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70天攻克考研英语词汇 DAY 46

2006-7-28 01:02  

  abundance n.

  Books are available in abundance.

  猜一猜 A缺少  B. 丰富C. 数量  D. 书店

  翻译 可供书籍货源充足。

  近义词 plenty丰富,大量;profusion丰富

  abundant a.

  The country is abundant in natural resources.

  猜一猜 A. 贫穷的 B. 大方的C. 丰富的 D. 泛滥的

  翻译 这个国家天然资源丰富。

  分析 ab+und+ ant(形容词尾) away+to wave + ant 波浪般的,丰富的

  affect v.

  Smoking affects health.

  猜一猜 A. 危害B. 传染C. 混合D. 影响

  翻译 吸烟影响健康。

  词义扩展  ① 感动He was deeply affected by the news.他深深被这消息所感动。

  affection n.

  He felt great affection for his sister.

  猜一猜 A. 感动  B. 责备  C. 剥削 D.慈爱

  翻译 他很疼他的妹妹。

  词义扩展 疾病,病情rheumatic affection风湿病

  quarrel v.

  Don't always quarrel about trifle things with your neighbors.

  猜一猜 A. 商量B. 争吵   C. 帮忙      D. 关注

  翻译 别总是为了小事和邻居们争吵。

  词义扩展 n. 争吵,口角Their quarrel ended up with her promise. 他们的争吵由她的许诺而告终。

  reluctant a.

  They were reluctant to move because they could not get a good price for their old house.

  猜一猜 A. 渴望的        B. 疏忽的   C. 不愿的,勉强的        D. 急切的

  翻译 他们对搬家一事犹豫不决,因为他们的旧房子卖不到好价钱。

  分析 re+luct+ant 反对+斗争+形容词词尾→不愿的,勉强的

  近义词 unwilling

  Saturday n.

  He goes to church on Saturdays.

  翻译 他每星期六去教堂。

  second a.

  You will not to be given the second chance if you give it up this time.

  词义 第二

  翻译 如果你这次放弃,就没有第二次机会了。

  词义扩展  a. 次等的,二等的 the second foreign language 第二外语

  n.秒 v.赞成,附和  second the proposal 赞成这个提议

  secondary a.

  Don't look down upon us, sooner or later you will be at a secondary position.

  猜一猜 A. 次要的,二级的 B. 层次   C. 低级的  D. 二手的

  翻译 别小看我们,迟早你会落到次要位置的。

  分析 second+ary 第二+形容词词尾→第二的,次要的

  词义扩展 中级的,第二的 secondary education 中等教育

  secondhand a.

  You'd better buy a secondhand bicycle to travel.

  猜一猜 A. 部分的    B. 二流的   C. 旧的,用过的  D. 崭新的

  翻译  你最好买一辆二手自行车去旅游

  secondly ad.

  Secondly, the problem lies in their part rather than our part.

  猜一猜 A. 首先    B. 第二,其次 C. 再次     D. 最后

  翻译 其次,问题在于他们而不在于我们。

  red/red/ a.

  There are some red pictures in the envelope.

  猜一猜 A. 蓝的B. 绿的C. 黄的D. 红色的

  翻译 信封里有几张红色的图片,是红色的

  词义扩展 n. ① 红色 ② 红颜料

  mourn v.

  They all mourn the people's death in the unexpected accident.

  猜一猜 A. 归纳  B. 哀悼  C. 实质  D. 始终

  翻译 他们都为意外事故中的罹难者表示哀悼。

  大头巧记 mourning n.悲伤,哀伤; mourner n.哀悼者,送丧者; mournful a.悲哀的,凄惨的

  rest/rest/ n.

  His engagement in the big project allowed no time for rest.

  猜一猜 A. 放松  B. 享受 C. 休息 D. 玩乐

  大头巧记 词根rest"休息"

  词义扩展 n. 剩余部分,其余The rest of the family joined me in expressing congratulations.家里其余的人也和我一块表达我们的祝贺之情。

  v. ① 休息,睡 The boys rested on the grass after the ball game.男孩们踢过球后就睡在草地上。② 放,靠(使)搁在  His hands rested on my shoulder as to relieve my anxiety.他把手搭在我肩膀上抚去我的焦躁。

  近义词 repose

  restaurant n.

  The restaurant enjoyed a reputation for its food and service.

