻译 我们的免疫系统可以保护我们,使我们不会轻易地受到疾病的袭击。

  大头巧记 im(not)+muni(service) →不必服务的→免疫的

  词义扩展 ①  不受影响的 He is a resolute man and is immune to others prejudices.他是一个有决断力的人,不会受他人偏见的影响。② 免除的,豁免的Due to the emperors 80 years birthday celebration, the little criminal was immune from death penalty. 由于皇帝80岁大典,那个小罪犯被免除了死刑。

  usage n.

  Incorrect usage may lead to damage.

  猜一猜 A. 过程 B. 用法 C. 说明 D. 猜测

  分析 use本身是使用的意思,这个词的词尾"age"是用来表示抽象名词的,正好就是表示用法了。

  use v.

  May I use your pen?

  猜一猜 A. 借 B. 用 C. 买 D. 修理

  词义扩展v.耗费,消费All his energy is used up. 他的精力耗尽了。

  n. ① 使用,应用the use of electricity 使用电力② n. 用途,效用a new use 一项新的用途

  make use of  利用We should make good use of every chance to practice these skills. 我们应该好好利用一切机会来练习这些技能。

  put to use 使用,利用 We can put what we have learned to use this time.  这次我们学到的东西能派上用场了。

  use up 用完,花完All the money is used up. 所有的钱都已经花光了。

  used v.

  I used to walk to school.

  猜一猜 A. 曾经 B. 过去常常 C. 习惯 D. 喜欢

  词义扩展 a. ① 用旧了的,用过的 a used car 一辆旧车 ② (to) 习惯于…的 Im not used to eating spicy food. 我不习惯吃辛辣的食物。

  useful a.

  This is such a useful tool that can help a lot.

  猜一猜 A. 方便的 B. 便宜的 C. 有用的 D. 普遍的

  shear v.

  We will get the sheep sheared in the hot summer.

  猜一猜 A. 吃草B. 洗澡C. 剪毛 D.修蹄

  翻译 我们在炎热的夏天会给羊剪毛。

  近义词 scissor剪刀

  shark n.

  There are not so many sharks near the shore as in the deep sea.

  猜一猜 A. 鳄鱼B. 鲸鱼C. 鲨鱼D. 鳗鱼

  翻译 近岸区不像深海区有那么多的鲨鱼。

  大头巧记 sharp是锋利的意思,而鲨鱼shark就有它前面的四个字母开头

  shampoo n.

  I'd like to use a new perfumed shampoo produced by the P&G Corp.

  猜一猜 A. 香水        B. 清洁剂       C. 洗发水       D. 肥皂

  词义扩展 n. 洗发,洗头How much do you charge of a shampoo and set?洗头并做头要多少钱?

  v. 洗发,洗头 Do you think it's proper for me to shampoo at this peculiar moment? 你认为我在这个特别的时刻洗头合适吗?

  orange n.

  Please have an orange.

  猜一猜 A. 香蕉   B. 橘子   C. 釉子D. 草莓

  翻译 请吃一个橘子。

  oral a.

  We have had our oral examination last week.

  猜一猜 A. 口头的  B. 笔头的  C. 电话的   D. 兑换的

  翻译 我们上周已经进行了口试。

  climax n.

  The climax of this exhibition is the auction of Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

  猜一猜 A. 中心   B. 高潮    C.  计划 D.作品

  翻译 这次展览的高潮是拍卖凡·高的《星空》。

  大头巧记 cli(n)(to bend 弯下) + max (largest 最大的)=高潮

  close v.

  Tom rushed into the church when the gate was closing.

