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职称英语补全短文 第5课时

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  Looking to the Future

  The future is much too important to simply guess about, the way the high school students did, so experts are regularly asked to predict accurately. By carefully studying the present, skilled businessmen, scientists, and politicians are supposedly able to figure out in advance what will happen. But can they? One expert on cities wrote: _______, but would have space for farms and fields. People would travel to work in “airbuses”, large all-weather helicopters carrying up to 200 passengers. When a person left the airbus station he could drive a coin-operated car equipped with radar. The radar equipment of cars would make traffic accidents “almost unheard of”。 Does that sound familiar? If the expert had been accurate it would, because he was writing in 1957. His subject was “The city of 1982”。

  If the professionals sometimes sound like high-school students, it's probably because _________. But economic forecasting, or predicting what the economy will do, had been around for a long time. It should be accurate, and generally it is. But there have been some big mistakes in this field, too. In early 1929, most forecasters saw an excellent future for the stock market. In October of that year, _______, ruining thousands of investors who had put their faith in financial foreseers.

  One forecaster knew that predictions about the future would always be subject to significant errors. In 1957, H.J. Rand of the Rand Corporation was asked about the year 2000, “Only one thing is certain,” he answered. “Children born today _______. ”

  A. the stock market had its worst losses ever

  B. will have reached the age of 43

  C. the article was written in 1958

  D. Cities of the future would not be crowded

  E. the prediction of the future is generally accurate

  F. future study is still a new field



  Marriage and Children

  Many single Americans today are waiting longer to get married. Some women and men are delaying marriages and family ___(1)___; others want to become more established in their chosen profession. Most of people eventually will marry. One survey showed that only 15 percent of all single adults in the United States want to stay single. Some women become more interested in getting married and starting a family as they enter their 30s.

  One positive result may come from ___(2)___. People who get married at later ages have fewer divorces. Along with the decision to wait to marry, couples are also waiting longer before they have children, ___(3)___. Rearing a child in the United States is costly.

  Some couples today are deciding not to have children at all. In 1955, only one percent of all women expected to have no children. Today more than five percent say they want to remain childless. The ability of a couple to choose ___(4)___ means that more children ___(5)___ are very much wanted and loved.


  A) whether they will have children

  B) sometimes in order to be more firmly established economically

  C) no matter how late they marry

  D) men and women marrying late

  E) who are born in the United States

  F) because they want to finish school or start their careers


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