  猜一猜 A. 酒店  B. 餐馆 C. 度假村 D. 胜地

  大头巧记 前缀re重新,词根sta"起义",ur,ant复合后缀,由"使起立"转为"使内脏复兴"的地方

  近义词 cabaret

  restless a.

  The restless boy exhausted his mother.

  猜一猜 A. 淘气   B. 可爱  C. 好动的 D. 好奇的

  大头巧记 rest"休息",less否定后缀,既"得不到休息的,好动的"

  词义扩展 a. 不平静的,不安的,坐立不安的He became restless when his wife failed to turn up in the late evening.当他的妻子深夜还没回来的时候,他开始坐立不安。


  oxygen n.

  Oxygen is necessary for all living things.

  翻译 氧气是一切生命必不可少的。

  patriotic a.

  We will be organized to enjoy Peal harbor tonight, which focuses on patriotic theme.

  猜一猜 A. 爱国的 B. 暴力的C. 教育的D.人文的

  翻译 今天晚上组织观看爱国片。

  recipe n.

  When I make pies, I don't need to follow a recipe.

  猜一猜 A. 成分     B. 烹饪法,食谱    C. 菜单     D. 顺序

  翻译 我做饼不需要按照食谱。

  词义扩展 诀窍,方法Have you a recipe for happiness? 你有幸福的诀窍吗?

  rod n.

  Spare the rod,spoil the child.

  猜一猜 A. 鞭子  B. 铁尺 C. 棒子 D. 板子

  近义词 pole, stick, bar

  schedule n.

  His shedule is fixed and can not change.

  猜一猜 A. 时间  B. 生活 C. 时间表,进度表D. 课程

  大头巧记 词根sched"叶,纸条",ule名词后缀,表示小,本义"一张小纸片",时间表都是记在纸片上。

  词组 ahead of schedule 提前We finished the task ahesd of schedule. 我们提前完成了任务。

  behind schedule 晚点The train arrived behind shedule. 火车晚点了。

  on schedule 按预定时间 The conference is hold on schedule. 大会按照预定时间召开了。

  近义词 timetable

  save v.

  The doctor saved his life.

  猜一猜 A. 拯救  B. 放弃 C. 拖延 D. 保护

  大头巧记 词根save"挽救,节约"

  词义扩展 ① 储蓄,贮存She saved up for a new skirt.她存钱买新裙子。② 节省 We are supposed to save energy as much as possible.我们应该尽可能的节约能源。

  saving n.

  His saving is small.

  猜一猜 A. 贵重珠宝  B. 金子C. 储蓄D. 存折

  词义扩展 n. [pl] 储蓄金,存款He kept his savings in the bank.他把储蓄存在银行里。

  resist v.

  Despite the diminishing supply of the food and water, the soldiers had been resisting the fierce attack from the enemy for two weeks.

  猜一猜 A. 投降 B. 抵抗 C. 反对 D. 遭受

  大头巧记 前缀re表相反,词根sist表立,站,站在相反的位置,既抵抗

  词义扩展 忍得住,抵制She could not resist the temptation of living a luxury life.她不能抗拒奢华生活的诱惑。

  近义词 oppose, counteract

  resistance n.

  They seized,though only after having encountered a stubborn resistance.

  猜一猜 A. 撤退    B. 敌人   C. 抵抗   D. 战斗

  大头巧记 resist(抵抗)+ance(名词后缀)=resistance

  词义扩展 ① 抵抗力,阻力A healthy person offers more resistance to virus than a weak person.健康对病毒的抵抗力比体格弱的人要强。② 电阻 Resistance is the term used in physics.电阻是物理学的一个术语。

  近义词 opposition

  resistant adj.

  The fact that insects have become resistant to DTO mocked the development of technology.

  猜一猜 A. 适应  B. 喜欢 C. 重要 D. 有抵抗力的

  大头巧记 resistant是resistance的形容词

  近义词 opposing

  admiration n.

  Mary looked at the skirt with admiration.

  猜一猜 A. 喜欢B. 满意C. 赞美D. 可靠

  翻译 玛丽怀着赞美的心情看着这条裙子。

  分析 ad=to+mir=towonder(惊讶)+tion(名词字尾) 羡慕得惊讶得这睁大眼睛看

  admire v.

  Everybody admires him for his fine sense of humor.

  猜一猜 A. 喜好B. 钦佩C. 拒付D. 影响

  翻译 人人都钦佩他那绝妙的幽默感。

  分析 ad+ mir +e at+"mir"= to wonder+e 惊讶地睁大眼睛表示钦佩, 赞赏, 羡慕

  beat n.

