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70天攻克考研英语词汇 DAY 55

2006-7-28 01:02  

  recreation n.

  He considers gardening a recreation rather a form of hard work.

  猜一猜 A. 回忆B. 娱乐,消遣C. 接待D. 领域

  翻译 他认为园艺是一种消遣而非辛苦的工作。

  分析 re+creat+ion 再+创造+名词词尾→回复创造力的过程就是娱乐,消遣

  近义词 relaxation

  powder n.

  Some girls like to crush candy to powder so that they can eat it more convenient.

  猜一猜 A. 块B. 粉末C. 溶液D. 软化

  翻译 一些女孩喜欢把糖压成粉末,使吃起来更方便。

  大头巧记 pow(谐音炮)+der(谐音的)  联想:被炮打得粉碎。

  词义扩展 火药,炸药

  同义词 dust,spatter

  subsequent a.

  His subsequent lectures are more successful.

  猜一猜 A. 之前的    B. 后来的C. 学术的  D. 评价的

  翻译 他随后的讲座办得更成功。

  近义词 following:以下的 succeeding:后继的

  大头巧记 sub-(under)+ sequ(to follow)+ent名词词尾——接下来的。

  tempt v.

  He was tempted to gamble.

  猜一猜 A. 吩咐 B. 指使 C. 诱惑D. 戏弄

  翻译 他被引诱去赌博了。

  词义扩展  吸引,使感兴趣His ice cream tempted me into eating one. 他的冰激凌诱使我也来一个。

  近义词 allure, attract, captive, charm, enchant, enthrall, entice, fascinate, seduce

  temptation n.

  He resisted the temptation and went on in his work.

  猜一猜 A. 诱惑    B. 夸奖C. 糖衣炮弹    D. 批评

  翻译 他抵制住诱惑,继续工作。

  大头巧记 tempt + ation——诱惑+名词词尾——诱惑(名词)

  payment n.

  He supplied a high payment for my job, which was just the condition appealing to me.

  猜一猜 A. 支付B. 借款 C. 条件 D. 收益

  翻译 他提供了较高的报酬,这是真正吸引我的地方。

  分析 pay(支付)+ment (名词词尾) →支付, 付款项

  toss v.

  The horse tossed its rider.

  猜一猜 A. 践踏B. 踢 C. 扔、抛D. 摆脱

  翻译 马将骑手摔了下来。

  词义扩展  v. ① 摇摆,颠簸The waves tossed the boat. 浪打得船只颠簸不停。②辗转反侧I couldn't fall asleep, but kept tossing and turning . 我辗转反侧睡不着。

  smuggle v.

  He gets a lot of money by smuggling out cigar.

  猜一猜 A. 抽烟B. 卖C. 买D. 走私

  翻译 他靠走私雪茄赚了很多钱。

  sick a.

  He is so sick that he could not even stand up.

  猜一猜 A. 疼痛B. 兴奋C. 生气D. 生病

  翻译 他病得连站都站不起来了。

  近义词 ill,unwell 生病的

  词义扩展  恶心的,想吐的She got a sick feeling after taking all the medicine. 她吃完所有的药以后恶心得直想吐。

  词组 sick of  厌烦She is heartily sick of her boyfriends habits of telling lies. 她从心里厌烦了她男朋友爱说谎的毛病。

  turn  v.

  The crank turns the wheel.

  猜一猜 A. 带动B.环绕C.转动,旋转,翻转D.推动

  翻译 曲柄使轮子转动。

  词义扩展 v. 变化,变成t turns warmer and warmer these days.这些天越来越暖和了。

  n. ① 转向,转变I will leave the port before the turn of the tide. 我要在潮转前离港。②转动,旋转Give the handle a turn to the left. 将把手向左旋转。③ 轮流,顺次We take turns to be on duty. 我们轮流值日。

