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Joint Venture Agreement




  This Agreement made this____ day of____ , 19 by ABC Corporation (hereinafter called "Party A"), a Chinese corporation having its registered office at____, China, and XYZ Company (hereinafter called "Party B"), an American company having its registered office at_____, USA.




  WHEREAS Party A is engaged in manufacturing and selling in China; and WHEREAS Party B is engaged in manufacturing and selling (hereinafter called "Licensed Product") and has American patent rights to Licensed Product (hereinafter called "Patents")and registered Trademark No.____(hereinafter called "Trademark");


  WHEREAS the Parties consider it mutually advantageous to organize a jointly owned corporation (hereinafter called "Joint Venture") under the laws of the Peoples Republic of China to engage in the manufacture, sale and development of Licensed Product in______.


  NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and convenance described hereinafter Party A and Party B agree as follows:

  第一条 定义 Article 1 Definitions






  In this Agreement, the following terms have the following meanings unless the context clearly dictates otherwise.

  1."Joint Venture" means the corporation to be organized pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 hereto.

  2."Licensed Product" means_____.

  3."Patents" means______.

  4."Trademark" means______.

  第二条 建立合营企业 Article 2 Formation of Joint Venture






  1. Party A and Party B shall spare no efforts for the organization of Joint Venture under the laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

  2. The name of Joint Venture is______with its legal address:_______.

  3. All activities of Joint Venture shall comply with the provisions of the laws, decrees and pertinent regulations of the Peoples Republic of China.

  4. Joint Venture shall take the form of a limited liability company. The profits, risks and losses of Joint Venture shall be shared by both Party A and Party B in proportion to the contributions to the registered capital.

  5. The expenses of organizing Joint Venture shall be equally borne by Party A and Party B.

  第三条 生产经营的目的、范围和规模

  Article 3 Purpose, Scope and Size of Business

  1、 甲、乙双方合资经营的目的是:本着加强经济合作和扩大技术交流的愿望,采用先进而适用的技术和科学的经营管理方法,提高产品质量,开发新产品,并在质量、价格等方面具有国际市场上的竞争能力,提高经济效益,使投资各方获得满意的经济利益。

  2、 合营企业生产XXXX(许可产品),生产能力为每年XXXX.合营企业将努力改进许可产品,改善管理,以适应国际竞争。

  3、 合营企业尽可能开发许可产品的新品种,以满足国内外市场的发展需要。

  1. In line with the spirit of strengthening economic cooperation and expanding technical exchange, Joint Venture is to use state-of-the-art and appropriate technology and equipment, with efficient management systems, to produce Licensed Product which shall be of top quality and competitive in the world markets, so as to achieve satisfactory economic returns.

  2. Joint Venture is to product_____(Licensed Product) with a production capacity of_____per year. Joint Venture shall do its best to improve Licensed Product and management so as to be able to meet competition worldwide.

  3. Joint Venture shall, if possible, develop new varieties of Licensed Product in order to keep up with market developments both in the host country and in the world.

  第四条 资本结构

  Article 4 Capital Structure

  1、 合营企业的注册资本为XXXX,其中甲、乙双方各出资XX,即各占50%.

  2、 甲方出资

  (1)厂房:X X X X;(2)国产设备:X X X X;(3)现金:X X X X;(4)合资企业厂地:X X X X;

  3、 乙方出资

  (1)现金:X X X X ;

  (2)先进设备:X X X X;

  (3)工业产权:X X X X.


  4、 合营企业各方必须在19XX年X月X日前交付其出资。迟交必须交纳利息或赔偿因此而造成的损失。

  5、 甲乙双方中任何一方转让其出资额,须经另一方同意和其政府批准,该方享有优先购买权。

  1. The registered capital of Joint Venture shall be (amount of capital), of which half (50%) will be contributed by each Party.