  The song has a good beat.

  猜一猜 A. 影响B. 漏洞C. 敲打,节拍D. 演奏,弹奏

  词义扩展 v.① 心脏等的跳动,搏动Each time she approaches him, his heart beats violently.每当她靠近他时,他的心就狂跳不已。② 打败,战胜Nothing beats home cooking.什么也没有家里做的好吃。

  n. 跳动,搏动 seventy to eighty beats per minutes每分钟跳动70到80次

  近义词 conquer, defeat, strike

  cabin n.

  The poor old man cannot afford the first class cabin.

  猜一猜 A. 房间     B. 客舱     C. 床铺      D.服务

  翻译 这个可怜的穷老头支付不起一等舱的费用。

  词义扩展 n. 小(木)屋Tom was born in a shabby cabin.汤姆出生在一个破旧的小屋里。

  近义词 cottage 小屋,村舍; hovel 茅舍;hut 小屋,茅舍;shack 小木屋

  complement v.

  Chimes classic tradition complements western style perfectly in her dress.

  猜一猜 A. 抵消  B. 展现 C. 补充 D. 超越

  翻译 中国古典传统与西方风格在她的服装上相互补充,相得益彰。

  分析 com + ple(te) + ment with + fill + n 词尾 → 用……填充,填满,补充,补足

  词义扩展 n. ①  补充,补足物Diamond makes an excellent complement to this evening dress. 钻石和这件晚礼服十分搭配。 ②  余数The enterprise took on full complement of new employees.这家企业招收新雇员的名额已满。

  drought n.

  In Africa, many people were starved to death during the droughts.

  猜一猜 A. 洪灾 B. 旱灾C. 丰收D. 贫困

  翻译 在非洲,很多人因为旱灾而饿死。

  大头巧记 drought即为dry(干旱的)的名词,旱灾,干旱。

  大头例句 The people who lived in desert areas suffered a lot from droughts.住在沙漠地区的人们深受干旱的折磨。

  近义词 aridity 干旱

  exclaim v.

  In the court, he exclaimed that he was innocent.

  猜一猜 A. 否认 B. 承认C. 呼喊D. 声称

  翻译 在法庭上,他大声呼喊自己是无辜的。

  大头巧记 前缀ex出;词干claim大叫,大声叫出来,惊叫,呼喊。

  大头例句 "What is that sound?" he exclaimed.他惊叫道,"那是什么声音?"

  近义词 shout呼喊,呼叫;yell大叫,呼喊;cry叫喊

  exclamation n.

  词义 感叹,惊叹

  大头巧记 前缀ex出;词干claim大叫;后缀ation为名词词尾,大声叫出来,惊叫,呼喊

  大头例句 He added an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.他在句子末尾加上了一个感叹号。

  conversation n.

  It's impolite to interrupt elder people's conversation.

  猜一猜 A. 会话,谈话  B. 独白  C. 沉思    D. 想象

  翻译 打断长辈的谈话是不礼貌的。

  近义词 chat, talk, discussion, exchange

  conversion n.

  The conversion of water from liquid to solid just takes a few minutes I you put it in refrigerator……

  猜一猜 A. 融化   B. 转变   C. 升华 D. 燃烧

  翻译 把水放在冰箱里由液体变为固体只需要十几分钟。

  分析 conver(t)+ion名词词尾→转变,改变

  近义词 change, alteration, transformation, renovation

  porridge n.

  He ate porridge every morning for nearly the whole week.

  猜一猜 A. 粥 B. 面条 C. 包子  D. 饺子

  翻译 他整整一个星期,几乎每天早上都吃燕麦粥。

  promise v.

  I promise you not to tell anyone about his secret.

  猜一猜 A. 告诉      B. 请求       C. 答应,允诺      D. 警告

  翻译 我答应你不把他的秘密告诉任何人。

  分析 pro+mis +e 向前+发+动词词尾→v.允诺

  词义扩展 v.有可能,有希望The clouds promise rain tomorrow. 阴云预示明天有雨。

  n. ① 承诺,诺言He always keeps his promise.他总是信守诺言。② 希望,出息The child shows great promise as a great painter. 这孩子很有希望成一名伟大的画家。

  近义词 assure

  promising a.

  He won the award for the most promising new pop star this year.

