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Bermuda (North America)

Sailing is a popular pastime in Bermuda

  Even though a large number of people live on this small island, you should never feel crowded. There are no billboards or neon signs, and relatively few cars to spoil the rolling countryside. Most houses seem to fit quite naturally into the landscape.

  Bermuda consists of nine parishes(地方行政区)。 From west to east, they are: Sandys (pronounced “sands”), Southampton, Warwick, Paget (which has the greatest concentration of hotels), Pembroke (home to the City of Hamilton), Devonshire, Smith's, Hamilton (not to be confused with the City of Hamilton), and St. George, which includes the U.S. naval air base and the little island of St. David's. In the early days, these districts, which encompass about 21 square miles, were called “tribes.” By the beginning of the 18th century, the term Tribe Road referred to the boundaries between parishes. Pembroke, which encloses (围住)the capital city of Hamilton, is the largest parish in population; St. George has the largest land area.

Bicycling is a good way for the whole family to get around Bermuda

  Because of its small size, it's easy to get to know the island parish by parish. There's much to see, whether you travel by bike, ferry, bus, or taxi. You'll need plenty of time, though, because the pace is slow. Cars and other motorized vehicles, such as mopeds(助动车;机器脚踏车), must observe the maximum speed of 15 mph in Hamilton and St. George, 20 mph in the countryside. The speed limits are rigidly enforced, and there are severe penalties for violations.

  If you're visiting for the first time, you'll want to follow the tourist route, basically the equivalent of visiting New York and seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building: the Aquarium, Devil's Hole, and cruise-boat outings. For visitors on a second, third, or fourth visit to Bermuda, a different experience unfolds. Once you've done all the “must-sees,” you'll want to walk around and make discoveries on your own. The best parishes for walking are Somerset, St. George, and Hamilton.

  But don't fill your days with too much structured sightseeing. You'll want time to lounge (懒洋洋地倚,靠,躺)on the beach and play in the water, and to enjoy moments like sitting by the harbor in the late afternoon, enjoying the views as the yachts glide by(滑动,滑行)。 Absorbing Bermuda's beauty at your own pace, and stopping to chat with the occasional islander, is really the point.

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