  词组 by turns 轮流,交替地We are on duty by turns. 我们轮流值日。

  in turns  依次,轮流Please enter the room in turns. 请依次进房间。

  turn down  关小,调低; 拒绝,痛斥Please turn down the TV when the baby is sleeping. 当宝宝在睡觉时,请调小电视机。 He was turned down to join the game because of his poor health. 他因为身体不好被拒绝参加比赛。

  turn in 交出,上缴The peasants refused to turn in the money. 农民们拒绝交钱。

  turn into 变成He turned into a lawyer after graduation. 毕业后他成了一名律师。

  turn off 关掉,断开Remember to turn off the lights before you leave 离开前记得关灯。

  turn on 接通,打开Turn on the lights ! It is too dark inside. 把灯打开,里面太黑了。

  turn out制造,产生;结果是;驱逐,使离开  What he said turned out a lie. 他所说的结果是谎言。

  turn to 求助于,借助于You can turn to your teacher when you have any problem. 有任何问题可以求助于你的老师。

  turn up 开大,调大;出现,来到;发生He didnt turn up until 9 o'clock. 他只到九点才出现。

  turning n.

  Take the second turning on the left, and you will never miss it.

  猜一猜 A. 岔路口B. 路标C. 主干道D. 转弯处

  翻译 在第二个转弯处左转,你不会找不到的。

  degenerate v.

  We were asked to stay along with our father because his health was degenerating rapidly.

  猜一猜 A. 恶化B. 毁坏C. 下降D. 临危

  翻译 父亲的健康状况急剧恶化,我们得回家照顾他。

  分析 de+ generate 向下,退后+生殖→衰退,堕落,退化

  词义扩展 A. 堕落的a degenerate society 堕落的社会

  n.堕落者condemn the degenerate 谴责堕落的人

  canteen n.

  Students are required to have lunch in the canteen by the school authority.

  猜一猜 A. 酒店 B. 食堂 C. 区域  D. 场所

  翻译 校方要求学生在食堂吃午饭。

  beauty n.

  Each year the city will hold a beauty contest, which never fails to be sensational.

  猜一猜 A. 美(丽)B. 流行C. 时装秀D. 艺术

  翻译 每年这个城市都要举行选美比赛,而且每次都闹得沸沸扬扬。

  词义扩展 美人,美丽的东西Beauty lies in lover's eyes. 情人眼里出西施。

  publish v.

  This hot selling books published in this press attract vast majority of the students.

  猜一猜 A. 出版B. 公开C. 销D. 受欢迎的

  翻译 这家出版社出版的畅销书吸引了大部分的学生。

  分析 publ+ish 公开的+使→使公开即出版,公布

  词义扩展 公布,发布The government published a new policy on education last week.上个星期政府公布了一项新的教育政策。

  label n.

  To prevent losing your luggage, put labels on it.

  猜一猜 A. 标签B. 姓名C. 日期D. 号码

  翻译 为了避免丢失行李,把它上面贴上标签。

  词义扩展 n. 标记,符号You can reach the teaching building according to the labels along the road.  你可以根据沿路的标记到达教学楼。

  v. 贴标签于…,把…称为He always cheats us, as a result, we label him as a liar. 他老是骗我们,于是,我们就把他称为说谎的人。

  import v.

  Every year, our country imports many kinds of foreign goods.

  猜一猜 A. 进口B. 改进C. 审查D. 宣传

  翻译 每年我们国家都会进口多种外国商品。

  大头巧记 im(in)+port(to carry) →搬运进来→进口

  词义扩展 pl. ① 进口,输入America has a large import of Chinese clothing 美国对中国的服装进口很多。② 进口商品In order to protect our industry, we should control cheap foreign imports. 为了保护我们国家的工业,我们应该控制外国廉价进口的商品。③ 要旨,含意 Dont be mistaken, my words had no hidden import. 别误会,我的话没有什么隐含的含意。

  elbow (v./n.)

  词义  n. 肘,弯头 v.  用肘挤

  大头例句 Children elbowed their way through the crowd to get a clear view of the performance. 孩子们从人群中挤过去,以便更好地观看演出。

  lid n.

  The vapour made the lid of a kettle open.

  猜一猜 A. 盖   B. 嘴   C. 把   D. 壶面

  翻译 水蒸气把水壶盖顶开了。

  pirate n./v.

  Pirate tape is very popular now.

  猜一猜 A. 流行 B. 私人  C. 盗版  D. 古典

  翻译 盗版磁带现在很流行。

  大头巧记 pi (谐音π)+rate(比率)=以π为比率大幅度增长=暴利行业

  联想记忆 盗版牟取暴利。

  词义扩展 n. 海盗 The pirate crew killed women and children crucially. 那群海盗残忍地杀害了妇女和小孩。

  profile n.