  猜一猜 A. 年轻的      B. 有实力的       C. 有前途的         D. 有魅力的

  翻译 他获得了本年度最有前途新流行歌手奖。

  分析 promis+ing 希望+形容词词尾→a.有前途的

  近义词 hopeful

  reproach n.

  When he came home drunk, he was greeted with loud reproach.

  猜一猜 A. 狂怒     B. 建议          C. 恢复        D. 指责,责备

  翻译 当他醉醺醺地回家时,他被大声地责骂了一顿。

  词义扩展 v. 指责,责备You have nothing to reproach yourself with. 你没什么好责备自己的。

  近义词 scold

  wrong a.

  You should get rid of the wrong way of pronouncing the words.

  猜一猜 A. 正确的 B. 畸形的 C. 难看的 D. 错误的

  词义扩展 a. 不道德的,不正当的Stealing is a wrong deeD. 偷窃是不正当的行为。

  ad. 错,不对I have spelt my name wrong on the paper. 我在卷子上把我的名字写错了。

  go wrong 发生故障,出毛病You should read the instructions first, so that you will not go wrong.  你应该先看看说明,这样就不会出错了。

  spring n.

  With an easy spring, the monkey reached the branch.

  猜一猜 A. 跳B. 爬C. 春天D. 弹簧

  词义扩展 ①  n. 春天 Therere four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.一年有四季:春、夏、秋、冬。② 泉,源泉The spring flows down from the mountain.那股泉水源自山上。③   弹簧,发条a clock spring 钟的发条

  v. 跳A big tiger sprang out from the bushes and rushed towards that little rabbit. 一只老虎从树丛窜出,朝小兔冲去。

  近义词 jump

  sphere n.

  Many foreign countries had their spheres of influence in China at the end of Qing Dynasty.

  猜一猜 A. 范围B. 球体C. 程度D. 地位

  大头巧记 sphere就是词根,意为"球体"

  词义扩展 球,球体A globe is a sphere while in fact the earth is not.地球仪是个球体,但地球实际上不是。

  近义词 area

  type n.

  I like Italian type ice creams.

  猜一猜 A. 生产B. 进口C. 出口D. 类型

  翻译 我喜欢意大利式冰激凌。

  词义扩展 n. 铅字Wooden types are now used only for posters.木刻活字现在仅用于印刷招贴。

  v. 打字 I am busing typing the article.我正忙着打这篇文章。

  tonight n./ad.

  Tonight is warm, and we will hold a party in the garden.

  猜一猜 A. 晚上B. 今夜C. 深夜D. 晚会

  翻译 今晚很暖和,我们在花园开派对。

  suspend v.

  He suspended the lamp so that the light fell on the desk.

  猜一猜 A. 吊B. 拉C.  打开D.搬动

  翻译 他把灯悬挂得使光线正好照在课桌上。

  词义扩展 推迟,暂停Negotiations are suspended temporarily. 谈判暂时停止。

  近义词 hang 悬挂,垂吊

  superior a.

  Her pants were made of superior cloth.

  猜一猜 A. 便宜的    B. 廉价的    C. 优良的      D.昂贵的

  翻译 她的裤子是用好布作的。

  大头巧记 super- (over, above)

  词义扩展 a. (to)较…多的,优于…We disliked his superior manner. 我们不喜欢他那自命不凡的态度。

  n. 上级,长官She is deferential to her superiors. 她对长者谦恭。

  近义词 better更好的;preferable 较合人意的

  superiority  n.

  She has the superiority in English,and wins the competition.

  猜一猜 A. 特点    B. 优越性    C. 缺点      D.评价

  翻译 她有英语的优势,所以赢得了比赛。

  大头巧记 super- (over, above)

  近义词 advantage 优点,长处; dominance优势

  shape n.

  On the celebration day, there were plentiful flags of different shapes all over the school.

  猜一猜 A. 形状   B. 颜色C. 型号D. 尺寸

  词义扩展 n. ① 情况,状态She was still in good shape after a series of contests. 几场比赛下来,她状态依旧很好。②  种类If you want to be in shape, you must keep away from alcohol in any shape. 如果你想保持健康,必须远离任何种类的酒。

  v. 成型, 塑造The experienced author shaped the folktale into a film scenario. 老作家把这个民间故事塑造成了一个电视剧本。

  词组 in shape 处于良好状态We are all in good shape now. 我们现在状态都很好。

  take shape 成形The company has taken shape under his leading.

  September n.

  A new semester in the second half of the year always begin in September.

