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2006-08-09 20:18

    P/ 赔了夫人又折兵, 花钱填无底洞 throw good money after bad/ 帕金森症 parkinsonism / 派出所 local police station / 潘多拉魔盒 Pandora's box/ 盘点 stock count; take stock of/ 盘活存量资产 liquidize remnant assets / 棚户 shacks; family that live in shacks / 批发市场 wholesale market/ 跑龙套 "utility man, play a bit role, general handyman" / 泡妞 chase after the girls / 泡沫经济 bubble economy / 排外主义 exclusivism / 排华政策 policy of discrimination against the Chinese/ 配套政策 supporting policies / 配股 allotment of shares;rationed shares / 配件 accessories / 碰头会 "brief meeting ( A brief, small-scale, informal meeting with no fixed agenda, the main purpose of which is to exchange information.) " / 碰一鼻子灰 be sent off with a flea in one's ear; be snubbedd; get a rebuff/ 碰钉子 get snubbed / 抛砖引玉 a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions; throw a sprat to catch a whale/ 泼冷水 pour cold wate on the enthusiasm of; dampen the spirit of; throw a wet blanket over/ 泼水节 Water-Sprinkling Festival/ 评头论足 nit-pick / 评标 bidding evaluation / 扑网(体) "rush-up, rushing" / 铺新摊子 launch new projects/ 普通高等教育 regular higher education/ 普选制 general election system / 普遍优惠制 generalized preferential system; general system of preferences/ 破釜沉舟 cut off all means of retreat; burn one‘s own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end/ 啤酒肚 beer belly / 疲软股票 soft stock / 皮包公司 bogus company / 片面追求升学率 place undue emphasis on the proportion of students entering schools of a higher level/ 骗汇、逃汇、套汇 "obtain foreign currency and false pretenses, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage " / 票贩子 "scalper, ticket tout" / 票房 box office / 拼图 jigsaw / 贫铀弹 depleted uranium bomb / 贫富悬殊 polarization of rich and poor / 平面设计师 graphic designer / 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚 "never burn incense when all is well, but clasp Buddha's feet when in distress" / 平稳过渡 smooth transition/ 平抑(稳定)物价 stabilize commodity prices/ 平等、互利、互相尊重主权和领土完整 equality,mutual benefit, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity/ 平等互利原则 principle of equality and mutual benefit/ 平等互利、讲求实效、形式多样、共同发展的方针 pursuing practical results, adopting various waysand seeking common development/ the principle of equality, mutual benefit, efficiency, diversity andmutual development / 平衡预算 balance a budget; a balanced budget/ 平均主义 equalitarianism / 瓶颈制约 “bottleneck”restrictions / 白皮书 white paper

    Q/ 青少年犯罪 juvenile deliquency/ 轻水反应堆 light water reactor( LWR)/ 倾销 dump; dumping/ 抢跑 "false start, beat the gun" / 敲竹杠 make somebody pay through the nose; put the lug on; rob by a trick / 青藏高原 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau/ 抢得先机 take the preemptive opportunities / 氢弹 hydrogen bomb/ 轻轨火车 light rail train / 抢购 panic buying/ 切入点 point of penetration; breakthrough point / 情商 emotion quotient (EQ)/ 侨务 affairs concerning nationals residing abroad / 情有独钟 show special preference (favor) to … / 侨胞 countrymen residing abroad / 情感消费 emotional consumption / 巧妇难为无米之炊 If you have no hand you can't make a fist./ One can't make bricks without straw./ 翘尾巴 be cocky; get stuck-up/ 钦差大臣 imperial envoy; imperial commissioner/ 求大同,存小异 seek common ground on major question while reserving differences on minor ones/ 勤政廉政建设 keep government functionaries honest and industrious/ 勤工俭学 part-work and part-study system; work-study program / 禽流感 bird flu / 屈体 "jackknife, pike" / 清明节 Pure Bright Festival; Tomb Sweeping Day / 清算/结算 clearing /settlement / 清算银行 clearing bank / 清算公司 clearing corporation; liquidation company/ 清产核资 asset and capital verification / 清洁能源 clean energy/ 侵吞公款 embezzle public funds/ embezzlement of public funds/ 洽谈会 "fair, meeting" / 牵头人 initiator/ 千里之行始于足下 a thousand-li journey begins with the first step——the highest eminence is to be gained step by step/ 千禧婴儿 millennium infant; millennium