  It is strange that the profile of the architecture is more beautiful than its face.

  猜一猜 A. 正面B. 全身C. 局部D. 侧面

  翻译 奇怪的是这座建筑的侧面比正面更美观。

  分析 pro+ file:朝前的+ 线条,纵列→"纵面朝前的线"即"侧面"

  词义扩展 n.① 轮廓,外形The profile of the distant mountains are fading away as we are boating eastwards. 当我们朝东划去时,远山的轮廓正渐渐淡去。② 人物简介It is easy for us to get a profile of Mark Twain in the his personal library. 我们很容易在他的私人图书馆找到马克·吐温的简介。

  ruthless a.

  The newspaper tycoon is condemned for his ruthless treatment of employees.

  猜一猜 A. 吝啬的B. 苛刻的C. 残酷的,无情的  D. 刻板的

  翻译 这个报纸大亨因为对员工残酷无情而被指责。

  联想记忆 词根ruth"规律",less否定形容词后缀。没有规律制度就是无法律,残酷的。

  同义词 cruel, brutal

  forever ad.

  He will be alive in our heart forever.

  猜一猜 A. 短暂的, 昙花一现的B. 永远, 常常C. 少有的D. 曾经

  翻译 他将永远活在我们心中。

  大头巧记 for ever (一直)→永远, 常常

  screw n.

  There is an important screw missing.

  猜一猜 A. 螺旋,螺丝(钉)B. 拧紧C. 屏风D. 筛选

  翻译 有一颗重要的螺丝钉不见了。

  大头巧记 screen 是屏风,帘子,是平的,变其中的en为w,表示把平的帘子扭成w形,呈螺旋状,像螺丝钉

  词义扩展 v. 拧,拧紧screw the water tap  拧紧水龙头

  storm n.

  Our sport meeting is postponed because of the storm.

  猜一猜 A. 天气B. 台风C. 事故D. 暴风雨

  翻译 我们的校运会因暴风雨而推迟。

  词义扩展 n. 激动,爆发He stormed after hearing the news. 他听到消息后暴跳如雷。

  v.  猛攻,直捣The red army surprisingly stormed an enemy's stronghold.  红军出其不意地对敌人的堡垒发出猛攻。

  近义词 tempest:大风暴,暴风雨,暴风雪 hurricane:飓风,十二级风 tornado:龙卷风 blizzard: 大暴风雪 typhoon:台风 whirlwind:龙卷风 cyclone:龙卷风

  thanksgiving n.

  Thanksgiving is a big festival for the Westerners to thank the God.

  猜一猜 A. 复活节B. 圣诞节C. 感恩节D. 万圣节

  翻译 感恩节是西方人感谢上帝的大节日。

  trade n.

  Since joining into the Common Market, Britain's trade with Europe has greatly increased.

  猜一猜 A. 贸易,商业B. 交流C. 合作D. 行业

  翻译 英国自从加入共同市场以来,与欧洲的贸易大增。

  词义扩展 n. 职业,行业He is a carpenter by trade. 他的职业是个木匠。

  v.  经商,交易It is a firm which trades in arms, textiles, grain. 这是一家经营军火、纺织品、谷物的公司。

  trademark n.

  Only this factory enjoys the right to use the trademark.

  猜一猜 A. 品名B.专利C. 商标D. 成分

  翻译 只有这加工厂享有该商标的使用权。

  timid a.

  She is as timid as a rabbit.

  猜一猜 A. 雪白的B. 可爱的C. 小巧的D. 胆怯的,怯懦的

  翻译 她胆小如兔。

  联想记忆 "tim"字根表示"害怕",派生词有timidity n.;timidly ad.;timidness  n.

  unexpected a.

  Don't always be upset for the present misfortune then the unexpected happiness is on the way.

  猜一猜 A. 惊奇的B.意外的,突然的C.虚伪的,假装的D.空虚的,无聊的

  翻译 不要总是为眼前的不幸而悲伤,意外的惊喜即将到来。

  联想记忆 un表否定+expect 期盼,意料=unexpected 出乎意料

  butter n.

  Bread without butter is tasteless.