  猜一猜 A. 一月B. 七月C. 八月D. 九月

  分析 sep 本来指第七,起初古罗马历法中一年只有十个月,后来增为十二个月,于是原来的七月推为九月。

  roar v.

  He roared at his children when he lost his temper.

  猜一猜 A. 体罚 B. 鞭打C. 怒吼 D. 怒视

  词义扩展 v. 轰鸣,咆哮The engine roared and the vehicle leapt forward eventually.引擎轰鸣,汽车终于往前动了。

  reproduce v.

  A rat can reproduce at a fast speed.

  猜一猜 A. 发育 B. 生殖 C. 生长 D. 死亡

  翻译 老鼠能迅速繁殖。

  分析 re+produce 再,又+生产→繁殖,翻版

  词义扩展 ① 翻版 You do not have the right to reproduce the book. 你无权翻印那本书。② 繁殖 ③ 复制,仿造reproduce a bird 仿造一只鸟

  rely v.

  We mustn't rely on sheer euthusiasm and substitute our personal feelings for policy.

  猜一猜 A. 信任         B. 认为      C. 重视        D. 依赖,依靠

  翻译 我们不能仅仅依靠热情而用个人感情取代了原则。

  词义扩展 信赖,信任 I can't rely on him to keep his promise. 我不相信他能遵守诺言。

  近义词 depend

  reform n.

  The school is engaged in a shoolwide reform to get rid of those backward things and to catch up with the brother schools.

  猜一猜 A. 解决      B. 必要性      C. 改革      D. 纠正

  翻译 这个学校正在进行一场全校性的改革以去除落后的事物来赶上兄弟学校。

  分析 re+form 再+形状→改变成另一种形状,改革

  词义扩展 v. 改革reform the outdated test oriented education system 改革落后的应试教育体制

  react v.

  How he reacted to the news is of no importance.

  猜一猜 A. 促发  B. 反应,起作用      C. 动作   D. 表现

  翻译 他对那条新闻的反应是怎样的毫不重要。

  分析 re+act 回,反+作用→反过来起作用,就是反应,起作用

  词义扩展 (against)反对,起反作用react against the rules 反对规章制度

  近义词 respond

  add v.

  If you add 2 to 3 you get 5.

  猜一猜 A. 减 B. 乘 C. 加D. 除

  翻译 2加3得5.

  词义扩展 补充说,又说 I should add that we are very satisfied with the service here.我要补充的是我们对这儿的服务很满意。

  词组 add up to 合计,总计These numbers add up to 99. 这些数目合计为99.

  addition n.

  We have to exercise the basic mathematical skills such as addition and subtraction.

  猜一猜 A. 增加  B. 减少 C. 剩余 D. 少量

  翻译 我们必须得练习加减等基本算术技巧。

  分析 add(增加)+tion(名词字尾) 增加的物

  词义扩展 附加物Our baby sister is an addition to our family.新出生的妹妹使我们家多了一口人。in addition 另外 In addition there are three other applicants.另外,还有六个申请人。

  词组 in addition to 除…以外In addition to gene, intelligence also depends on an adequate diet, a good education and a decent home environment.除了遗传基因外,智力的高低还取决于良好的营养,良好的教育和良好的家庭环境。

  additional a.

  There will be an extra charge for any additional passenger.

  猜一猜 A. 附加的  B. 多余的 C. 陌生的  D. 离开的

  翻译 对任何一个附加的乘客都会额外收费。

  分析 add(增加)+tion(名词字尾)+al(形容词字尾) 增加的物,即附加的

  sex n.

  According to the constitution, everyone is equal regardless of age and sex.

  猜一猜 A. 种族  B. 国籍 C. 性别 D. 地区

  any a./pron./ad.

  词义 ① a. [否定,疑问,条件句中] 什么,一些;任何的,任一的 ② pron. 无论哪个,无论哪些;一个,一些 ③ ad. 稍,丝毫

  anybody pron.

  词义 任何人,无论谁;重要人物

  大头例句 Anybody who disobeys the law will be punished.任何违法的人都将受到惩罚。

  anyhow ad.

  词义 不管怎样,无论如何;不论用什么方法

  大头例句 Anyhow, she shouldn't have treated her parents like that.无论如何她也不应该那样对待她的父母。

  anyone=anybody pron.

  词义 任何人,无论谁

  大头例句 He will turn to anyone for help when he is in despair.当他绝望的时候,他会向任何人求助的。

  anything pron.

