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Learn more Chinese (多学点中文)

2006-07-29 14:05



  Dear students,

  Some of you are very curious about what language I use at home. Well, let me tell you. My wife is 100% Chinese but very often we talk with each other in English. However, we both agree that we should use more Cantonese at home, especially when talking with the kids. We worry that they will not know any Chinese later in their lives if we move back to the U.S.A. a few years later. It has already happened to the kids of our friends in America. Their kids are really unable to speak, write or read  Chinese. Our friends are very much unhappy about this. Actually, we have not yet made up our minds. We do not know whether we should go back to America or not. You know——my great, great grandfather was the first one in my family to journey all the way from China to the United States of America in the hope of getting rich. He did that and what he did changed the history of my family. Now it is my turn. I can choose to stay in Hong Kong or move back to the States. Should I do the same thing? I really don't know yet.

  But, of course, I quite often cannot control myself and use English to talk with my kids. Therefore, though they are just kids, they already know quite a lot of English. Actually, English is not that difficult to learn. If you stayed in America for one year, you would speak and write English fluently. Do you believe that?

  One of you asked if I mind giving her my phone number because sometimes she has got questions to ask me. I think she is  right. Maybe it is good for us all. However, giving you my home telephone number is not very useful because very often I do not stay at home. Even if I do, I will be busy taking care of my kids or doing other household chores. I think it is better for me to give you my pager number—1168892 A/C 7777.You can page me and leave your phone number. I'll call back when I am available to talk on the phone. That is quite good. Right? But remember-every Monday evening, from 5:00 to 9:00, as well as every Saturday morning, from 9:00 to 1:00, I will be having classes at the Chinese University of Hong Kong because I am now doing my Master Degree on Education there. If everything is all right, I will have completed the course by May next year. I will have more time to play with you then. Hope so!


  这里用speak不太恰当,因speakthe language意思是:“能说那种语言”。因此说“脏话”是用use(而不是speak)foul language.


  ·…talk with English×

  ·…talk in English √

  when talking with the kids的意思跟…when we talk with the kids相同。

  are really unable to可以用really cannot来代替。

  留意very和very much的用法:

  ·I'm very unhappy…√

  ·I'm very much unhappy…√

  ·I like it very much.√

  ·I very like it. ×

  made up our minds = decided (解作“作出决定”)

  You know属口语化英语,不适用于正规写作(formal writing)。

  此处的journey是动词,意思跟travel相同。all the way是表示路途遥远。


  it is my turn的意思是“轮到我了”。

  另一种说法是:I can choose between staying in H.K. and moving back…

  not that difficult的意思是“并非如想像的那么难”。

  If you stayed…。 you would speak…并非指过去的事而是表示不大可能发生的事。


  · If I mind to give… ×

  · If I mind giving…√



  ·I do not stay at home.√

  ·I do not stay home.√


  ·I am not at home. √


  ·…busy with homework√

  ·…busy doing homework√

  ·…busy to do homework ×

  household chores = housework但后者是不可数名词。


  when I am available = when I have free time




  · I'll do a project in May next year.


  ·I'll complete the project by May next year.


  Hope so的意思是“但愿如此”。


  Complicated verb form





  1. It happened to the kids of our friends…

  2. …… every Monday evening, from 5:00 to 9:00 …, I will have classes at Chinese University…

  3. If everything is all right, I will complete the course by May next year.



  1. It has already happened to the kids of our friends……

  2. …… every Monday evening, from 5:00 to 9:00 ……, I will be having classes at Chinese University……

  3. If everything is all right, I will have completed the course by May next year.


  Test Your Understanding

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