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This is a poem (这是一首诗)

2006-07-29 13:38

  一些学生以为我在STSs所写的诗是歌词,还问我歌名是什么。我便告诉他们这是一首诗,名为I'll Change.接着我便鼓励他们要努力求变。


  Dear students,

  Chan Yan Wing , He-man and Tony (actually, I am not sure what his Christian name is) asked me the name of the song that I wrote in my last STS. But it is not a song . It is something like a poem. I gave it a title-I'll change. This is one of the five poems that I wrote. I wrote the poems because I wanted to help students to learn English through something easy to memorize.

  I keep telling you that we can change but it is not easy to change. Do you remember that one of my ex-students changed from a bad girl to a policewoman? But she could not change her boyfriend(a drug addict and also a shoplifter)。 Many of you told me that you wanted to have a change this year because you did not work hard enough before. I was glad when I heard that and now I am still happy when I recall that. Work harder my boys; work harder my girls. You can change yourselves though it is not easy. Many years ago, someone wrote me this:

  Happy are those who have a dream and are ready to pay the price to make it come true.

  One of you told me that she was very“afraid”every time when I was wearing a colourful T-shirt. She said the white one is more beautiful. I'm really sorry if my“colourful”T-shirts make most of you feel“sick”。 Unfortunately, I am not rich enough to replace all my T-shirts. So, at the moment, I guess you still have to put up with my“colourful”T-shirts. Actually, in the past I always wore shirts of plain dark colours, e.g., blue, gray, brown, etc. Just recently I have had a change in“tastes”-I am beginning to love more colourful clothes. My wife was surprised that I had such a change at first, but eventually she bought me several“colourful”T-shirts when she came back from the U. K.

  Some told me what they want as regards the new seating plan. I have been thinking the whole weekend but I still have not figured out the best way to get it done. Obviously, no matter what the new seating plan is like, some people will be unhappy. Let us remind ourselves that we have to be fair to everyone and the main purpose of renewing the seating plan is to ensure that every student has a chance to take a seat better for studies. So, don't feel too upset if you are seated far away from your friends. Maybe it is also good for you.


  Tony、Becky、Mary等名字应称为christian name,而非English name.English name是泛指以英语拼写的姓名。

  something like是指“类似某事物/某人”,而非确实是那样。


  ●memorize = 记忆

  ●remember = 记起

  ●recall = 回忆


  ●ex-former wife =前妻

  ●ex-/former principal =前任校长

  ●ex-former student =以前的学生


  ●drug store =药房

  ●drug addict =吸毒者

  ●drug abuse = 滥用药物

  this year、next year和last year等之前都不需要加上介词

  (preposition),例如:in this year便是错误的写法。





  另外一种表示方法:…to have all my T-shirts replaced更能显示英语能力。

  Put up with意思相等于bear,解作“忍受”,但前者较通俗。


  ●always = 永远地/一直

  ●often =经常/在很多情况下


  eventually可用at last代替,但不可用lastly,因为:

  ●攻at first→at last =起初→终于

  ●firstly→lastly =首先/第一点→最后一点

  as regards可用concerning或regarding代替。

  不少学生都错误地将seating plan写作sitting plan.

  the whole weekend/morning/day等之前都不需要加上介词(preposition)。


  ●…to do it = 去做这事

  ●…to get it done =去完成这事

  这里用are seated而不用sit,是因为座位是由老师安排的,因此用被动语态。





  1.… one of my ex-students changed from a bad girl to a policewoman


  2.Many of you told me that you wanted to have a change…


  3.… now I am still happy when I recall that.


  4.… I guess you still have to put up with my “ colourful” T-shirts.




  1.… one of my ex-students changed dramatically from a bad girl to a policewoman.(突出改变的程度)

  2.Many of you told me that you definitely wanted to have a change.


  3.… now I am still happy when I occasionally recall that.


  4.… now I guess you still have to kindly put up with my “colourful” T-shirts.(表明友好态度)


  Test Your Understanding

  1.I am staying home alone______ because of the typhoon. I feel ex______ uncomfortable. I prefer going to school to staying at home because school is fun. But I feel the heavy rain can com ______ clean all the things I don't like in my memory.

  2.I was very upset that yesterday we didn't need to go to school because of the typhoon. It was because I had tidily______ prepared everything for Day 6. So,today I must rel ______take them all out and put the Day I books into my school bag. Have you ever listened to a song First of May by the Bee Gees? It is my favourite. The Bee Gees sing the song bea______ with their attractive voices.

  3.I hon______ don't think that your colourful T-shirts make me feel sick.I believe that one's personality and his favourite colour(s) are cl______ related. We can cor______ guess one's feelings and personality from the colour(s) of clothes that he wears.

  4.Today you mer______ changed the seating plan. I'm not satisfied with this seating plan. I r______ want to sit beside Tom. Tom is very good at Mathematics and my English result is about average.We can help each other. I def______ want to sit next to Tom. Please!

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