  词义 无论什么事(物),一些;什么事(物),任何事(物)

  词组 anything but 除…以外任何事(物),根本不

  The proposal put forward by them is anything but practical.他们的提议根本就行不通。

  anyway=anyhow ad.

  词义 无论如何,不管怎样

  anywhere ad.

  词义 任何地方,无论哪里

  大头例句 It is vivid and vigorous anywhere in spring.春天,到处一片生机盎然。

  sophisticated adj.

  My cousins are very sophisticated since they have lived in the society of Paris and Rome.

  猜一猜 A. 豪华的B. 见过世面的C. 好交际的D. 老练的

  大头巧记 由词根soph"聪明,智慧"加复合后缀-ist,-ic,-at(e),-ed构成

  词义扩展 尖端的,复杂的,先进的The spacecraft, which is going to land on Mars, is with sophisticated camera equipments.那座即将在火星上着陆的宇宙飞船配备了尖端的摄影设备。

  近义词 worldly

  sophomore n.

  ——Are you a freshman?

  ——No, Im a sophomore. I came here two years ago.

  猜一猜 A. 研究生B. 大二学生C. 大三学生D. 大四学生

  大头巧记 由soph"聪明,智慧"加o和more"更加"构成,"大二学生"比大一学生更加聪明

  cent n.

  He gave the poor beggar 50 cents.

  猜一猜 A. 元B. 分C.  角D.美元

  翻译 他给了哪个乞丐50 美分。

  词义扩展 percent 百分之Eight percent of the employees graduated from senior high school.百分之八十的员工是高中毕业。

  climb v.

  He is adept at climbing trees.

  猜一猜 A. 砍伐      B. 种植       C. 爬,攀登      D.挑选

  翻译 他擅长爬树。

  词义扩展 n. 攀登,爬They started their climb to Mt. Tai他们开始了攀登泰山的行动。

  cord n.

  He received a parcel tied with cord.

  猜一猜 A. 绳,索    B. 铁丝    C. 纸张    D. 袋子

  翻译 他收到了一个用绳子扎好的包裹。

  crude a.

  China is rich in crude coal.

  猜一猜 A. 天然的,未加工的    B.粗糙的   C. 精致的  D.丰满的

  翻译 中国原煤储存丰富。

  词义扩展 a. ① 生的,未熟的,He showed the crude peach to me angrily. 他愤怒地把那只生桃子给我看。② 粗鲁的,粗野的  His crude manners gave a negative impression to people. 他粗鲁的举止给别人留下不好的印象。

  cylinder n.

  The string is wound round a cardboard cylinder.

  猜一猜 A. 圆筒B. 盒子C. 模型D. 样品

  翻译 线缠绕在纸筒上。

  词义扩展 汽缸a sixcylinder engine  六缸发动机

  finger n.

  The young mother doesn't know how to stop her baby from licking his fingers.

  猜一猜 A. 玩具B. 手指C.  食物D.额头

  翻译 年轻的妈妈不知道该怎样阻止宝宝舔手指。

  大头巧记 fin(d) (寻找)+ g + er名词词尾=用来找东西的即手指

  super a.

  Does any super power exist in the world?

  猜一猜 A. 伟大的    B. 晚饭     C. 伟大     D.超级的

  翻译 这世界上有超级的力量存在吗?

  近义词 great 伟大的,杰出的;marvelous 奇异的,不可思议的

  superb a.

  Tom is really a superb sport player.

  猜一猜 A. 迅速的    B. 无情的  C. 厉害的    D.极好的

  翻译 汤姆真是一个出色的运动员。

  大头巧记 super-(over, above)+b——超级的,极好的

  近义词 beautiful 美丽的;exquisite 绝妙的,敏锐的;

  refined 精练的,优雅的

  superficial a.

  There is a superficial scratch on the side of the car.

  猜一猜 A. 表面的    B. 实质的    C. 精确的      D.简略的

  翻译 车身的表面有一道划痕。

  大头巧记 super-(over, above)

  词义扩展 肤浅的,浅薄的His essay is very superficial, nothing profound.他的论文写得很肤浅,没什么深刻的东西。

  近义词 shallow 浅薄的,肤浅的

  superfluous a.

  I felt very superfluous when the couple hut each other.

  猜一猜 A. 幸福的    B. 愉快的    C. 多余的      D.悲伤的

  翻译 当他们夫妻俩抱在一起时,我觉得自己在场是多余的。

  大头巧记 super-(over, above)

  近义词 surplus 多余的;extra 额外的

  supersonic a.