baby / 千年问题、千年虫 millennium bug / 千代田寿险公司(日本) Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Co. / 签约仪式 signing ceremony/ 钱袋子 fund sources/ 前事不忘,后事之师 Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future./ 前人栽树,后人乘凉 One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests./ One sows and another reaps./ 前瞻性 perspectiveness/ 前怕狼,后怕虎 fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind/ hesitate in doing something/ 欠收(农业) crop failure/ 强龙难压地头蛇 Even a dragon (from the outside) finds it hard to control a snake in its old haunt - Powerful outsiders can hardly afford to neglect local bullies. / 强力球(美国的全国性彩票) powerball/ 强强联手 win-win co-operation/ 强权外交 power diplomacy/ 强化班 intensive training class / 亲民党 People First Party / 区位商业 location-based commerce / 区域经济 regional economies/ 取消禁运 lifting of embargo/ 圈外人士 people out of the loop / 权力下放 delegate power to the lower levels; shift of power to the grassroots/ 权力法案 Bill of Rights/ 权益回报率 returns on equity (ROE)/ 权贵资本主义(又译裙带资本主义或亲朋好友资本主义) crony capitalism / 全民健身计划纲要 outline of the nationwide body-building plan / 全面实施以德育为核心、以创新精神和实践能力为重点的素质教育 carry on the quality education centering on moral education and emphasizing creativity and practice / 全面禁止和彻底销毁核武器 complete prohibition and thorough destruction nuclear weapons/ 全球移动通信系统(全球通) global system for mobile communications (GSM) / 全球变暖 global warming/ 全球多边贸易体系 global system of multilateral trade/ 全球定位系统 global positioning system (GPS) / 全天候 24-hour (service)/ 全天候飞机 all-weatehr aircraft / 全优工程 all-round excellent project / 全能冠军 all-around winner / 全方位外交 multi-faceted diplomacy / 全方位、多层次、宽领域的对外开放格局 all-dimensional, multitiered and wide-ranging opening pattern/ 全国人民代表大会 NPC (National People's Congress)/ 全国人口普查 nationwide census/ 全国卫生城市 National Hygienic City / 全景电影 cinepanoramic / 全资企业 exclusively-invested enterprises/ 拳头产品 competitive products; knock-out products; blockbuster / 券商 securities trader / 裙带风 nepotism; petticoat influence / 裙带关系 networking through petticoat influence / 群言堂 allow everybody to air his view; let everyone have his say; speak one's mind freely / 起跑器 block / 旗袍 cheong-sam; Chi-pao / 骑警 horseback police / 企业形象 corporate image(CI)/ enterprise image/ 企业效益 performance of enterprises/ 企业上市 listing of a company/ 企业文化 corporate culture / 企业重组 reshuffle of the enterprises / 企业产权 property rights of enterprises/ 企业的自我约束机制 self-regulating mechanism of enterprises / 企业孵化器 enterprise incubator / 企业改制 restructuring of enterprise / 企业兼并重组 annexation and reorganization of enterprises/ 企业集团 enterprise group/ 启动基金 initial funding/ 启发式教学 heuristic education / 欺行霸市价格 forced quotation/ 期末存货 closing stock / 期初存货 opening stock / 期房 forward delivery housing / 期货对冲交易 offsetting futures transactions/ 期货交易 deal in futures; futures business/trading; forward business

    R/ 让利 surrender part of the profits/ 瑞雪兆丰年 A timely snow promises a good harvest./ 人类免疫缺陷病毒 Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) / 人类基因图谱 human genome/ 人情债 debt of gratitude / 人性化管理 human-based management/ 人身意外保险 personal accident insurance / 人身攻击 personal attack/ 人寿保险 life insurance/ 入水时水花很少 clean entry / 热污染 thermal pollution/ 人头税 poll tax/ 人之初,性本善 Man's nature at birth is good./ 人才流失 brain drain / 人才战 competition for talented people/ 人才高地 talent highland/ 人才交流 talents exchange/ 人大代表 NPC member/ 热带雨林 tropical rain forest/ 热带风暴 Tropical Storm / 热岛效应 tropical island effect / 人逢喜事精神爽 Joy puts heart into a man./ 人浮于事 overstaffing / 人浮于事 overstaff/ 人工智能 artificial intelligence(AI) / 热核弹头 thermonuclear warhead/ 人海战术 huge-crowd strategy / 人机交互 human-computer interaction / 人际交往 human communication / 人均住房 per-capita housing / 入境问俗,入乡随俗 When in Rome do as the Romans do./ 人口老龄化 an aging population / 人口素质 quality of population/ 人口学 larithmics/ 人口出生率 birth rate/ 人口负增长 negative population growth (NPG) / 人口过剩 overpopulation/ 软新闻 soft news / 任意球 free kick / 软盘 floppy disk/ 认股权证 warrant / 软着陆 soft landing / 弱肉强食法则 law of the jungle/ 日本协力银行 Japan Bank For International Cooperation (JBIC) / 日本右翼势力 right-wing forces in Japan/ 日本广播协会 NHK/ 日经指数 Nikkei Index/ 荣誉权 right of fame/ 融资渠道 financing channels / 绕圈子 beat around the bush / 燃油附加税 bunker surcharge / 染指 reap undeserved profit from; encroach upon