  猜一猜 A. 关闭       B. 打开       C. 上升       D.出来

  翻译 当大门就要关上的时候,汤姆冲了进去。

  大头巧记 clu(d)(to shut 关闭) + se=关上

  词义扩展 v. 结束,了解The meeting was closed without any positive results. 会议在没有取得任何有利结果的情况下结束。

  n. 结束,了解At the close of last winter, my uncle moved to London.去年冬天快要结束时,我叔叔搬到伦敦去了。 a. ① (to)近的,接近的The supermarket is very close to the center park.这个超市离中心公园很近。② 关闭着的;秘密的,不公开的;严密的,紧密的Eventually, the close policy of the government was published by the local newspaper. 最后,政府的秘密政策被当地报纸披露了。

  ad. 接近的,紧密的We sat closely and encouraged each other. 我们紧紧地靠着并互相鼓励。

  近义词 associated 关联的;intimate 亲密的

  coal n.

  Coal is an abundant resource in China.

  猜一猜 A. 石油  B. 天然气 C. 铜 D. 煤

  翻译 中国的煤资源很丰富。

  coincide v.

  He trusts his friends whose belief coincide with his own.

  猜一猜 A. 批判 B. 相反 C.赞同 D.一致

  翻译 他信任与他观念一致的朋友。

  分析 co+in+cide, together+in+to cut,kill→在里面一起砍杀,就是行动一致,相符的意思

  大头巧记 co+in+cide可理解为一起在房间里自杀,行动一致

  近义词 correspond, concur

  collect v.

  She collects the whole edition of Shakespeare including drama and sonnet.

  猜一猜 A. 收集  B.分发  C.处理 D.购买

  翻译 她收集了莎士比亚的全套作品,包括戏剧和诗歌。

  分析 col+lect together+to choose, to gather→把某物挑选集中在一起就是收集的意思

  词义扩展 v. ① 领取,接走There is a ball tonight you'd better collect your suit from the cleaner so that you can wear it. 今晚有舞会-你最好到洗衣店把衣服取回来好穿。②  收(税等)The Inland Revenue is responsible for collecting the income tax. 税务部门负责收税。③  聚集,堆积Spectators soon collected together when two passersby bursts into quarrel. 当两个过路人吵起来时,旁观者纷纷聚集过来。

  collection n.

  A fine collection of painting was stolen last night.

  猜一猜 A. 收藏品  B. 艺术品 C. 仿制品 D. 珍品

  翻译 昨晚一幅精美的绘画收藏品被盗。

  分析 collect收集,收藏+tion名词词尾→收藏品,收藏物

  collective n.

  You should act according to the principals and regulations of collective.

  猜一猜 A. 家庭   B. 集体  C. 国家  D. 社团

  翻译 你必须按照集体的规章办事。

  分析 collect+ive以形容词表示名词的词尾→集体

  词义扩展 a. 集体的,共同的Collective wisdom overpowers individual intelligence. 集体的智慧胜过个人的才智。

  come v.

  She came all the way from Iceland to hunt for a job.

  猜一猜 A. 旅行  B. 访问   C. 来到   D. 参加

  翻译 她从冰岛远道而来寻找工作。

  词义扩展 v. ① 出现于,产生   Winter came early this year.今年冬天来的特别早。②是,成为Her family always comes first她总是把家庭放在第一位。 ③  开始,终于I came to realize I was misguideD.  我认识到我已步入歧途。

  come off 实现,成为,奏效   His attempt to achieve the topest rank in his company nearly came off.  他期望在公司里爬到最高地位,已接近成功。

  come on① 请,来吧Come on ,it's your turn now.   来吧,轮到你了。② 开始,来临Christmas is coming on.     圣诞节马上到了。③ 进展,发展His oral English has come on a lot since he attended the training class last month.  他自从上个月参加了培训班的练习后,英语口语进步得很快。④ 出场,上演The audience burst into applause when the world famous actress came on.  当那位世界著名的女演员上场时,全场观众报以热烈的掌声。

  come out ① 出版,刊出 Our professors new works will come out next year. 我们教授的理论新著作明年出版。 ② 出现,显露,长出 Clouds scattered and the sun came out. 乌云散去,太阳出来了。           ③ 结果是  It came out that he returned home two months ago safe and sounD.  后来才知道他两个月前已经平安无恙地返回家了。④ 被解出  It took a whole day for him to make this equation come out. 他花了一整天才解出这道方程式。

