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  Civil Laws, Commercial Laws and Economic Laws

  按照出资比例:in proportion to one's respective contributions to the investment

  办理注销登记:cancel the registration

  被代理人:the principal

  被侵权人 the infringed

  本人名义:in one's name

  标的subject matter

  补偿制度compensation system

  不动产登记制 Lot and Block System

  财产法 property law

  财产的添附 accretion of property; property accession

  财产抵押权 property mortgage

  财产继承权:the right of inheritance

  财产关系和人身关系:property relationships and personal relationships

  财产管理人 property administrator; custodian of property

  财产混同 confusion; hotchpot

  财产留置权 encumbrance

  采用书面形式:in writing

  仓单 warehouse voucher

  草签合同 initial a contract; sign a referendum contract; ad referendum contract

  长期合同 long-term contract

  偿付能力 solvency capability of reimbursement

  超越代理权:beyond the scope of one's power of agency

  撤消合同cancellation of contract

  撤销合同 cancel a contract; rescind a contract; avoid a contract

  撤销权 right of rescission; right of revocation

  撤销要约 revocation of offer; revoke an offer

  撤销遗赠 cancellation o will; revocationi of will

  承运人 actual fault of the carrier

  承运人的留置权 carrier's lien

  诚信原则 principle of good faith

  诚实信用原则:principle honesty and credibility; principle of honestry and good faith; good faith principle ; bona fide principle

  船舶承租人 charterer

  船舶抵押权 right of mortgage with respect to a ship; mortage of the ship; ship mortgage

  船舶抵押权的设定 establishment of mortgage of the ship

  船舶抵押的消灭 extinguishments of the mortgage of the ship

  船舶抵押权登记 registration of ship mortgage

  船舶留置权 possessory lien; lien of ship

  村民委员会:the village committee

  惩罚性的损害赔偿 punitive damages

  乘人之危:take advantage of one's unfavorable position

  处分财产 dispose of properties

  处分权 act of disposition

  处分原则 principle of disposition

  代理民事活动:be represented in civil activities by

  代理权终止:the expiration of one's power of agency

  单独承担的责任 undivided responsibility

  单方法律行为unilateral obligation

  单方行政行为 unilateral administrative act

  等价有偿:making compensation for equal value

  对等原则 principle of reciprocity


  对抗措施counter measure

  对人权right in personam; personal right

  对世权 real right; right in rem

  恶意串通:conspire maliciously

  恶意行为ill will mala fides

  法人 judicial person; legal body

  法人的权利能力 legal capacity of juristic person

  法人的责任能力 capacity for responsibility of juristic person

  法人权限 corporate power

  法人人格 corporate personality

  法人身份 status of a legal person

  法人团体 corporation

  法人资格 corporate capacity

  法人组织章程:the articles of association of the legal person

  负共同连带责任 liable jointly and severally

  负全部责任 bear all responsibilities; in all charge

  负有解释的义务 accountable

  负有连带义务的每个债务人:each of the joint debtors

  附带的条件 incident

  附带要求 contingent claim

  附带原因 contributory cause; inherent cause

  附条件的民事法律行为:conditional civil juristic acts

  附条件的权利 conditional right

  赋予权力 entitle

  个体工商户:individual businesses

  个人合伙:individual partnership

  各尽所能,按劳分配 from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

  给付定金:leave a deposit with the other party

  工商行政管理机关:the administrative agency for industry and commerce

  公民基本义务 fundamental duties of citizens


  合同法 contract law

  合同副本 copies of the contract

  合同规定 contract provisions/stipulations

  合同履行地法 lex loci contractus

  合同期限contract period (or contract term)

  合同条款contract terms (or contract clause)

  合同有效期contract life

  合同正本 originals of the contract


  合议制 collegial system

  核准登记的经营范围:within the range approved and registered

  恢复原状 recovery of original state; restitution; restoration of he original conditions; retitutio in integrum

  集体所有制企业:an enterprise under collective ownership

  技术合同纠纷案件 controversy over a technology contract


  经主管机关核准登记:approved and registered by the competent authority

  居民委员会:the neighborhood committee

  履行监护职责:fulfill duty of guardianship

  埋藏物、隐藏物:buried or concealed object

  买卖、出租、抵押、转让:be sold, leased, mortgaged or transferred

  农村承包经营户:leaseholding farm households

  平等主体:civil subjects with equal status

  企业法人被撤销:the dissolution of an enterprise as legal person

  企业法人分立、合并:the division and merger of an enterprise as legal person

  企业法人解散:disbanding of an enterprise as legal person

  契约自由 liberty of contract

  取得不当得利:profits acquired improperly and without a lawful basis

  取得法人资格:be qualified as a legal person

  全民所有制企业:an enterprise owned by the whole people

  让与 alien; alienate; assign; cede

  让与的利益 benefit of cession

  让与权 benefit of cessioni

  设定义务的规则 rule of imposing duty

  设立、变更、终止民事关系:establish, change or terminate civil relationship

  所有权 ownership

  书面合同 a written contract

  双倍返还定金:repay the deposit in double

  双方法律行为 bilateral legal transaction

  擅自变更或者解除(民事法律行为):alter or rescind one's act arbitrarily

  他物权 right over the property of another

  提供一定的财产作为抵押物:offer a specific property as a pledge

  违反合同breach of contract

  委托代理:entrusted agency

  委托代理人:an entrusted agent

  无过错责任 liability without negligence

  无民事行为能力人:a person having no capacity for civil conduct

  无因管理:act as manager or provide services in order to protect another person's interests when he is not legally or contractually obligated to do so

  下落不明 one's whereabouts have been unknown

  限制民事行为能力人:a person with limited capacity for civil conduct

  享有连带权利的每个债权人:each of the joint creditors

  行使代理权:exercise the power of agency

  宣告为无(限制)民事行为能力人:declare … to be a person to be without or with limited capacity for civil conduct

  遗失物、漂流物:lost-and-found objects, flotsam

  以抵押物折价或者以变卖抵押物的价款优先得到偿还:to keep the pledge to offset the debt or have priority in satisfying his claim out of the proceeds from the sale of the pledge

  以合法形式掩盖非法目的:perform under the guise of legitimate acts which conceal illegitimate purposes

  以欺诈、胁迫的手段:as a result of cheating or coercion

  意思表示 show one's intention

  意思表示真实:the intention expressed is genuine

  优先购买的权利:a right of pre-emption

  优先权 priority, preemptive right

  有过错的一方:the erring party

  有连带责任的 conjunctly and severally

  有权向债务人追偿:have the right to claim repayment from the debto

  造成财产损失:cause any property loss

  责任能力 capacity for responsibility

  责任年龄 capacity of responsibility; year of discretion

  债的标的 object of obligation

  债的发生 creation of obligation

  债的消灭 extinction of obligation

  占有人有权留置该财产:the possessor shall have a lien on the property

  指定代理:appointed agency

  执行合同 carry out a contract, execute/implement/fulfill/perform a contract

  主要办事机构:the main administrative office

  追偿:claim compensation from


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