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2006-07-05 19:57


  Directions: Talk on the following topic for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to make your points clear and supporting details adequate. You should also be ready to answer any questions raised by the examiners during your talk. You need to have your name and registration number recorded. Start your talk with “My name is……”“My registration number is……”

  1、Topic:  Humans Clone Themselves

  2、Question for Reference:

  1. What do you know about cloning technology?

  2. What do you know about Dolly, the worlds first cloned mammal, and the significance or the consequence of such cloning?

  3. What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of the cloning technology?

  4. Should humans be cloned? To what extent should the cloning technology be applied to humans?


  1、Part A (英译中)

  Passage 1:

  Since the early 1990's, information technologies have fundamentally changed and will continue to change the world in which we live, work, study and communicate. Today, on the threshold of the 21st century, the global information revolution an has become a reality. The accelerated development of information technologies is having an increasing impact on the global economic activity and social structures.∥

  More significantly, the nature of information technologies is undergoing a profound revolution. The multimedia information exchange has become digital, wireless , mobile, and interactive. Advanced eletronic networks, particularly in the field of electronic commerce, are now allowing people to make the best use of business opportunities that are never imagined.

  Passage 2:

  In a recent television interview the Malaysian prime Minister expressed his deep concern about economic situation in his country. Malaysia has undergone financial difficulties from the combined impact of the world financial crisis, decline in world oil prices and its own prolonged recession. The direct reason for those difficulties was that investors lacked confidence in the Malaysian economy.∥

  Due to reform of the currency system, high inflation and major financial frauds, most people had little confidence in domestic commercial banks and even doubted the financial policies for the Central Bank and the government. The government and the rubber industrial companies are in severe dispute over settlement of the latter's tax bill. As a result, many foreign companies intended to stay away from further involvement in the country's development of economy.

  2、Part B(中译英)




  Passage 2:






  Part A (英译中)

  Passage 1:



  Passage 2:



  Part B(中译英)

  Passage 1:

  The smoothes transition of power in Macao is another great success attributable to Deng Xiaoping' s concept of “one country, two systems” and will play an active role in facilitating the complete reunification of the motherland. Since their return, Hong Kong and Macao's previous social and economic system and way of life have remained unchanged and their laws have been kept basically unchanged.∥

  We are very pleased to see that the policies of “one, country, two systems” and “high degree of autonomy” and the Basic Laws of the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions have been implemented in an all-round way. The central government has given full support to the Special Administrative Region governments of Hong Kong and Macao in their work. We are very positive that Hong Kong and Macao in the 21st century will have an even brighter future with the Mainland of the country.

  Passage 2:

  The Chinese government is expected to take further measures to expand domestic demand for consumer goods this year to maintain sutained, rapid and healthy economic growth. As investment, consumption and exports have been effectively increased as a result of the central authorities-policies, economic growth is now established at 7 percent or more this year. ∥

  To tackle the problem of insufficient consumer demand, china will further its efforts in preparing for investment in fixed assets. The government will concentrate its investment on infrastructure facilities, technological renovation, environmental protection, research and development, education and the construction of residential buildings. Meanwhile, the government will further make use of fiscal and monetary levers to support economic growth and provide a better policy environment for private investment.

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