    S/ (西方的)三权分立 separation of executive, legislative, and judicial powers/ (企业集团的)松散层 loose level (of an enterprise group) / 360度环幕电影 Circamara / <<史记>> Shi Ji/ Historical Records / 舍利子 Buddha's relics/ 世上无难事,只要肯攀登 "Where there is a will, there is a way. " / 世外桃源 a fictitious land of peace away from the turmoil of the world; / 死亡率 mortality/ 酸雨 acid rain / 死帐 uncollectible account, bad debt, bad loan / 事业单位 public institution / 摄政王 acting king; prince regent/ 枢纽工程 multi-purpose project or pivotal project/ 闪电战 blitz; lightning war/ 死而后已 until my heart stops beating/ 死机 system halted / 世界大学生运动会(大运会) universiade / 世界观、人生观、价值观 world outlook; outlook on life; values / 社论 editorial / 社区服务 community services/ 社会名流 celebrity/ 社会力量办学 running of schools by non-governmental sectors/ 社会效益 social effect /results /benefit / 社会热点问题 hot spots of society / 社会治安情况 public security situation / 社会主义市场经济 socialist market economy/ 社会主义精神文明建设 socialist ideological and ethical progress/ 社会保障制度 social security system / 社会福利彩票 social welfare lotteries/ 社会化服务体系 socialized service system; social service system/ 市盈率 p/e (price/earning) ratio / 市政工程 municipal works; municipal engineering/ 市值 market capitalization / 市场营销学 marketing/ 市场占有率 market share/ 市场疲软 sluggish market / 市场饱和 market saturation; saturated market/ 市场化 marketization / 市场准入 market access / 市话 local calls/ 适龄儿童入学率 enrolment rate for children of school age/ 岁岁平安 Peace all year round/ 申诉权 right of petition/ 适销对路的产品 readily marketable products / 适者生存 survival of the fittest/ 申办奥运会 bid for the Olympic Games / 适度从紧的财政政策 moderately tight fiscal policy / 上马 start a project/ 上门服务 door-to-door service / 上新台阶 reach a new level; reach a higher stage of development/ 上市 to be listed / 上市公司 listed companies / 上山下乡 (of educated urban youth) go and work in the countryside or mountain areas / 送温暖工程 heart-warming project/ 身外之物 worldly possessions/ 商务旅游 business travel/ 身体素质 physique; physical constitution / 上网 to get on the Internet, surf the net / 上有天堂,下有苏杭 "Just as there is paradise in heaven, ther are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth." / 商业网点 commodity network/ 商业炒作 commercial speculation / 商业贷款 commercial loan/ 商业存在(服务贸易) commercial presence / 释迦牟尼 Sakyamuni / 商品条码 bar code / 商品房空置的现象 the vacancy problem in commercial housing / 商品化 commercialization/ 商品经济 commodity economy/ 上岗 go to one's post; go on duty/ 上海五国第六次峰会 "the sixth summit of ""Shanghai Five"" " / 上海五国机制 the Shanghai Five mechanism / 上海合作组织 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) / 商检局 Commodity Inspection Bureau / 深加工 deep processing; further processing/ 搜索引擎(计算机) search engine/ 神州行电话卡 Shenzhou pre-paid card / 收视率 audience ratings; television viewing / 审时度势 size up the situation / 试用期 probationary period / 收盘价 closing price/ 视频点播 video on demand (VOD)/ 试点工程 pilot project/ 试管婴儿 test-tube baby/ 收购兼并 merger and acquisition / 生命银行 bank for keeping the donated organs and remains of dead persons for medical use/ 授信贷款 credit extension loan / 授信额度 line of credit / 少数服从多数、下级服从上级、局部服从全体、全党服从中央 "the minority is subordinate to the majority, the lower level to the higher level, the part to the whole and the entire membership of the Party to the Central Committee " / 寿司 sushi, a Japanese dish of rolls of cold rice flavoured and garnished/ 生物圈 biosphere/ 塞翁失马,焉知非福 Misfortune may be an actual blessing. / 生物恐怖主义 bioterrorism / 生态旅游 ecotourism/ 生态林 ecological forest/ 生态农业 environmental-friendly agriculture / 生意兴隆 Business flourishes/ 所有权经营权分离 separate ownership from managerial authority/ 所得税 income tax/ 售后服务 after-sale services / 三民主义 the Three People's Principles (Nationalism, Democracy and the People's Livelihood) put forward by Dr. Sun Yat-sen / 三连冠 three successive championships / 三来一补企业 "the enterprises that process raw materials on clients' demands, assemble parts for the clients and process according to the clients' samples; or engage in compensation trade." / 瘦肉精(盐酸克伦特罗) clenobuterol hydrochloride/ 三权分立 separation of the executive, legislative and judicial powers/ 三十而立 "A man should be independent at the age of thirty. / At thirty, a man should be able to think for himself." / 三下乡 "a program under which officials, doctors, scientist and college students go to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to farmers" / 三通 "three direct links of trade, mail, and air and shipping services across the Taiwan Straits " / 三通一平 "three supplies and one leveling; supply of water, electricity and road and leveled ground (conditions ready for further economic development)" / 三维电影 three-dimensional movie / 三维动画片 three-dimensional animation / 三峡工程 Three Gorges Project/ 三无企业 "three-no-enterprises (It refers to enterprises with no capital, no plant, and no administrative structure.)" / 受灾群众 people afflicted by a natural disaster / 受灾地区 disaster-affected are / 三陪 girls who provides illegal sexual services, esp. prostitute/ 三农问题 issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers/ 三八线 38th Parallel / 三八红旗手 woman pace-setter / 三产 tertiary industry/ 三步走战略 the three-step development strategy / 三大作风 the Party's three important styles of work (integrating theory with practice, forging close links with the masses and practicing self-criticism) / 三废(废气、废水、废渣) “three wastes”(waste gas, waste water and waste residues)/ 三个有利于 three favorables (whether it promotes the growth of the productive forces in a socialist society, increases the overall strenth of the socialist state and raises the people's living standards / 三个代表 three represents theory (The Party should always represent the development needs of China's advanced social productive forces, always represent the onward direction of China's advanced culture, and always represent the fundamental interests of the largest member of the Chinese people.) / 三高农业 "three highs" agriculture (high yield, high quality and high efficiency agriculture)/ 三好学生 merit student; three good student(good in study, attitude and health) / 升级换代 updating and upgrading (of products)/ 三角恋爱 love triangle / 三角债 chain debt / 三讲教育(讲学习、讲政治、讲正气) three emphases education (to stress theoretical study, political awareness and good conduct) / 数据通信 data communication/ 三资企业(中外合资企业,中外合作企业,外商独资企业) "three kinds of foreign-invested enterprises or ventures: Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative businesses and exclusively foreign-owned enterprises in China " / 三自原则 principles of self-administration, self-support and self-propagation/ 数字地球 digital globe/ 三字经 three-character scripture / 随行就市 prices fluctuating in response to market conditions / 四书(《大学》、《中庸》、《论语》、《孟子》) The Four Books (The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, The Analects of Confucius, The Mencius)/ 四十不惑 Life begins at forty. / 涉外经济 foreign-related business / 四项基本原则 "the Four Cardinal Principles of adherence to the socialist road, the people's democratic dictatorship, the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought" / 四有新人 "new generation of people with lofty ideals, moral integrity, good education and a strong sense of discipline" / 四大金刚 Four Heavenly Guardians at the entrance to a Buddhism temple; Four Devarajas / 四个如何认识 (江泽民总书记在今年6月28日中央思想政治工作会议上发表的重要讲话中,提出并精辟阐述了如何认识社会主义发展的历史进程、如何认识资本主义发展的历史进程、如何认识我国社会主义改革实践过程对人们思想的影响、如何认识当今的国际环境和国际政治斗争带来的影响等当前直接影响干部群众思想活动的重大问题。) "In