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考研英语核心词汇速成胜经 Unit 4

2006-7-14 22:47  


  Manpower Inc., with 560,000 workers, is the world's largest temporary employment agency. Every morning, its people swarm into the offices and factories of America, seeking a day's work for a day's pay. One day at a time. As industrial giants like General Motors and IBM struggle to survive by reducing the number of employees, Manpower, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is booming.

  Even though its economy continues to recover, the US is increasingly becoming a nation of part-timers and temporary workers. This " disposable " work force is the most important trend in American business today, and it is fundamentally changing the relationship between people and their jobs. The phenomenon provides a way for companies to remain globally competitive while avoiding market cycles and the growing burdens imposed by employment rules, healthcare costs and pension plans. For workers it can mean an end to the security, benefits and sense of importance that came from being a loyal employee.





  agency  n.  代理处, 行销处, 代理, 中介

  [例] agency general  总代理

  [同义] management, office, operation, work

  [派生] agent  n.  代理(商)

  [固定搭配] by/through agency of 经……介绍,通过……之手

  swarm  n.  蜂群, 一大群  v.  涌往, 挤满, 密集, 成群浮游, 云集

  [例] The beach is swarming with bathers.  海滩满是海浴的人。

  [同义] assemble, cluster, collect, crowd, gather, meet

  [固定搭配] a swarm of 一群, 一堆; swarm into 蜂拥而入;swarm with

  充满着, 拥挤着;

  giant  n.  巨人, 大力士, 巨大的动物或植物, 伟人, 天才

  adj.  庞大的, 巨大的

  [例] Shakespeare is a giant among writers.  莎士比亚是一位文坛巨匠。

  [同义] colossal, enormous, gigantic, huge, immense, mammoth, monumental,

  [反义] diminutive  adj.  小的, 指小的, 小型的

  n. 小的人, 指小辞, 指小词, 爱称

  dwarf  n.  矮子, 侏儒  v.  (使)变矮小,

  [派生] giantlike  adj.  巨人般的, 巨大的

  disposable  adj.  可任意使用的

  [例] Every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire.


  [派生] disposal  n.  处理, 处置, 布置, 安排, 配置, 支配

  dispose v. 处理, 处置, 部署  vt. 布置, 安排, 除去, 使愿意

  fundamentally  adv.  基础地, 根本地

  [例] She is fundamentally unsuited to office work.


  [同义] primarily

  [派生] fundament  n.  基础, 基本原理, 臀部

  fundamental  adj. 基础的, 基本的 n. 基本原则, 基本原理

  pension  n.  养老金, 退休金

  [例] “Some French farmers suggest that the Government pension off the older and less efficient farmers”(E.J. Dionne, Jr.)


  [同义] aid, allowance, assistance, grant, help, stipend

  [派生] pensionable  adj.  有资格领退休金的, 可领退休金的

  loyal  adj.  忠诚的, 忠心的

  [例] The people stayed loyal to their country.


  [同义] devoted, dutiful, faithful, obedient, true, trustworthy

  [反义] disloyal  adj. 不忠的, 背叛的, 不忠诚的

  [派生] loyalty  n.  忠诚, 忠心


  1. Buying a train or a bus ticket used to be a major hassle. Now any hotel or travel ________ can book your tickets

  A. resource      B. recollection     C. agency       D. agony

  2. He's just like a fly hanging around. Sorry, not a fly. It's a________ of flies flying near your ears

  A. bunch        B. swarm         C. lump         D. pile

  3. They were ________, sometimes 8 feet long, and many of them lived in the swampy pools in which our coal seam, or layer, or formed.

  A. giant          B. clever        C. delight       D. light

  4. Nowadays the average age at which people settle down and marry is much older than it was 30 years ago, so singles will tend to have more________ income.

  A. dependent     B. redundant     C. professional    D. disposable

  5. John Mills was a great actor, a true gentleman and a ________ friend; someone who made us proud to be British," Blair said in a statement.

  A. loyal         B. liar          C. gangster       D. predominant