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2006-07-05 19:46


  Directions: Talk on the following topic for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to make your points clear and supporting details adequate. You should also be ready to answer any questions raised by the examiners during your talk. You need to have your name and registration number recorded. Start your talk with “My name is……”“My registration number is……”

  1、Topic:  Te My View of a Successful Career

  2、Question for Reference:

  1. What is your present occupation? Are you satisfied with your present job? Why or why not?

  2. Talk about the job or jobs you would like to have. Cite your reasons and give examples.

  3. What factors do you think are necessary for the best working environment? Give your reasons. (the office and office equipment; boss, colleagues, training and promotion opportunities, benefits and privileges, company and government policies, etc.)

  4. What would you expect of an ideal career in terms of material and spiritual rewards?


  1、Part A (英译中)

  Passage 1:

  I want to make a few comments about the unique characteristics of water. First, of all the liquids we know, water takes the most amount of heat and it can also store amazing amounts of heat. Because water turns hot and cool more slowly than other liquids, it protects the earth from sudden temperature changes. //

  I also want to discuss how water is used in the human body. Water can carry vitamins and minerals throughout our body with ease. Water can also be used to clean the body of wastes. But, since water dissolves things easily, it can also be polluted by poisons and bacteria.

  Passage 2:

  It is with great honour that I am here to make a speech before you. I bring you the warm greeting and friendly sentiments of the President of the United States and the American people. For an American of my generation, to visit the People's Republic of China is to touch the pulse of modern political history. //

  As one of your poets wrote over a thousand years ago, “We widen our view three hundred miles by ascending one flight of stairs.” We two peoples are ascending that flight of stairs together, constructing a new world political and economic order for the 21st century as equal partners.

  2、Part B(中译英)




  Passage 2:






  Part A (英译中)

  Passage 1:



  Passage 2:



  Part B(中译英)

  Passage 1:

  China's huge population will not become a source of world food scarcity (food shortage or insufficient food supply)。 Our net grain import currently amounts to only about two percent of our total consumption. Self-sufficiency in grain has been a policy that China has been following for nearly half a century, in addition to the basic state policies for birth control and the preservation of crop-lands. //

  China has become the world's largest grain producer. We have basically solved the problem of feeding our people. It‘s really a marvelous fact that China is capable of supporting a population four times that of the United States with the arable land only half of that of the U. S.

  Passage 2:

  China attaches importance to the development of long-term, stable and mutually-beneficial cooperative relations with the European Union and its members. As the international situation has undergone profound changes, strengthened cooperation and dialogue between China and Europe serve the interests of both sides and help promote peace, stability and the common development in Asia and Europe. //

  Although the international situation has undergone great changes, the Chinese side wishes to make joint efforts with the European Union to push the relations onto a new level on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

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