his important address to the Central Ideological and Political Work Conference on June 28 this year, Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin expounds on how to understand the historical process of socialist development; how to understand the historical process of capitalist development; how to understand the impact of China's socialist reform over the people's thinking; how to understand the impact of the current international environment and political struggle." / 四个现代化 four modernizations (the modernization of agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology)/ 四合院 courtyard dwellilngs; quadrangle dwellings/ 手机入网费 mobile access fee / 手机入网费 initiation charges for mobile phone/ 省会 provincial capital / 散户 retail / private investor / 刷卡,划卡 to punch the card; to stamp the card / 桑拿浴 sauna / 圣战(伊斯兰教徒对异教徒的战争) jihad/ 甩卖 clearance sale; be on sale / 师兄弟 (senior and junior) fellow apprentice / 失恋 be disappointed in love; be jilted / 失学儿童 dropout / 扫盲 eliminate illiteracy/ 扫尾工作 round-off work; wind-up work / 扫黄,打非 eliminate pornography and illegal publications / 狮子座 Leo/ 施政纲领 administrative program/ 双刃剑 double-edged sword / 双向选择 "two-way selection, referring to employer and employee choosing each other in a job market" / 双向选择 two-way choice (in employment practice)/ 双学位 double degree/ 双赢局面 win-win situation / 双职工 man and wife both at work; working couple/ 双重轨制 two-tier system ; double-track system  / 双重国籍 dual nationality/ 森林覆盖率 forest coverage; percentage of forest cover/ 谁言寸草心,报得三春晖 "Such kindness of warm sun, can't be repaid by grass. " / 水土流失 soil erosion / 水下导弹 submarine-based missiles/ 水涨船高 When the river rises, the boat floats high./ 十一界三中全会 the Third Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party / 水墨画 Chinese brush drawing; ink and wash painting / 水货 smuggled goods / 杀手锏 sudden thrust of the mace——one's trump or master card / 时不我待 Time and tide wait for no man. / 杀鸡用牛刀 break a butterfly on the wheel/ 刹住大吃大喝、公费旅游、铺张浪费的奢侈之风 put a stop to extravagance and waste (wining and dining of official guests,touring the country at public expenses)/ 沙漠化 desertification/ 食品卫生法 Food Hygiene Law of People's Republic of China / 沙尘暴 sand storm; dust storm / 实行股份制 enforce stockholding system / 实行国民待遇 grant the national treatment to / 实行计划生育、控制人口数量、提高人口素质 promotion of family planning to control the population size and improve the health of the people / 实事求是 seek truth from facts; be practical and realistic; be true to facts / 实时达帐 real-time account settlement / 实体经济 the real economy / 实现零的突破 "fulfil the zero (gold medal, medal, etc) breakthrough" / 实现小康目标 to achieve the goal of ensuring our people a relative comfortable life / 实现中华民族伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation / 说曹操,曹操到 Talk of the devil and he comes./ 实话实说 speak the plain truth; call a spade a spade; tell it as it is / 实践是检验真理的唯一标准 Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. / 硕博联读 a continuous academic project that involves postgraduate and doctoral study / 思乡曲 Nostalgia / 思想僵铁 fossilized concept / 私人游资 mobile private capital/ 私人企业 private enterprise/ 私营企业 privately-run enterprise/ 山姆大叔 Uncle Sam/ 山不在高,有仙则名 "No matter how high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairy; " / 司仪 MC (master of ceremonies) / 首期按揭 down-payment / 首次公开发行的股票 initial public offering (IPO) / 首创精神 pioneering spirit / 首航 maiden voyage (of an aircraft or ship) / 渗透、颠覆和分裂活动 infiltrative, subversive and splittist activities/ 素质教育 education for all-around development / 树立企业良好形象 foster a good and healthy company image / 夙敌 "arch-rival/ 涮羊肉 instant-boiled mutton / 《神曲》 Divine Comedy / 《生死抉择》 Live or Die / 《三国演义》 The Romance of the Three Kingdoms / 《水浒传》 Heroes of the Marshes; Water Margins / 《山海经》 the Classic of Mountains and Rivers

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