  2. Party As contributions include

  (1) Buildings and premises:______(value);

  (2) Domestically-made equipment:_____(value);

  (3) Cash:_____;

  (4) The site of Joint Venture:______(value)。

  3. Party Bs contributions include

  (1) Cash:______;

  (2) Sophisticated equipment:_______(value);

  (3) Industrial property _______(value)。

  Party B shall present to Party A the relevant documentation on the industrial property including photocopies of the patent certificates and trademark registration certificates, statements of validity, their technical characteristics, practical value, the basis for calculating the price, etc.

  4. Each Party to Joint Venture shall pay in its contributions before______(time limit)。 Any delay in payment will be subject to a payment of interest or a compensation for the loss occurred therein.

  5. The transfer of one Partys share in the registered capital shall be effected with the prior consent of the other Party and approval of its government and the latter shall enjoy priority to purchase it.

  第五条 专利许可

  Article 5 Patent Licensing Arrangement

  1、 乙方同意向合营企业转让下列独家许可:





  2、 甲乙双方同意,在执行本协议的同时,将全面贯彻执行上述三个协议:专利许可协议、商标许可协议和技术援助协议。

  1. Party B agrees to grant Joint Venture the following exclusive licences:

  (1) An exclusive license to manufacture, use and sell Licensed Product under Party Bs Patents according to the terms and conditions of the Patent License Agreement attached hereto.

  (2) An exclusive license to use Trademark in marketing Licensed Product according to the terms and conditions of the Trademark License Agreement attached hereto.

  (3) An exclusive license to practise Party Bs know-how for manufacturing and marketing Licensed Product according to the terms and conditions of the Technical Asistance Agreement attached hereto.

  2. Party A and Party B agree that simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement, they shall carry out, the above three agreements —— the Patent License Agreement, the Trademark License Agreement and the Technical Assistance Agreement.

  第六条 产品销售

  Article 6 Marketing Arrangements

  1、 甲乙双方共同负责销售许可产品。

  2、 通过乙方世界销售系统销售的产品初期销售量为总产量的XX%.同时,甲方将协助合营企业通过中国的外贸公司出口许可产品。

  3、 许可产品也可以在中国市场出售。

  4、 中营企业所需购买的原材料、半成品、燃料和配套件等,在条件相同的情况下,应首先在中国购买。当然,也可使用自己的外汇直接从世界市场购进。

  1. Party A and Party B shall be responsible for the sales of Licensed Product.

  2. The initial amount of Licensed Product to be sold on the foreign markets is______% of the total production through Party Bs marketing system worldwide. Meanwhile Party A shall help Joint Venture to export Licensed Product through Chinas trade establishments.

  3. Licensed Product may also be distributed on the Chinese market.

  4. In purchase of the required raw materials and semiprocessed products, fuels, auxiliary equipment etc., Joint Venture shall give first priority to Chinese sources where conditions are the same, but may also acquire them directly from the world market with its own foreign exchange funds.

  第七条 董事会

  Article 7 Board of Directors

  1、 董事会是合营企业的最高领导机构,负责合营企业的主要事宜。

  2、 董事会由XX名董事组成,其中X名(包括董事长)由甲方指定;X名(包括副董事长)由乙方指定。董事的任期为4年,若双方同意,任期可以延长。

  3、 董事会每年召开一次,原则上在合营企业的法定地址举行。出席会议的法定人数不得少于董事人数的2/3.若董事不能出席会议,应授权代表出席会议,代表他投票。


  4、 对于下列问题,必须经出席会议的董事一致通过,方可作出决定:






  1. The Board of Directors is the top leadership of Joint Venture. It is responsible for all major issues concerning Joint Venture.

  2. The Board of Directors consists of______(number) directors, of whom _______(number) including the chairman shall be appointed by party A, and______(number) including the deputy chairman shall be appointed by Party B. The office term for the directors is 4 years, which may be renewed with the consent of the Parties to Joint Venture.

  3. Board meetings shall generally be held at the location of Joint Ventures legal address, once each year. A quorum for a meeting shall consist of not fewer than two thirds (2/3) of the directors. Should any director be unable to attend the meeting, he shall authorize a representative to be present at the meeting and vote for him.

  In case a director dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to fulfil his duties prior to the fulfilment of his term, the Parties agree to cooperate fully to have as his replacement a director nominated by the Party that nominated the director whose death, resignation or other conditions created the vacancy.

