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职称英语补全短文 第1课时

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  Teamwork in Tourism

  Growing cooperation among branches of tourism has proved valuable to all concerned. Government bureaus, trade and travel associations, carriers and properties are all working together to bring about optimum conditions for travelers.

  Travel operators, specialists in the field of planning, sponsor extensive research programs. They have knowledge of all areas and all carrier services, and they are experts in organizing different types of tours and ____(1)____. They distribute materials to agencies, such as journals, brochures and advertising projects. They offer familiarization and workshop tours ____(2)____.

  Tourist counselors give valuable seminars to acquaint agents with new programs and techniques in selling. In this way agents learn ____(3)____ and to suggest different modes and combinations of travel - planes; ships, trains, motorcoaches, car-rentals, and even car purchases.

  Properties and agencies work closely together to make the most suitable contracts, considering both the comfort of the clients and their own profitable financial arrangement. Agencies rely upon the good services of hotels, and, conversely, ____(4)____, to fulfill their contracts and to send them clients.

  The same confidence exists between agencies and carriers, ____(5)____. Carriers are dependent upon agencies to supply passengers, and agencies are dependent upon carriers to present them with marketable tours. All services must work together for greater efficiency, fair pricing and contented customers.

  A including car-rental and sight-seeing services.

  B so that in a short time agents can obtain first-hand knowledge of the tours.

  C in preparing effective advertising campaigns

  D as a result tourism is flouring in all countries

  E hotels rely upon agencies

  F to explain destinations



  Death control

  A very important world problem-in fact, I am inclined to say it is the most important of all the great world problems________(1) _________-is the rapidly increasing pressure of population on land and on land resources.

  This enormous increase of population will create immense problems. By 2000 A.D., unless something desperate happens, there will be as many as 7,000,000,000 people on the surface of the earth! So this is a problem which you are going to see in your lifetime

  Why is this enormous increase in population taking place? It is really due to the spread of the knowledge and the practice of _________ (2)_______. You have heard of Birth Control? Death Control is something rather different. Death Control recognizes the work of the doctors and the nurses and the hospitals and the health services in keeping alive people who,_____(3)_____, Would have died of some of the incredibly serious killing diseases , as they used to do. Squalid conditions, which we can remedy by an improved standard of living, caused a lot of disease and dirt. Medical examinations at school catch diseases early and ensure healthier school children. Scientists are at work stamping out malaria and other more deadly diseases. If you are seriously ill there is an ambulance to take you to a modern hospital. Medical care helps _____(4)______. We used to think seventy was a good age; now eighty, ninety, it may be , are coming to be recognized as a normal age for human beings. People are living longer because of this Death Control, and _____(5)_____, so the population of the world is shooting up.


  A fewer children are dying

  B a few years ago

  C what is coming to be called Death Control

  D which face us at the present time

  E making it possible for people to live longer

  F to keep people alive longer

  Keys: DCBFA


  Ludwig van Beethoven

  Ludwig van Beethoven, a major composer of the nineteenth century, overcame many personal problems to achieve artistic greatness.

  Born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770, be first studied music with the court organist, Gilles van der Eeden. His father was excessively strict and given to heavy drinking. When his mother died, Beethoven, ____(1)____, was named guardian of his two younger brothers. Appointed deputy court organist to Christian Gottlob Neefe at a surprisingly early age in 1782, Beethoven also played the harpsichord and the viola. In 1792 he was sent to Vienna by his patron, Count Ferdinand Waldstein, to study music under Haydn.

  Beethoven remained unmarried. Because of irregular payments from his publishers and erratic support from his patrons, ____(2)____. Continually plagued by ill health, he developed an ear infection which led to his tragic deafness in 1819.

  In spited of this handicap, ____(3)____. He completed mature masterpieces of great musical depth: three piano sonata, four string quartets, the Missa Solemnis, and the 9th Symphony. He died in 1827. His life was marked ____(4)____.

  Noting that Beethoven often flew into fits of rage, Goethe once said of him, “I am astonished by his talent, but he is unfortunately an altogether untamed personality.” Although Beethoven's personality ____(5)____, his music shows great discipline and control, and this is how we remember him best

  A however, he continued to write music

  B he was troubled by financial worries throughout his adult life

  C by a passionate dedication to independence

  D then a young man

  E may have been untamed

  F his music has been loved over the past centuries


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