  Have you ever seen a supersonic aircraft?

  猜一猜 A. 时速的    B. 超音速的   C. 大型的      D.喷气的

  翻译 你见过超音速飞机没?

  大头巧记 super-(超级的)+ sonic (声音的)——超音速的。

  think v.

  You must think carefully before you make any decision.

  猜一猜 A. 比较 B. 认为 C. 想、思索 D. 厚

  翻译 在做出任何决定之前,你必须好好想一想。

  词义扩展 v. ① 认为,以为Do you think it possible to finish the job within this week?你认为在本周内完成工作有可能吗? ②  考虑,打算He thought to set off early. 他原打算早点动身。

  think of 想一想To think of his not knowing about it ! 想想看,他对此竟一无所知!

  think of ……as…… 以为…是,把…看Don't think of him as a helpful man. 别以为他是个乐于助人的人。

  think over 仔细考虑I will think over your suggestion.

  think better of 重新考虑It is raining cats and dogs. We should think better of going shopping. 雨下得很大,我们应该重新考虑一下购物的问题。

  symbol n.

  Can you tell the difference between these two symbols?

  猜一猜 A. 句子 B. 符号,标志 C. 词组 D. 单词

  翻译 你可以说出这两个符号的分别吗?

  词义扩展 象征 The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the USA 自由女神是美国的象征

  大头巧记 sym=syn ( together ) + bol ( to throw)

  近义词 sign 符号,记号;badge 徽章,标号;emblem 象征,标记

  sly a.

  he is a sly old devil!

  猜一猜 A. 聪明B. 快乐C. 邪恶D. 狡猾

  词组 on the sly 由于疏忽She was stolen on the sly. 她因为疏忽被偷了。

  run v.

  Neighboring inhabitants ran after the thief and caught him.

  猜一猜 A. 殴打  B. 跑,奔跑 C. 跟踪 D. 观察

  大头巧记 词根run "流,奔跑"

  词义扩展 v. ① 行驶,驾驶 He ran a car to London.他驾车去伦敦。 ② 运转,开动The machines run well.机器运转正常。③ 蔓延,伸展The fences run around the farm.篱笆沿着农场伸展。④ 经营,管理He is running a prosperous business.他经营的事业兴旺发达。⑤ 流,淌Tears were running down her cheeks.眼泪沿着她的脸庞流下。⑥ 动载,运送 He used to run guns across the border.他过去在边界运送枪支。

  n. 运行,运转The run of the earth is endless.地球的运转是无止境的。

  run down ① 撞倒,停掉,撞沉He claimed the driver ran him down on purpose.他声称司机是故意撞他的。② 追捕,追获,追查出

  The criminal was finally run down in his neighborhood.罪犯最终在他家附近追获。

  run for 竞选Few women run for the President.很少有女性竞选总统。

  run into  撞上,偶然碰见I ran into my former high school classmate on campus.我在校园里偶然碰见一个高中同学。

  run off 复印,打印You are welcome to run off copies here.欢迎你在这儿复印。

  run out of 用完,用尽,耗尽By now we have run out of water.到现在为止我们的水已经用完。

  run over ①  溢出,满出The water is running over the bank.水已经溢出河堤。② 略读,略述He ran over the newspaper.他略读了一下报纸。③  辗过The boy was run over by a truck and was killed.男孩被卡车辗过,死掉了。④ 浏览,匆匆复习He ran over the notebook before the exam.考试前他匆匆浏览了一下笔记。

  in the long run  最终,从长远观点来看In the long run,the business is profitable.从长远来看,这笔生意是利润丰厚的。

  近义词 dash

  poverty n.

  For no one supported him,he lived in poverty when he was young.

  猜一猜 A. 伤心 B. 贫穷C. 潇洒D. 勤奋

  翻译 因为没有人抚养,他小时候过着贫穷的生活。

  potato n.

  Children like eating mashed potatoes.

  猜一猜 A. 水果    B. 零食C.西餐D. 土豆

  翻译 孩子们都喜欢吃土豆泥。

  大头巧记 po(谐音婆)+ta(谐音的)+to(谐音豆) 联想:婆婆的豆是土豆

  of  prep.

  A princess is the daughter of a king.