  猜一猜 A. 糖B. 盐C. 奶油D. 黄油

  翻译 没有黄油的面包是无味的。

  词义扩展 v. 涂黄油于…上Mum buttered the toast for her children. 妈妈给孩子们的面包涂上黄油。

  butterfly n.

  There is a cloud of butterflies outside my window.

  猜一猜 A. 昆虫B. 蜻蜓C. 蝴蝶D. 蚊子

  翻译 我的窗外有一群蝴蝶。

  transparent a.

  The plastic is transparent.

  猜一猜 A. 短暂的B. 便宜的C. 透明的D. 有机的

  翻译 塑料是透明的。

  词义扩展 A. 显而易见的Your words are a transparent lie. 你所说的明显是谎言。

  unable a.

  I am unable to see the difference.

  猜一猜 A. 同意B. 不能的,不会的C. 精通的D. 陌生的

  翻译 我看不出差别。

  unanimous a.

  The meeting was unanimous in support of the decision.

  猜一猜 A. 支持的B.热爱的C.全体一致的,一致同意的D.反对的

  翻译 与会者一致拥护这个决议。

  unbearable a.

  The noise is unbearable; my head aches a lot.

  猜一猜 A. 难以忍受的B. 无聊的C. 心烦的D. 讨厌的

  翻译 噪音太难以忍受,我头疼的厉害。

  uncertain a.

  I am uncertain of his attitude towards this decision.

  猜一猜 A. 明白的B. 误解的C. 不定的,不明确的D. 背离的

  翻译 我不明确他对该决定的态度。

  联想记忆前缀 un 表示否定 un+certain,明确的,明白的,即为不明确的,不明白的。

  词义扩展  a. 不可靠的,易变的He is a person of uncertain character. 他是个性格难以捉摸的人。

  uncertainty n.

  A lot of things in the world are uncertainty.

  猜一猜 A. 易变, 靠不住B.误会C. 悲哀D. 快乐


  uncover v.

  We are required to uncover the essence of things.

  猜一猜 A. 表现B. 阐述C. 感悟D. 揭露,揭开

  翻译 我们要揭示事物的本质。

  velvet n.

  She is so charming wearing a beautiful velvet coat.

  猜一猜 A. 毛线B. 貂皮C. 丝绸D. 天鹅绒

  翻译 她穿着一件漂亮的天鹅绒上衣,显得如此的迷人。

  词义扩展 a. 丝绒制的,柔软的

  trip n.

  I had a trip to the seaside this summer.

  猜一猜 A. 度假B. 疗养C. 旅行,远足D. 出差

  翻译 我夏天去海边远足。词义扩展 v. 绊倒,失足The wrestler tripped his opponent. 摔跤运动员摔倒了他的对手。

  team n.

  Both he and I are on the school basketball team.

  猜一猜 A. 联盟B. 俱乐部C. 小队D. 组织

  翻译 他和我都是篮球队队员。

  词义扩展 v. 协同工作They want to team up with us. 他们想和我们协力从事。

  近义词 group:小组

  slice n.

  She took a slice of bread as her breakfast.

  猜一猜 A. 薄片B. 块C. 盘D. 包

  翻译 她吃了一块面包当早餐。

  词义扩展 一份 a slice of profit  一份利益

  近义词 piece片

  render v.

  Millions of people were rendered partially or wholly destitute during the war.

  猜一猜 A. 使得,致使B. 加强C. 使高兴D. 拒绝

  翻译 战争期间,数以百万计的人民都沦落到啼饥号寒或一贫如洗的地步。

  分析 ren+der回 +give给→导致,致使

  词义扩展 提出,提供,呈报render help to disaster victims 为灾民提供帮助

  近义词 cause

  pitch n.

  Pitch is pressed firmly on the road as the skin of the road.

  猜一猜 A. 石头B. 水泥 C. 沥青D. 煤渣

  翻译 沥青被压实以覆盖路面。

  词义扩展 v.投掷,扔Boys like to pitch stones into the river. 男孩子喜欢往河里扔石头。

  近义词 cast,fall,lurch

  marble n.

  Marble is found in Italy, Greece, etc, in many colors, but the commonest is white.

  猜一猜 A. 石头B. 水晶 C. 贝壳D. 大理石

  翻译 在意大利、希腊等许多地方都发现了大理石,有很多颜色,但最普通的是白色。

  pneumonia n.