  come round/around  ① 来访,前来  Please come round to my apartment if it is convenient for you.  如果方便请到我家坐坐。 ②  苏醒,复原  If he couldnt come round an hour later, give him some medicine. 如果一小时他还不能苏醒就给他服一些药。

  come through 经历,脱险 Its incredible that the hostage could come through. 人质能够安然脱险实在是令人难以置信。

  come to ①总计,达到The total expense for our travel come to 5.000RMB.我们旅游花费总计5000人民币。② 苏醒,复原He came to conscious after we fed him some hot water.我们喂给他一些热水之后,他就苏醒过来了。

  come true 实现,到达Her dream to be a musician came true. 她期望当一个音乐家梦想实现了。

  Come up ①  走近,上来  The began come up to me begging for money. 那乞丐走近来向我讨钱。② 发生,被提出   Such sensitive subject wont come up in a formal occasion.  这么敏感的话题不会在正式场合被提出的。

  come up to 达到,符合 My performance in the exam didn't come up to my expectation. 我在考试中的表现不尽如人意。

  come up with 提出,提供 The manager come up with a new idea to increase the efficiency of management.  经理想出了一个新的提高管理效率的办法。

  green a.

  You had better not to eat green bananas or you'll have a stomachache.

  猜一猜 A. 未熟的B. 绿色C. 蔬菜D. 植物

  翻译 你最好别吃生香蕉,否则你会肚子疼。

  词义扩展 n.① 绿色The green of countryside in spring there is very beautiful.那儿春天郊外呈现的绿色非常美丽。② [pl]蔬菜,植物Greens with large edible green leaves contain large amount of vitamin.绿色蔬菜含有丰富的维他命。

  近义词 raw

  greenhouse n.

  Like flowers in greenhouse, present children are very fragile.

  猜一猜 A. 温室B. 绿房子C. 新房子D. 植物

  翻译 如今的孩子就像温室里的花朵一样脆弱。

  近义词 conservatory, hothouse

  guest n.

  I have a lot of very important guests for my party so you must prepare for it very carefully.

  猜一猜 A. 大门B. 行人C. 旅客D. 客人

  翻译 你一定要好好为我筹备晚会,我有很多非常重量级的客人。

  近义词 company,visitor

  hamper  v.

  Our progress was hampered by the bad weather.

  猜一猜 A. 阻碍   B. 帮助    C. 增色    D. 成功

  翻译 因为坏天气我们的计划被阻碍了。

  近义词 block,hinder

  half n.

  More than half of the students in the foreign language college are female.

  猜一猜 A. 半场B. 半票C. 学期D. 一半

  翻译 外语院校一半以上的学生是女生。

  词义扩展 a. 一半的,半个的 Half worm in the apple is more terrible than one worm in it.有半条虫子在苹果里比一整条虫子在里面更可怕。

  ad. 一半Fill the glass half full.把那个玻璃杯倒满半杯水。

  词组 in half 成两半 Cut the apple in half,one for you, and the other for me.把那个苹果切成两半,你一半,我一半。

  近义词 moiety

  harmony n.

  Human beings should live in harmony with other animals.

  猜一猜 A. 困难    B. 利用  C. 和谐    D. 伤害

  翻译 人类应该与其他的动物和谐相处

  hatch v.

  How did the eggs hatch out?

  猜一猜 A. 生     B. 孵   C. 出现   D. 打破

  翻译 这些鸡蛋是怎么孵出来的?

  词义扩展 v.策划,图谋  What mischief are those children hatching up?那些孩子在玩什么花样?

  n.舱口,小门  There is a hatch between the two rooms.在两个房间中间有一个小门。

  近义词 breed,generate

  heir n.

  He is to heir a large fortune.

  猜一猜 A. 挥霍    B. 积累   C. 继承    D. 拥有

  翻译 他会继承一大笔财产。

  helmet n.

  Helmet looks like hat but mush hard than it.

