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A.I. 《人工智能》

2006-08-19 09:34

    Any Steven Spielberg film is eagerly anticipated by his millions of fans, and his upcoming movie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is no exception. Since many of its details have been kept secret, the movie is surrounded in conjecture.

    The film has had a long journey to the screen, starting as a conception of the late director Stanley Kubrick eighteen years ago. Kubrick had Spielberg in mind to direct the film and the two communicated about the project for seven years before Kubrick's death. The task then fell to Spielberg to make the film as true to Kubrick's vision as possible.

    A.I. is based on a short story by Brian Aldiss that illustrates the isolation inherent in an overpopulated, high-tech world. The movie takes place in the future when dire environmental predictions have come to fruition with the polar ice caps melted by global warming. In this new landscape, coastal cities are submerged and people rely increasingly on computers, especially a new prototype which possesses self-awareness-that is, artificial intelligence. The story revolves around an android who comes to the emotional realization that he is not a real person.

    Kubrick claimed that the movie was not a prediction about the future, but rather a "future fairy tale…… ." Besides the highly talented Jude Law, William Hurt, Sam Robards, and Robin Williams (as the narrator) star in the film, which promises to be a fascinating, finely crafted glimpse into a strange, possible world.

    Many moviegoers have swooned over Jude Law's classic good looks and charming demeanor but he is much more than just a pretty face. He has distinguished himself as a talented actor, garnering heaps of praise and numerous award nominations.

    Like many actors, Law, twenty-nine, began his career on the stage, joining the National Youth Music Theater in London at the age of twelve. After some experience in theater, he landed a role in a soap opera and dropped out of high school just shy of graduation.

    Law returned to the stage in 1993, receiving high acclaim and an "outstanding Newcomer" nomination for his role in Pygmalion. His next highly successful play, Indiscretions, moved to Broadway and his performance there won him a Tony nomination.

    After breaking into film in London, Law moved on to Tinseltown with the sci-fi flick Gattaca. He had roles in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Wilde before blowing away critics and audiences alike in The Talented Mr. Ripley, which earned him both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

    Law's role in Steven Spielberg's upcoming film A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will no doubt be a great showcase for the actor's talent and sex appeal; he plays a love machine that literally exists to bring physical pleasure to humans. Whatever Jude Law's next career move may be, the future certainly looks bright for the rising young star.


    只要是史蒂芬。斯皮尔伯格执导的电影,就会有无数的影迷翘首以盼,即将上映的新片《人工智能》自然也不例外。 由于细节保密到家,人们都在对这部影片做各种猜测。









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