  The child got very serious pneumonia.

  猜一猜 A. 肺炎B. 肝炎C. 心脏病D. 白血病

  翻译 那个小孩有很严重的肺炎。

  seize v.

  They have seized the general of their enemy force.

  猜一猜 A. 抓住B. 杀死C. 批评D. 打败

  翻译 他们逮住了敌军的将军。

  近义词 capture

  词义扩展 ① 夺取,占领seize the territory  夺取领地② 没收,查封seize the properties  没收财产

  skeleton n.

  The medical students must be very familiar with the human skeleton.

  猜一猜 A. 药品B. 人体C. 内脏D. 骨骼

  翻译 学医的学生一定要对人体骨骼十分了解。

  近义词 frame:框架 bone:骨头

  词义扩展 ① 骨架,框架She was reduced to a skeleton because of losing weight too much. 她由于减肥过度而骨瘦如柴。 ② 梗概,提要The teacher of literature asked us to give a skeleton of the long article. 文学老师让我们给那篇长文章作一个梗概。

  region n.

  Many plants thrive in both tropical and temperate region throughout the world.

  猜一猜 A. 王国B. 领域C. 行政D.区域

  翻译 许多植物在地球上的热带地区和温带地区都能生长。

  分析 reg+ion 统治+名词词尾→统治的地方就是一个区域,地区

  snowstorm n.

  Snowstorm will do great harm to the agriculture and peoples life.

  猜一猜 A. 地震B. 泥石流C. 飓风D. 暴风雪

  翻译 暴风雪会极大地阻碍农业生产和人民生活。

  联想记忆 snow是"雪",storm是"风暴",合起来成为"暴风雪",即snowstorm.

  steward n.

  When on board, the stewards walked around to serve the passengers.

  猜一猜 A. 经理B. 船长C. 机长D. 乘务员

  翻译 在机舱里,乘务员到处走动为乘客提供服务。

  thereafter ad.

  You will be sent to the airport; thereafter you will fly to New York alone.

  猜一猜 A. 因此B. 然后C. 于是D. 然而

  翻译 你会被送往机场,然后一个人飞往纽约。

  联想记忆 there表示"那",after表示"后、以后",合在一起表示"那以后",即然后、以后

  thereby ad.

  I gave him my advice; I hope he may profit thereby.

  猜一猜 A. 从而B. 以后C. 于是D. 然后

  翻译 我已经给他劝告了,希望他由此受益。

  联想记忆 by含有"通过"之意,thereby即为"从而,因此".

  therefore a.

  It rained; therefore the match was postponed.

  猜一猜 A. 从前B. 然后C. 从而D. 因此

  翻译 天下雨了,因此比赛延期了。

  联想记忆 "fore"与"for"同音,"for"即可表示为"for that reason"(因为那个原因,因此)"therefore"即为"因此".

  thereof a.

  More good thereof shall spring.

  猜一猜 A. 然后B. 因为C. 由此D. 为了

  翻译 由此而产生更多好处。

  联想记忆 "of"往往带有一种"归属"的含义。"thereof"则表示原因归属于此,即"因此、由此".

  silence n.

  There is a long time of silence after his words.

  猜一猜 A. 中止B. 尴尬C. 寂静D. 沉默

  翻译 他讲完话后陷入了长长的沉默。

  词义扩展 v. 使沉默,使安静The teacher silenced the class,after the bell rang. 老师让学生在打铃之后安静下来了。

  silent a.

  You don't have to keep silent in the meeting.

  猜一猜 A. 中止B. 尴尬C. 寂静D. 沉默

  翻译 在会议中你不要保持沉默。

  联想记忆 silence 是名词,而silent是形容词,可以一起记忆。

  sole a.

  Everything is sole because there are no exactly same things.

  猜一猜 A. 特别的B. 独一无二的C. 易分辨的D. 清楚的

  翻译 什么都是独一无二的,因为不存在一模一样的事物。

  词义扩展 n. 脚垫,鞋底The soles of his boots have been worn out. You should buy him a new pair. 他靴子的底已经磨破了,你得给他买新的了。

  近义词 unique

  solemn a.

  "I have some distressing news for you,"he said in a solemn tone.