  猜一猜 A. 帽子   B. 头盔    C. 盔甲   D. 马甲

  翻译 头盔看起来像帽子,但比帽子硬的多。

  journal n.

  The journal is published on fifteen every month.

  猜一猜 A. 杂志   B. 小说   C. 报纸    D.散文

  翻译 这种杂志每月十五发行。

  词义扩展 n. 日志,日记We are asked to keep a journal everyday during our summer vocation.我们暑假每天都要写一篇日记。

  judge n.

  He allowed the father to be overwhelmed by the judge and declared his son guilty.

  猜一猜 A. 裁判   B. 正义   C. 法官   D.私心

  翻译 他让法官的职责战胜了父子的私情,宣布自己的儿子有罪。

  词义扩展 n. 裁判员,评判员,鉴定人This match will be directed by this famous judge.这场比赛由这个评判员指挥。

  v. ①审判,判决Who will judge the next case? 谁将审理下一个案子?② 评定,裁判Who is going to judge the highjump competition?谁做这次跳高的裁判。③  断定,判断How can I judge? I really dont know how to judge of a picture.

  judgment n.

  According to the jury's judgement he was innocent.

  猜一猜 A. 判决   B. 猜测   C. 发现    D.同情

  翻译 根据陪审团的判定,他是无罪的。

  大头巧记 judge + ment - 判断,判决(v.)+ 名词词尾 - 判决(n.)

  词义扩展 n. 判断力,识别力,看法,意见Your judgememt that the person over there is a general is totally wrong.你说那边的那个人是个将军的判断完全错误了。

  kettle n.

  Jim, boil a kettle and make some tea for the guests.

  猜一猜 A. 鸡蛋   B. 排骨   C. 水壶   D.点心

  翻译 吉姆,烧壶水,给客人沏茶。

  kilo/kilogram/kilogramme n.

  This cart of coal weighs as much as several kilograms.

  猜一猜 A. 千克   B. 一两   C. 一斤   D.一钱

  翻译 这车煤重达几千克。

  kilometer / kilometre n.

  The ship sailed two kilometers outhward and finally reached an island.

  猜一猜 A. 小时   B. 公里   C. 天   D.日

  翻译 轮船朝南驶了两公里,最终抵达了一个岛。

  kilowatt n.

  The factory consumes five kilowatts of electricy.

  猜一猜 A. 千瓦   B. 度    C. 瓶    D.罐

  翻译 工厂每月耗电五千瓦。

  resource n.

  The treaty makes the mountain's natural resource the common heritage of mankind。

  猜一猜 A. 矿藏  B. 资源 C. 环境 D. 文化

  大头巧记 前缀re隐藏,词根source"起源","物质的源流"即资源

  词义扩展 办法,智谋,应变之才 A man of many resources is important in an emergency. 一个足智多谋的人在危机中的作用是非常重要的。

  retain v.

  The Chinese retain their particular dressing, speaking and eating abroad.

  猜一猜 A. 废除  B. 改变 C. 革新D. 保持

  大头巧记 前缀re反复, 词根tain"握,保持"

  近义词 keep, remain

  revenue n.

  The sources of the government revenue are various.

  猜一猜 A. 财政支出  B. 财政收入 C. 基金 D. 慈善捐款

  近义词 income

  east n./a.


  a.东方的,东部的 the Middle East 中东 Territorial and religious issues are the leading factors that made the Middle East a trouble spot.领土和宗教争端是导致中东局势动荡不安的主要原因。

  Easter n.

  词义 复活节

  eastern a.

  词义 东方的,东部的

  大头例句 There are many differences between eastern and western cultures.东西文化有着很多地不同点。

  eastward a./ad.

  词义 ad.(also ~s) 向东a. 向东的

  大头例句 They drove their car eastwards along the state motorway.他们驾着车沿着州际高速公路向东走。

  separate a.

  They were kept separate from others.

  猜一猜 A. 集体的 B. 分开的 C. 具体的 D.讨厌的

  分析 se是分开的意思,par是安排的意思,ate是动词词尾,分开安排自然是分离的,分开的