  4. Decisions on the following items shall be made only when unanimously agreed upon by the directors present at the Board meeting.

  (1) Amendment to the articles of incorporation of Joint Venture;

  (2) Termination and dissolution of Joint Venture;

  (3) Increase or assignmnet of the registered capital of Joint Venture;

  (4) Merger of Joint Venture with another economic organization.

  Decisions on other items shall be made by a simple majority vote of the directors present at the meeting.

  第八条 管理

  Article 8 Management

  1、 合营企业设经营管理机构,负责企业的日常经营管理工作。

  2、 经营管理机构设经理1人、副经理2人,任期4年。总经理由甲方指定,负责执行董事会的决议和日常管理工作。副总经理由双方各指定1人,协助总经理工作。

  3、 管理机构设若干部门,在总经理和副总经理的领导下,负责企业各部门的工作。

  1. Joint Venture shall establish a management office which shall be responsible for daily management of Joint Venture.

  2. The management office shall have a general manager and two deputy general managers, whose term is 4 years. The general manager nominated by Party A is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors and daily operation. The deputy managers, one of whom is nominated by each Party, shall assist the general manager in his duties.

  3. The management office may have its subdivisions, the duties of which are to manage different business departments under the leadership of the general manager or deputy general managers.

  第九条 劳动管理

  Article 9 Labour management

  1、 合营企业的中方专家、技术人员、工人和其他人员由甲方招聘;合营企业的外方专家由乙方招聘。

  2、 合营企业的专家、职员或工人的雇用、辞退、工资、劳动保险、生活福利和奖惩等项,由董事会按照《中华人民共和国中外合资经营企业法实施条例》决定。

  1. Party A agrees to help Joint Venture to invite and recruit Chinese experts, technicians, workers and other personnel and Party B agree to help Joint Venture to invite and recruit foreign experts.

  2. The employment and dismissal, wages, insurance, welfare, awards, and fines of its experts, staff members and workers shall be decided by the Board of Directors according to "Regulations for the Implementation of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Chinese Foreign Joint Venture".

  第十条 财务与会计

  Article 10 Financial Affairs and Accounting

  1、 协议双方充分认识到,为了他们自己和合营企业的最大利益,必须尽一切可能增加生产。因此,双方同意合营企业应保留足够的收益,用于扩大生产的其他需要,如奖金和福利基金。合营企业的年留用奖金比率由董事会决定。

  2、 合营企业雇用合格的财务人员和审计员,设立会计帐目,合营各方可随时查看有关帐目。

  3、 合营企业的财政年度自1月1日至12月31日。合营企业的净收入,在扣除储备金、奖金和企业发展奖金以后,根据各方出资在注册酱中占的比例进行分配。红利以XX(货币)支付。

  1. The parties hereto are fully aware that the best interests of their own and Joint Venture will be served by taking all reasonable measures to ensure increase in production and in order to achieve this goal, the Parties agree to retain sufficient earnings in Joint Venture for the expansion of production and other requirements, such as bonus and welfare funds. The annual proportion of the earnings to be retained shall be decided by the Board of Directors.

  2. Joint Venture shall employ competent treasurers and auditors to keep all books of accounts, which are accessible at any time to each Party hereto.

  3. The fiscal year of Joint Venture shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31st. The net profit of Joint Venture shall be distributed between the Parties to Joint Venture in proportion to their respective shares in the registered capital after the deduction therefrom of the reserve funds, the bonus and the expansion funds of Joint Venture. Dividends shall be paid in (currency)。

  第十一条 税费

  Article 11 Tax

  1、 合营企业必须按照中华人民共和国的法律纳税。

  2、 合营公司的职员和工人必须按照《中华人民共和国个人所得税》纳税。

  3、 合营企业进出口货物根据中华人民共和国的法律缴纳或减免关税。

  1. Joint Venture shall pay taxes in accordance with the relevant laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

  2. The staff members and workers employed by Joint Venture shall pay individual income tax according to the Individual Income Tax Law of the Peoples Republic of China.

