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2006-07-07 18:08

  8 June 2004, New York


  Mr. President,

  Today is an important day for the people of Iraq and for the United Nations.

  Resolution 1546 just adopted unanimously by the Security Council is a milestone that marks an end to the past and a beginning of the future. It will usher in an upcoming historical turning point in the Iraqi political process and represents a new page in the relationship between the United Nations and Iraq. It will help promote stability and development in Iraq and further strengthen the authority and role of the Security Council.

  Mr. President,

  The people of Iraq are industrious and talented, and have made brilliant contributions to human civilization. However, they have in the last decade and more, suffered from the misery of war, sanctions, and turbulence. They yearn for democracy, peace, and a new life under restored sovereignty.

  The resolution adopted by the Security Council today has undoubtedly laid a foundation for the early fulfillment of these aspirations of the Iraqi people. The resolution endorses the formation of the Iraqi Interim Government, reaffirms the right of the Iraqi people freely to determine their own political future and control their own natural and financial resources, reaffirms the principle of the reassertion of full Iraqi sovereignty and demonstrates the commitment of the international community to assist in the completion of the Iraqi political process.

  With the adoption of this resolution, we look forward to the arrival of June 30, the day that will witness reassertion of full sovereignty by the Iraqi people and the return of Iraq to the family of nations.

  We sincerely hope that with the broad support of the Iraqi people and the unstinting assistance of the international community, the Iraqi Interim Government will, conforming to its obligations, expeditiously take measures to stabilize the security situation, promote national reconciliation, and hold fair and free elections on schedule. We are convinced that with the termination of occupation and the transfer of sovereignty, the great Iraqi people will make unremitting efforts to overcome all obstacles in their way, resume as soon as possible their path toward peace, democracy and development, and make new contributions to regional peace and stability and the advancement of human civilization.

  Mr. President,

  Over the last ten years and more, Iraq has always been a focus of the Security Council's attention. The Security Council has adopted a total of more than 70 resolutions in this regard. In the process of arriving at an appropriate settlement of the question of Iraq, there have been times of close cooperation as well as times of deep divisions among members of the Council.

  We are pleased that the Security Council now stands unified again in response to the appeals of the Iraqi people. This resolution is the result of joint efforts by all Council members who actively participated in the consultations and in the search for consensus in a constructive spirit and with a pragmatic and cooperative approach. China is gratified that many proposals tabled by members of the Council, including China, have been taken into account in the resolution which, giving expression to the principles of Iraqi sovereignty and Iraqi affairs run by Iraqi people, is a significant improvement upon its previous versions.

  Furthermore, this resolution will turn the relationship between the UN and Iraq into one of partners with shared objectives. Iraq will resume its place in the UN family on an equal footing, and the UN, on its part, will continue to make greater contributions to the Iraqi people. I wish to avail myself of this opportunity to thank the Secretary-General, Mr. Anan, Ambassador Brahimi, and all the UN staff members who have worked assiduously to this end.

  The debates about the issue of Iraq and the handling of it over the past year may have served to enlighten us on the fact that in the current complex international situation, solution of major international issues needs collective wisdom, enhanced international cooperation, and the role of the UN and the Security Council. This is a necessity of history and reality, and is the only viable choice of international community.

  Mr. President,

  The Chinese government and people have always been closely following the developments in the Iraqi situation. We have always advocated the maintenance of Iraqi sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and an appropriate solution of the question of Iraq on the basis of Security Council resolutions through political means. The hearts of the peoples of China and Iraq have always been joined together. We deeply sympathize with them in their sufferings as a result of the sanctions and the wars, and have provided them with assistance to the best of our ability.

  The Chinese government will as always firmly support the political process and the major role of the UN pursuant to the Council resolutions. China looks forward to friendly cooperation on all fronts with the Iraqi Interim Government and the future elected government. We stand ready to actively participate in Iraq's economic reconstruction and contribute to the building of a better Iraq.

  Mr. President,

  Resolution 1546 marks a new beginning for both the Security Council and Iraq. Undeniably, the implementation of the resolution will be fraught with difficulties and challenges. For the Iraqi Interim Government, its task is arduous and the road ahead is long. But China believes that as long as all parties put the Iraqi people's interests first and truly respect Iraq's assumption and exercise of all power, the implementation of this resolution will certainly help improve the security situation in Iraq, advance the Iraqi political process and promote the post-war reconstruction in Iraq.

  Thank you, Mr. President.




















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