  猜一猜 A. 庭  B. 筒C. …的D. 存在

  翻译 公主是国王的女儿。

  词义扩展 ①  关于,对于I have heard of the story.我听过那个故事。② 由…制成的The book consists of seven chapters. 这个故事有七章。③ 由于,因为We are proud of our mother school.我们为母校感到自豪。④ 来自…的,从A lion is a kind of beasts.狮子是野兽中的一种。⑤ 引出不定式的逻辑主语How kind of you to help me.非常感谢你的帮助。

  interact v.

  These elements interact which makes the situation more complicated than ever before.

  猜一猜 A. 互相影响   B. 不断变化  C. 很复杂    D.难以解决

  翻译 这些因素相互作用,使现在的情形比以往任何时候都复杂。

  大头巧记 inter + act→  内部作用就会产生互相影响

  近义词 influence,affect

  during prep.

  词义 在…期间

  大头例句 During his captivity, he produced many literary works.在狱中,他创作了很多文学作品。

  curve n.

  I don't like the pattern full of curves and angels.

  猜一猜 A. 曲线,弯曲物B. 花纹C. 圆环D. 布料

  翻译 我不喜欢这种满是曲线和尖角的图案。

  词义扩展 v. 弄弯,成曲形The road curves suddenly to the right.那条路突然右转。

  guilt n.

  You cannot establish his guilt for he is innocent.

  猜一猜 A. 罪过B. 内疚C. 罪犯D. 徒刑

  翻译 你们不能认定他有罪,他是清白的。

  近义词 sin

  guilty a. (of)

  He was found guilty of robbing.

  猜一猜 A. 无辜的B. 有罪的C. 有责任的D. 可恶的

  翻译 他被发现犯有抢劫罪。

  punch n.

  The old punch needs repairing.

  猜一猜 A. 冲压机,冲床 B. 设备    C. 厂房     D. 机器

  翻译 旧的冲压机需要更新。

  分析 punch是punct(尖,点)的变体,用尖东西去冲压,穿孔

  词义扩展 v. 冲压,穿孔Conductors punch train tickets before passengers enter the train. 乘客上车前检票员在火车票上打孔。

  participant n.

  Any of the participants is granted the right to talk freely.

  猜一猜 A. 运动员   B. 决策者   C. 与会者   D.教练

  翻译 任何一个与会者都有权自由发言。

  大头巧记 part+cip+ant → 部分+参加+表示人的名词词尾 → 参加的人:与会者

  participate v.

  Many important leaders participated in todays conference.

  猜一猜 A. 举行   B. 出席,参加    C.  发言    D.合作

  翻译 许多重要领导人出席了今天的这次会议。

  大头巧记 part+picate → 部分+to take → 担任一部分职务 → 出席,参加

  词义扩展 v. 分享,分担It is my pleasure to participate in your suffering and joy for all my life. 我愿意一生跟你同甘共苦。

  近义词 take part in

  limestone n.

  His hometown is well known for rich limestone.

  猜一猜 A. 水果   B. 鱼虾   C. 稻米    D.石灰石

  翻译 他的家乡以盛产石灰石著称。

  大头巧记 lime + stone → 石灰 + 石头 → 石灰石

  hole n.

  I have worn a hole in my stock.

  猜一猜 A. 洞    B. 旧C. 花 D. 散

  翻译 我把袜子穿出了一个洞。

  近义词 cavity,gap

  cell n.

  The red blood cells are the essential part of the blood.

  猜一猜 A. 元素        B. 含量C.  成分D.细胞

  翻译 血红细胞是血液的重要组成部分。

  词义扩展 ① 小囚房The captives are put into the cells.俘虏们被关进了小囚房。② 蜂房 the cells of a honeycomb 蜂巢  ③ 电池 alkaline battery cells 碱性电池

  breath n.

  Mike smelt the cigarette smoke on her breath.

  猜一猜 A. 气息,呼吸       B. 味道      C. 香味        D.气质

  翻译 迈克闻到了她身上的烟味。

  词组 catch one's breath   歇口气,屏息Please wait a minute, let me catch my breath.请等一下,让我喘口气。

  out of breath  喘不过气来,上气不接下气After racing for the train, he was nearly out of breath.他跑着赶上公共汽车,累得上气不接下气。

  breathe n.

  People are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe.

  猜一猜 A. 拥有     B. 吸入      C. 吐出来      D.占据

  翻译 人们对自己吸入的空气质量甚为担忧。

  大头巧记 br(ing)+eat+he 把他拿来吃下去,即吸入

  大头例句 When people are attacked by the poison gas, they cannot breathe.当人们遭到毒气袭击时,他们无法呼吸。