  猜一猜 A. 庄重的B. 悲伤的C. 委婉的D. 犹豫的

  翻译 "有件伤心事要告诉你,"他郑重其事地说。

  近义词 serious,committed,gracious,stately

  联想记忆 solemn就是词根,意为"庄重的".

  词义扩展 A. 严肃的He always looks as solemn as a judge, as if everyone owes him something.  他像法官似的老板着脸,好像每个人都欠他什么似的。

  throne n.

  The young king came to the throne when he was only 7.

  猜一猜 A. 王位、君权B. 皇冠C. 世袭D. 贵族

  翻译 小国王在他只有7岁时就登上王位。

  transaction n.

  I will leave the transaction of the matter to you.

  猜一猜 A. 交接B. 接待C. 办理,处理D. 分析

  翻译 我把这件事交托给你处理。

  词义扩展 n.  ① 交易,业务It is a profitable transaction. 这是一项有利可图的交易。 ② 会报,学报He is a reporter of the transactions of our university . 他是我们大学学报的记者。

  worry v.

  I don't want to worry you, but I have to tell you the truth.

  猜一猜 A. 嘲笑B. 打击C. 欺骗D. 使担心

  翻译 我不想让你担心,但是我还是要告诉你真相。

  词义扩展 (about) 对…感到烦恼,对…发愁I am worrying about the final result of the competition. 我正在为比赛的最后结果担心。

  n. 烦恼,焦虑,担忧Dont be occupied by the unnecessary worries. 不要被那些不必要的担忧困住了。

  worship n.

  It is a place for their service of divine worship.

  猜一猜 A. 模仿B. 礼拜C. 学习D. 背诵

  翻译 这是他们进行拜神仪式的地方。

  词义扩展 n. 崇拜,敬仰give worship to God 崇拜上帝

  v. ① 崇拜,敬仰worship God  崇拜上帝 ② 做礼拜This church is where they have worshipped for years. 这个教堂就是他们多年来做礼拜的地方。

  wreath n.

  They will lay wreaths at the war memorial every year.

  猜一猜 A. 装饰品B. 石阶C. 挽联D. 花圈

  翻译 他们每年都会在阵亡将士纪念碑前献上花圈。

  talkative a.

  My grandfather is 80 and is very talkative

  猜一猜 A. 有趣的B. 年轻的C. 多病的D. 健谈的

  翻译 我爷爷80岁了,仍很健谈。

  provide v.

  The school provides good accommodation and fine teaching facilities, although it's in backward countryside.

  猜一猜 A. 拥有B. 准备C. 规定D. 提供

  翻译 尽管这是所落后的乡村学校,但却提供了良好的住宿条件和教学设备。

  分析 pro+vide 向前+看→向前看,做好准备,提供帮助

  词组 provide for 提供The kind villagers provided clothes and food for the orphan. 善良的村民们为孤儿提供衣服和食物。

  provide with 提供The hotel provides with free breakfast.这家酒店提供免费的早餐。

  近义词 supply

  provided conj.

  You can fly to Beijing this afternoon provided you don't mind much higher cost.

  猜一猜 A. 假如B. 除非C. 尽管D. 提供

  翻译 假如你不介意多花点钱,你今天下午就能飞到北京。

  分析 provide+d "提供"条件是假如的前提

  bulb n.

  I want to buy a 100watt bulb.

  猜一猜 A. 电热器B. 电炉C. 灯泡D. 电饭锅

  翻译 我想买一个100瓦的灯泡。

  broad a.

  We have walked along the broad desert for three days.

  猜一猜 A. 荒芜的B. 偏僻的C. 萧索的D. 广阔的

  翻译 我们已经在这片广阔的沙漠上走了三天。

  词义扩展 A. 广大的,广泛的All the members were in broad agreement. 所有成员的意见达成了广泛的一致。Mr. Darcy is a gentleman of broad views. 达西先生是个心胸豁达的绅士。

  近义词 vast 广大的;extensive 广泛的,广阔的;unlimited 广阔的,无垠的;wide 广阔的,宽宏的,豁达的

  broadcast v.

  President Bush broadcasted on the Iraq war.

  猜一猜 A. 即兴演讲B. 广播演说C. 发表声明D. 宣布

  翻译 布什总统就伊拉克战争发表广播演说。

  近义词 announce 大声传播,宣告;disperse 传播,散布

  大头巧记 broad(广泛的)+cast(传送)=广播

  词义扩展 n. 广播节目The news broadcast of VOA is very popular all over the world. 美国之音的新闻广播节目在全世界都很受欢迎。

  assurance n.

