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2006-07-04 13:30

  1.休息室 ——“lounge”、“lobby”、“vestibule”或“foyer”。

  2.“wineshop”——“a cafe or tavern that specializes in serving wine”,专指供人喝酒、小憩之处,而中国人所说酒馆、酒楼、酒肆或酒家其实就是饭店、餐馆,英文都应是“restaurant”。

  3.购物商场——shopping mall, shopping store,shopping center

  4.“corporation”指“Groups of persons authorized to act as an individual,eg,for Business purposes”,实际上该词本身有总公司的意味,所以,group corp. 似乎group 多余。 group company 可用。

  5.城区——downtown area, or downtown district

  6. hit pay dirt 发现矿藏, 找到富矿;发现了很有好处的东西=strike pay dirt

  pay dirt   n.有利可图的发现

  7.  To have a beef with someone means to have a disagreement.和某人有争执

  in a really bad mood 心情很糟;being tough on everyone 对每个人很严格,要求高。

  8. Exactly.说得对;if you say so, 既然你这么说,就听你的;hold on for a second 等一会; a sour loser 输的不大方的人,不愿承认失败的人;here you go 给你;here we are 我们到了,here i am,我终于到了;i have no idea. 我不大清楚。

  9. I'm worried that the situation will go too far  我担心事情会进一步变糟。 it's worth a try值得一试。 one's beef with sb,与某人的争执

  10. At first=in the beginning  I wasn't that interested 开始我不太感兴趣。

  11. Hi, Jim! You look pretty good today. Everybody at the office says hello - we're all pulling for you to pull through this operation and get back to work as soon as you can.

  Pull for就是打气、鼓励的意思,而pull through在这里的意思是克服疾病、恢复健康。

  12.This memo told me I was being transferred to Buffalo, where winter is really bad. I was worried when I saw people laughing at me, and I remembered it was April Fool's Day, and I realized my friends are pulling my leg.


  从这段话可以看出pull one's leg是跟某人开玩笑,或者是不带恶意的恶作剧。

  13.pull the plug. 其中的plug ,这是电线一端的插头,插进墙上的插座就能得到电力。Pull the plug,当然就是把插头从插座上拔出来,那就是切断电源,或者等于是关了某一电器用具。这是从字面上来解释pull the plug

  Business has been terrible for six months and is getting worse every day. I hate to say this but maybe the best thing to do is pull the plug and just close up shop for good.

  他说:这六个月来生意很差,而且目前也一天不如一天,出于无奈我不得不说,最好还是结束业务关店算了。从这段话可以看出pull the plug可以解释结束、中止某一业务或者事业。

  14. coffee shop, cafe 咖啡屋; suburb n.市郊, 郊区

  There are all sorts of things  all sorts of 各种各样 a cup of coffee 一杯咖啡 linger

  v.逗留, 闲荡, 拖延, 游移; do crossword puzzles 做纵横字谜;

  15.outreach v.到达顶端, 超越;

  n. a)The act or process of reaching out: 伸出展开的行为或过程:

  could not allay the outreach of human intellect.


  b)Extent or length of reach:所能达到的程度或长度:

  the vast outreach of technology; the outreach of a forest fire from mountains to suburbs.


  c)A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community: 扩大服务项目有系统地尝试向一团体的特别部门提供超常规的服务:

  an educational outreach to illiterate adults.


  16.Let's hear about the reason why he chose to work at a cafe over a high paying, high stress job. (高薪,压力大的工作) choose sth over sth else.

  slow you down 让你放松;hang out居住;停留 He hangs out in an old house. 他住在一所旧房子里。

  exponential指数的, 幂的increased exponentially 大幅增加,指数级增加

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