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饭店英语2 Unit 20

2006-08-12 09:55

  Part One  Chinese Liquors and Wines

  Part Two  Mixing Cocktail

  Words and Expressions


  Part One Chinese Liquors and Wines

  C: Anything to drink, gentlemen?

  G: Well, we've been drinking cognac and whisky a lot. We'd like to have a change, but we don't quite know what to drink today. Can you recommend some famous Chinese liquors?

  C: What about Wu Liang Ye, one of the most famous liquors in China? It's made from five kinds of cereal. It's fragrant and it never goes to the head. Its alcoholic content varies from 38% to 46%, and up to 52%.

  G: Alright, we'll have one with 46%.

  C: May I remind you all the Chinese liquors are served by the bottle here?

  G: Any other brands of liquor?

  C: Yes, Mao Tai, Feng Jiu, Yang He, Xi Feng, Lu Zhou, etc……

  G2: I hear Great Wall Wine is a famous brand.

  C: Yes, it is. Would you like to try one bottle?

  G2: OK, bring me the white wine as well. Make sure it is well chilled.

  C: Yes, sir. A bottle of well-chilled white wine. Have you ever heard about Shaoxing Wine? It's a kind of still wine made from rice, somewhat like Japanese sake. Some Shaoxing wine is just good to health.

  G1: I believe it is, but you see we've got enough, we'll drink it next time.

  C: Yes, sir. So you've ordered one bottle of Wu Liang Ye with 46% alcoholic content and one bottle of Great Wall white wine. Just a moment, please, gentelmen.

  Part Two Mixing Cocktail

  G: What's today's special?

  C: House cocktail. It is a concoction of Remy Martin X.O. and ginger ale.

  G: Four House cocktails for the gentlemen and one coke for the lady.

  C: Excuse me, madam, here's your coke. (The bartender gets ready the glasses and ingredients and has the ice cube ground.) If you have your own way to make your favorite cocktail, just tell us the ingredients and we will try to make it for you.

  G: No, just follow your ingredients.

  (The bartender puts 3 ounces of Remy Martin X.O. and two dashes of ginger ale into the shaker, then adds two spoonfuls of ground ice and shakes it. Then he decants it out and decorates the glass mouth with a slice of lemon. Finally, he puts a piece of green olive into the glass to brighten the color.)

  C: How do you like it, sir?

  G: The color is beautiful and the taste is fantastic. It's fragrant and refreshing. Give us another round, please.

  C: Yes, sir.

  Words and Expressions


  n. 干邑


  n. 威士忌


  n. 烈性酒


  n. 谷物,谷类加工食品


  a. 芳香的


  a. 酒精的


  adv. 有点、稍微


  n. 日本清酒


  a. (酒)不起泡的;不冒气的


  n. 特制的东西,特色,特饮,特选


  n. 鸡尾酒


  n. 调和,调和物

  house cocktail


  Remy Martin X.O.


  ginger ale



  n. 配料

  ice cube



  v. 磨碎、捣碎(过去式、过去分词ground)


  n. 盎司


  n. (一)份,少些


  n. 摇酒壶


  n. 一杯的量


  v. 添、加


  v. 轻轻倒出


  v. 使……色泽鲜艳


  a. 极妙的


  a. 使人清爽的,爽口的


  n. (-)巡、圈、轮回


  Role Play

  Scene One Mr Smith has just ordered a steak. You are going to recommend some wine. He asks you what brands of cognac you have.

  Scene Two Mr Brown asks you whether you have some Scotch whisky. You make some suggestions and he finally takes Chival Regal on the rock.

  Complete the following:

  1. C: Good evening, gentlemen. Anything to drink?

  G: Good __________. What __________ do you have?

  C: We have Chivas Regal, Dimple 15 years Johnnie Walker Black and Red Lable, J & B and Bells.

  G: I'll take __________ of Bells, and Scotch Whisky.

  Do you serve __________?

  C: Yes. We have John Jameson, Power's and Old Bushmill.

  G: We'll take one bottle of Power's.

  C: And how would you like your whisky, __________ or on the rock?

  G: With iced water, please.

  2. C: Good evening. Would you like __________?

  G: Yes, but give us some time to read the drink list first. I don't really know what to drink. Can you tell me what __________ is of the month?

  C: It's Screwdriver, made with __________ and fresh orange juice.

  G: 0kay, I'll have a try.

  Put the following into English:

  1. 您要先喝点什么吗?

  2. 五粮液是中国的名酒,它由五种粮食制成。

  3. 请问您要红葡萄酒还是白葡萄酒?甜的、半干的还是干的?

  4. 这杯鸡尾酒是以一颗红樱桃点缀的。

  5. 给我一杯双料威士忌,要加冰块。

  6. 这酒是用朗姆酒和伏特加酒调制的。

  7. 不,我不想喝美国佬(Americano)鸡尾酒。我想换换口味,来一杯马蒂尼鸡尾酒。

  8. 茅台酒度数太高了,我喜欢大米酿制的黄酒。

  Put the following into Chinese:

  1. C1: How do you mix the cocktail of the month?

  C: First get everything ready, then take a cocktail shaker and quarter-fill it with ice.

  G: I see.

  C: Now add two measures of London Gin. And then a dash of Vodka. Then properly grip the shaker and have a good shake to mix and chill the liquids.

  G: A technical job.

  C: Now decant the cocktail into the glass and decorate it with a slice of lemon and a piece of olive.

  2. Inter-bar Transfer

  With bar-stocks being maintained correctly, no bar should run out of an item during working hours. However, if this does occur, then that item can be obtained from the Main Service Bar or from one of the other bar outlets. The transaction is to be recorded on an inter-bar transfer form and signed by both bartenders. The empty bottle will be exchanged for the full bottle in order to keep the par stocks up to their original count. The inter-bar transfer form is handed to the Cost Controller by the issuing outlet.

  Reading Material

  Beverage Service

  In the food and beverage service business, beverage service is extremely profitable. Many restaurants offer drinks as part of the complete meal service, but for many others drinks are the principal part of the business. There are different kinds of places serving alcoholic beverages. In the United States, the most common is a bar with a long counter and from the counter drinks are dispensed; a cocktail lounge usually has a bar, small tables, a relaxed atmosphere and minimal entertainment.

  There are three cases for beverages as part of the meal service in restaurants: before-dinner, with dinner, and after-dinner drinks. The most common before-dinner drink is the cocktail (such as gin, rye, and rum) and ingredients such as bitters, fruit juices, ice, and fruits. Some before-dinner drinks are unmixed, such as vermouth and sherry. These are usually called appetizers.

  Drinks served with a meal are usually wine, beer and cognac. The customer makes a choice from a wine list. Some particularly luxurious restaurants employ a wine steward or sommelier. They have information about the wines, take orders, and serve them.

  Liqueurs are served after dinner. They are usually strong and sweet.

  A special note should be made about water. In the United States, it is customary for the waiter to pour iced water for the guests as soon as they are seated, but this is not the usual practice in many other countries. In some, water is not served at all; in others, it is not iced; and in still others, a different drink is served, such as tea in China and Japan.


  1. Where are alcoholic drinks served?

  2. What are the three cases for beverage to be part of the meal service in a restaurant?

  3. What kind of drinks are normally served with the meal?

  4. How do you understand the importance of the beverage service?

  5. Retell the text.

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