  The manager gave her assurance that her complaint would be investigated.

  猜一猜  A. 并联B. 确信,断言C. 肯定D. 伙伴

  翻译 经理向她保证一定会对她的情况进行调查。

  词义扩展 保证,担保The bank needed some assurance that the loan be repaid. 银行需要客户做出某种保证能偿还贷款。

  assure v.

  You would be assured of a welcome.

  猜一猜 A. 使确信,使放心B. 歪曲C. 装订D.叛变

  翻译 你一定会大受欢迎的。

  词义扩展 担保,保证I can assure you of its quality.我可以向你担保它的质量。

  词组 assure sb. of / that  使某人确信,向某人担保

  近义词 ensure, guarantee, insure

  believe v.

  I'll believe it, when I see it.

  猜一猜 A. 相信B. 想念C. 悬念D. 追求

  翻译 我亲眼见到才能相信。

  分析 be+ lieve →使+ 爱,欲望

  词义扩展 认为Ancient people believed that the sky was round and the earth is square. 古时人们认为天圆地方。

  词组 make believe 假装 The little girls made believe that they are mothers and the dolls are their children. 小女孩们假装自己是妈妈,洋娃娃是她们的孩子。

  cliff n.

  Taking drug is like pacing up and down near the cliff.

  猜一猜 A. 陷阱 B. 悬崖  C. 沼泽  D. 漩涡

  翻译 吸毒就像是在悬崖边徘徊。

  esthetic/aesthetic a.

  词义 美学的,艺术的;审美的

  大头例句 The experts judged their dance by esthetic standards.专家们用美学的标准来评价他们的舞蹈。

  gesture n.

  I can't understand what he said, but from his friendly gesture I can learn what he meant.

  猜一猜 A. 哑语B. 姿态, 姿势, 手势C. 礼节, 礼仪 D. 问候

  翻译 我听不懂他说什么, 但是从他友好的手势中我能明白他的意思。

  词义扩展 v. 做手势He gestured his agreement. 他做手势表示他的同意。

  jar n.

  The jar broke when it was heated.

  猜一猜 A. 试卷B. 杯子C. 广口瓶D. 茶壶

  翻译 加热时,广口瓶破了。

  knock v.

  They made it a signal between them to knock at the door three times.

  猜一猜 A. 锤击B. 开启C. 敲打D. 抚摸

  翻译 他们以敲三下门作为他们的暗号。

  词义扩展 n. 敲击There seems to be a knock at the door. 似乎有人在敲门。

  词组 knock down 撞倒,击倒The old lady was knocked down by a rushing boy. 老太太被飞奔的小男孩撞倒了。

  knock out 击倒,击昏The police was hit on the head and knocked out. 警察头部被击,晕倒了。

  近义词 rap:(轻快地) 敲击,急敲pat: (用手掌或扁平之物)轻拍tap: 轻快地敲击

  rag n.

  He cleaned the desk with an oily rag.

  猜一猜 A. 破布,碎布B. 衣服C. 毛巾D. 手帕

  翻译 他用一块油布擦桌子。

  seed n.

  It is time to sow the seeds.

  猜一猜 A. 幼苗B. 果实C. 化肥D. 种子

  翻译 该播种了。

  分析 se有播种的意思,ed加在词尾形成名词。

  词义扩展 v.  ①播种seed a field with corn  在地里种玉米 ②结实,结籽The plants in the garden have seeded. 花园里的植物都结籽了。

  might aux.v.

  You might be right, but I cant agree with you.

  猜一猜 A. 可能B. 应该C. 一定D. 几乎

  翻译 你可能是对的,但是我不能同意你。

  词义扩展 n.力量,威力,能力The army fought bravely, but it was crushed by the might of its powerful enemy. 军队进行了拼死抗争,但还是被强大的敌军击败了。

  mighty a.

  You can't match him in his mighty body.

  猜一猜 A. 健康的B. 可能的C. 强有力的D. 巨大的

  翻译 你不及他身体强壮。

  大头巧记 might能力+y(形容词尾) →有能力的, 强有力的