  3. Joint Venture shall pay or exempt from customs duty and industrial and commercial consolidated tax on goods imported or exported in accordance with the relevant laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

  第十二条 合营期限

  Article 12 Duration of Joint Venture

  1、 合营期限为X年。合营企业的成立日期为合营公司营业执照签发之日。

  2、 若双方同意延期,合营企业必须在期江前6个月向中国政府的主管部门提出延长期限的申请。

  1. The duration of Joint Venture is______ years, which begins on the date when Joint Venture is issued the business license.

  2. When both Parties to Joint Venture agree to extend the duration, Joint Venture shall file an application for extending the duration to the relevant authority of the Chinese governmnent 6 months befor its expiration date.

  第十三条 解散与清算

  Article 13 Dissolution and Liquidation



  Upon announcement of the dissolution of Joint Venture, its Board of Directors shall work out procedures and principles for the liquidation and set up a liquidation committee.

  All matters concerning the dissolution and liquidation of Joint Venture shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

  第十四条 保险

  Article 14 Insurance


  Insurance against various risks shall be effected by Joint Venture with the Peoples Insurance Company of China.

  第十五条 仲裁

  Article 15 Arbitration


  All disputes, controversies or differences which may arise between the Parties hereto, out of or in relation to this Agreement and which the Board of Directors fails to settle through consultation, shall finaly be submitted to arbitration which shall be conducted by the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in accordance with the Provisional Rules of Procedure of Arbitration of the said commission, the decision of which shall be final and binding upon both parties.

  第十六条 协议的修改

  Article 16 Amendment


  This Agreement may be amended during the duration of this Agreement by the Parties, provided that such amendment shall be in writing and signed by both Parties and shall be approved by the competent agency of the governmnet of the Peoples Republic of China.

  第十七条 不可抗力

  Article 17 Force Majeure

  1、 本协议任何一方因地震、火灾、洪水、爆炸、风暴、事故和战争等不可抗力事件,未能履行协议,不构成违约或索赔之缘由。

  2、 遭受不可抗力事件一方必须立即电报通知另一方,并在发报后X天内提交当地主管部门出具的证明文件,供双方据以友好合理地解决有关问题。

  1. Any failure or delay in the performance by either Party hereto of its obligations under this Agreement shall not constitute a breach hereof or give rise to any claims for damages if it is caused by the following occurrences beyond the control of the Party: earthquake, fire, floods, explosions, storms, accidents, war.

  2. The Party affected by force majeure event shall immediately cable the other Party about the event, and submit within______ days after the cable the certified documents issued by a public competent organization at the place where the force majeure event has taken place, with which the two Parties hereto shall settle the problem in a friendly and reasonable way.

  第十八条 通知

  Article 18 Notice






  Any notice required or permitted under the provisions of this Agreement shall be in writing and addressed as follows:

  To ABC Corporation: at______.

  To XYZ Company: at______.

  To Joint Venture: at_______.

  Notice shall be deemed to have been given on the date of mailing except the notice of change of address which shall be deemed to have been given when received. The time shall be calculated according to that of the time zone of the addresser or sender.

  第十九条 唯一协议

  Article 19 Sole Agreement


  This Agreement consititutes the entire and only Agreement between the Parties hereto and supersedes and nullifies all prior agreements, commitments, expressed or implied, between the Parties hereto.

  第二十条 适用法律

  Article 20 Governing Law


  The formation, validation, interpretation and performance of this Agreement are governed by the laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

  第二十一条 文字

  Article 21 Language


  兹证明,双方委派各自代表, 在以下开首语中书明的日期签署盖章。本协议一式两份。

  This Agreement shall be executed by the Parties hereto in both Chinese version and English version, each of which shall be binding upon both Parties. But the Chinese version shall prevail in the event of any discrepancy between the two said versions.

  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Agreement in duplicate by their duly authorized representatives as of the date first above written.

  ABC 公司:___________ XYZ 公司:___________

  (签字) (签字)

  ABC Co. XYZ Co.

  By __________________ By __________________

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