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汉译英句式举例 (三)

2006-07-05 00:26


  In 1998, great changes took place in the income and consumption levels of urban residents. The yearly average income amounted to 5,160 yuan, increased by 3.4% than that of the previous year.


  Incomes of workers and staff members in the state-owned enterprises and collective work-units are still the mainstay of families' income. The income of scientific and technology researchers stood second in 12 main trades in the country. Their incomes increase according to their education level.


  In recent years, the consumption pattern of urban residents has transformed from subsistence to a comfortable life. For instance, in 1998, the money spent on clothing was 4.4 percent less and the quality of food was improved while the consumption of grain relatively reduced. The accelerating rhythm of life has encouraged more socialization in food consumption. In 1998, the rate of people dining out increased by 10.4%.


  The rising of Pudong New District has turned the valuable place into a hot destination of overseas investment. Nowadays the investment volume has reached 53 billion US dollars.


  In 2000, government approved more than 1,800 foreign-funded enterprises and the number of them has amounted to 11,000 in Shanghai. Official statistics showed that more than 90 countries and regions had come to invest in Shanghai.

  独资企业 solely-funded enterprise;

  合资企业 joint venture enterprise;


  China must boost its tertiary industry to accomplish its transition from a developing country to a developed country.


  There is a 7 stories pagoda at the top of Tiger Hill. The subsidence during Ming Dynasty caused it to slant to an angle of 15 degrees. Today, the pagoda has become a famous scenic spot in Suzhou.

  在上海, 超过50000的妇女从事纺织,建材,食品加工,化妆品和药品行业。

  In Shanghai, more than 50,000 women are engaged in fields of textile, building material, food procession, cosmetic and chemicals.


  Founded in 1953, Shanghai foreign language school is a full-time boarding school, which is affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University.


  China is a multi-ethnic group country with a long history. Thus there are a lot of festivals, such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Mid-autumn Day, Pure-brightness Day, Dragon-boating Festival and so on.


  China and US are facing historical opportunity in the new century. There is much these two countries can cope with. Actually in 1999, the sum of bilateral trades had reached 6.5 million US dollars.


  Foreigners have shown particular interest in the natural food that requires the least possible amount of procession.

  Phrases and Expressions:

  苏绣 embroidery

  纺织工业 textile industry

  1700年历史 the tradition of 1700 years

  山清 水秀 怪石 beautiful mountain and lake, exotic rocks

  “统得太死” channel sb. too much

  美籍华人 Chinese-Americans

  出租车站 taxi stand

  家用电器 household appliance


  The newly established four-star hotel is a Sino-US joint venture. Because of its advanced administration and good service, it hosts many quests and tourists of home and abroad every year.


  Since China's reform and opening up to outside world, our hometown has become the hot destination of both domestic and overseas investment.



  In 2000, the yearly average income of each person in our family has reached 12,500 yuan, 4.8 percent higher than that of the previous year. Meanwhile the money spent on education and tourism increased by 8.7 percent and 5.9 percent respectively.


  In our company, the salaries of staff members are decided on the basis of their education levels and their contributions to the company.


  In previous years, the salaries of staff members in state-owned enterprises are decided on the basis of title, education level and working-age.


  Since 1997, leaders of this residential area have made great efforts to develop the service-sector, providing 280 jobs for the laid-off workers. Last year, the yearly average of each person of this area amounted to 9,860 yuan, 6.7 percent more than that of the previous year.


  Since China's reform and opening up to outside world policy, leaders of this area have attached great importance to schooling and education. Meanwhile, they have absorbed quite a few young people who have just graduated from colleges.


  A community college for the elderly has been established in our residential area. According to calculations, about 75 percent of the retired teachers, doctors and engineers teach here and have contributed a lot, which has not only promoted the development of our community work but also benefited the relationship among the residents.


  Chinese intellectuals especially young intellectuals have benefited a lot from the China's reform and opening up to outside world policy. Started from 1978, many of them went abroad for further study at the public expense or at their own. In recent years, many of them have come back at the completion of their study and become leaders in their own fields.

  大华大学是一所成立于90年代初的民办大学。 10年来,培养了2000多名毕业生正活跃在上海地区各自的领域。

  Dahua University is a non-government college, which was established in the early 1990s'. In the recent ten years, it has cultivated more than 2,000 graduates who are working hard at their own fields in Shanghai.


  All nurses in the mental hospitals are not female and in some cases the ratio of man to female is 2 to 1.


  The transplantation of organs not only involves delicate surgery but also needs regular supply of human organs.

  Phrases and Expressions:

  公务员 civil servant

  贫困落后 backward

  没有余地做某事…… There's no ground for…

  自力更生 self-reliance

  交通量 volume of traffic

  经济特区 special economic zone

  市政建设 public project

  赢利 win a profit of

  立场和观点 stands of points

  知青 educated young people


  108 foreign guests from US, Canada, Australia and so on attended the buffet reception held in Pudong Shangri-La Hotel.


  Tourist industry is one of the fastest growing industries in modern times. Its growing rate has exceeded that of worldwide economy.


  Tourism benefits not only the service sector, but also manufacture of tourist commodities. It is not a single trade, but a comprehensive one consisting of many enterprises such as transportation, accommodation, guiding service, banking, manufacturing, education and so on.

  自1989年以来,这个地区的教育发展迅速。至今已有1所大学,3所大专,5所职业学校,9所成人学校, 4所函授学校和20所中小学。

  Since 1989, education has developed greatly in this area. So far there have been 1 university, 3 junior colleges, 5 vocational schools, 9 adult schools, 4 correspondence schools and 20 middle schools and primary schools.


  Established in May 1997, Shanghai Meimei Company was a collective work unit with 40 staff members. Last year it made a profit of 6.5 million yuan.


  Official statistics showed 68 percent of the people between the age of 18 and 48 are ensured in that area.


  This company has made a profit of 50,000 US dollars and it is estimated to make a profit of 75,000 US dollars in the next quarter of the year.


  To compete in the world market, the company decided to spend large sum of money updating the existing machinery and improving the quality of product ions.

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